Hi everyone, this is my new story and the first story in the Familiar of Zero fandom, it's inspired by Valkyria Chronicles so expect a bit of similar elements in it. It's a little different the ones on here so I hope you guys enjoy it all, this is the prologue and expect the 1st chapter very soon. Please enjoy and reviews are always appreciated.

Louise stared at the bag that contained all of her clothes as she sat on the bed, a lamp lit and illuminating the otherwise dark room lightly, her mind still could not comprehend what just happened. She had failed. She had failed to become a mage, she had sincerely wished that she would have been able to become a mage by summoning a familiar. Three times she had tried to summon a familiar, and three times it had resulted in nothing more then explosions until finally Professor Colbert had to stop her. Now her career as a mage was pretty much over, there hasn't been any mage in history that had not successfully summoned a familiar. No doubt her mother would be fuming with anger once she arrived back at her manor, her mother was a proud former mage and she would expect nothing less from her daughters; after all Louise's older sisters were successful mages in their own rights.

There would be little doubt right now that she would be married off to her fiancé Wardes now that she was no longer a mage, Louise had managed to dodge that particular issue by continuing to state that as long as she was a mage then she would be marrying Wardes. Now she had little choice as she cursed and threw a pillow to the wall, "Why am I the one that get stuck with this kind of thing? What the hell did I do wrong in my past life to deserve this?" she screamed not caring that other people might be hearing her, she couldn't give a damn about them at all.

Although she was a noble and she knew what was expected of her she was still a girl at heart and she didn't want to be stuck in some dingy old home being a housewife. For crying out loud she was sixteen! She had her whole life ahead of her as she huffed before an idea came to her mind, who said that she needed to go home? She could run away now! Better to live off the life of a wanderer with no place to go and potentially starving to death then being stuck being a housewife the ridicule of all mages. She could escape easily, the gate was always opened to allow late-night visitors in, and nobody would see that she was missing well until the carriage that is to take her home arrived. She would be long gone by then and she would be nothing more then a single person in a country of thousands.

But could she really do this? Could she really trade the luxurious life of a noble for a wanderer? She gulped as she tried to re-evaluate her situation, on the one hand she would be starving all the time and most likely she would be doing things she never imagined herself doing, not to mention talking to people who probably had no manners at all. And on the other hand she would be having the easy life and Wardes would treat her kindly, plus she would still be in good standing with all the other nobles as they wouldn't dare to insult her while she was Wardes' wife…but then she would be nothing more then glorified prisoner. Freedom was always much better then imprisonment no matter how sugar-coated it was.

With her mind made up she grabbed her bag and made sure that she was as quiet as possible, by now everyone would be asleep, but her little shout just then probably woke some up. However it seemed luck was on her side tonight as she was able to get to the main gate without any problems, she then turned and took one last look at the academy. She had always thought that the academy would be the place where she would feel at home, a place where she would finally be able to learn something meaningful how wrong had she been, as she gave a soft smile, "Well…until we meet again then," she said before quickly walking away from the academy and walking down the road. Strangely enough she felt free, she actually felt like she was doing something worthwhile, perhaps it was the thought that she was free to do whatever she wanted without anyone else telling her what to do. An actual smile was now on her face as she had a plan in mind to get to the next town and find some work, she would have to mentally prepare herself for whatever work it might be as she hardly think that she would be used to the kind of work commoners did on a daily basis. "Wonder if mother will look for me? Probably will if only not to lose face in front of Wardes," Louise asked herself as the night seemed to ease her transition from noble to wanderer as the air was cool and the night wasn't as scary as she thought it would be.

But fate was a fickle thing, in essence this story could easily be about Louise's journey in Halkeginia and the adventures she has and the people she met along the way with a final climatic battle that will test her resolve. However…that is not what this story is about or even remotely about a cliché fantasy story as Louise then put a foot forward just as a green portal appeared beneath her, she barely had even time to register what happened before she was pulled into the portal and into a world that was as dangerous, if not more, then Halkeginia. And so the chronicles of Louise Valliere shall begin in the next chapter.