As a reward for all the Nick angst you have had to endure here is a taste of my new story. Thought I would challenge myself and try a little romance - sorry to disappoint but no steamy stuff. Hope you enjoy.

The feel of something on his body wakes up Nick. He opens his eyes to find Anne looking at him a big smile planted on her face.

"Hi Sweetheart"

He raises on to his elbows still blinking from the light, he looks to his left at his clock and sees the time is 8am. He groans:

"That's what being awake for three hours during the night does for you."

He suddenly drops back down, causing a giggle from Anne, he grabs her, lifting her to his full reach and swings her over on to the bed beside him and tickles her tummy.

"Do you want some food in that tummy?"

He puts his ear against it.

"mmmm seems the answer is yes. Mr. Tummy says he is very empty and can't survive another minute without food."

Nick gets up and lifting Anne into his arms carries her downstairs. He places her in the high chair and grabs some toys to keep her happy as he prepares their porridge. Despite her interrupted sleep, Anne is in a happy and co-operative mood and willing eats her breakfast quickly. Nick manages to eat his before it is cold. He moves their dishes into the kitchen and lifts the high chair. Anne laughs as he swings it from side to side before placing it just inside the kitchen doorway. He kisses Anne on the head while placing paper and crayons on her tray.

"You draw daddy a picture while I wash the dishes."

It doesn't take long even though he'd left the dinner dishes until the morning as he spent the evening entertaining Anne. She had gone to bed late and Nick had fallen into bed after her as he is always exhausted by the end of the week. It was long enough though for Anne to have thrown most of the crayons on to the floor, her favourite place after she has finished with a colour. One had landed just by Nick and he steps on it as he turns around from the sink, he lets out a yelp as it digs in to his bare foot. Anne looks up startled but then laughs at the sight of her Daddy hopping towards her.

"So you think it is funny do you? For that you can pick up the crayons."

He sweeps her out of the chair and holds her upside down so she can reach the crayons. Once her hands are full he lays her gently on the floor, turning her over so she's looking up at him. She holds out her arms and he lifts her back up giving her a hug. Taking the crayons from her and putting them on the island, he leaves the rest, running up the stairs with her. They both strip and take a shower and then dressed in vest and underwear they sit back on the bed to watch a few minutes of Anne's favourite dvd - Sesamestreet. A carrot that always works for a successful showering session. Nick's sat with his back against the wall with Anne in between his legs, laid back against his chest. The scent of her shampoo invading his senses. He strokes her hair and closes his eyes, listening to his daughter laugh at the antics of Big Bird.