A/N: I wrote this because I was hit unexpectedly with feels thanks to Tangled and Prince of Egypt and this happened.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words! Credit to the brilliantly evil minds of Kitsis and Horowitz.

Exhaustion. Snow White feels like the epitome of exhaustion. But she can't bring herself to care, because she also feels an indescribable joy, this feeling she can't even put into words as she gazes down at her baby. Her daughter, this whole new life that she and Charming created together. The product of their love, of true love, in the form of this impossibly tiny and impossibly perfect human being. This little person that's half her, half him and at the same time someone altogether new. She doesn't have much time to contemplate these things, she knows. She knows Regina will be coming for them. But she has this moment, however fleeting, and she's going to make the best of it.

Emma, her darling Emma. The one she's fought so hard for, and she knows she always will. Everything for Emma, always for Emma. As her daughter squirms and gurgles in her arms, so warm and soft, she memorizes her features. Her first impression is that she looks an awful lot like her father, but as she looks closer she sees herself there too. She thinks briefly that Emma has her chin.

It's then that she remembers the wardrobe, and when she hears the clash of swords and shouts in the distance, she knows it's time. She has to protect her baby from Regina's plans. She wishes with all her soul there was another way, any way, but she has to save her. She feels this absolute desperation like she's never felt before as she convinces her husband that this is what they must do. This is all she has to give her daughter, the chance to live. Everything for Emma, always for Emma.

She presses her lips gently to her baby's forehead and tries to pour all the love she has in her body into that one kiss, that Emma will know how much she loves her, how she never wants to let her go. She'd been waiting nine months to meet the feisty little one who'd been keeping her up all night with her kicks to Snow's stomach, and now that she has she doesn't know how she's going to do this. This is her child. When she hands Emma to Charming, she actually feels her heart be ripped from her chest. She'd heard somewhere that when you have a child, it's like your heart is living outside your body. She now knows that to be the truest thing she's ever heard. So when her husband, her Charming, kisses her she feels the love they share fill her soul and draws strength from it, from him.

She knows she has to be strong and have faith, like he always says. Emma will come back to them. She will be the savior, the one to deliver them all from Regina's evil. This is her and Charming's daughter, after all. She'll be destined for greatness, Snow can feel it. So she holds it together as Charming turns around to meet her eyes, sword and baby in hand, and gives her the fiercest look of determination she's ever seen him wear. She knows he'll protect their daughter no matter what the cost, that not one of Regina's men will even lay a finger on their Emma. And it's only when he rushes from their bedroom carrying the most precious of cargos that she lets the agony overcome her.

Everything for Emma, always for Emma.