Anne is giggling as Nick pushes her in the swing, she loves to go as high as the little swing will take her. Suddenly it turns dark and Nick looks up at the sky. Dark meanacing clouds are directly above them. Nick curses

'Where did they come from?!

He grabs the swing, bringing it to a stop. Anne protests.

"I'm sorry Anne but we need to get out of here, it's going to rain."

To prove him right a big rain drop hits the swing. He scoops her up and quickly fastens Anne into her stroller. As he pulls the rain protector over her the drops come faster. He takes only a few steps before the heavens open and the rain comes down in sheets. It isn't long before Nick's soaked through. His jeans are heavy, his shirt is plastered to his skin, it feels like he is being pelted with small stones and rain is streaming down his face, he can barely see through the rain. He still as a way to go before he gets to his car, he looks around for a place to find shelter, to see if the rain lessens a little. He spies an underpass and steers the stroller to the opening. Safely undercover Nick shakes his head and wipes his face with his hands.

Jenny is late for her appointment and cuts through the park. It's not something she likes to do as painful memories can overtake her. She concentrates on the presentation she's about to make, trying to anticipate any questions she may be asked. Her concentration is so complete that she is oblivious to the change in the weather conditions until a blob of rain hits her in the face. She looks up at the sky and can see that she's going to need shelter fast. She makes it to the opening of the underpass just before the sheets fall. The pounding of the rain obliterates all other noise and she jumps when her solitude is invaded by a man pushing a stroller. She can't help but smile as she looks upon the drenched form. The smile vanishes when the stranger shakes his head and she's hit by the spray.

"Hey watch what you're doing."

The man stops immediately and looks at her apologetically. He has to raise his voice to make himself heard over the rain.

"I'm sorry I didn't realise anyone else was in here, the rain made me blind."

Jenny's breath is taken away as she stares at the most beautiful smile she has ever seen. He looks through a bag on the stroller and finds a cloth, which he offers to her and finds another to wipe his hands and face with. He also rubs at his hair which is in a ruffled mess by the time he has finished. He then holds a hand out towards her.

"Hi my name is Nick, and somewhere under there is my daughter Anne."

Jenny feels a pang of disappointment to find out he's taken. She shrugs it off, it's not like she's interested in being with him, or any man for that matter, but he sure is good to look at. She takes his proffered hand'

"Hi I'm Jenny."

It surprises Nick when he hears a woman's voice and feels a little embarrassed to have made her wet. He searches out a cloth for her and finds one for himself. Once his face and hands are dry, he rubs his hair to stop anymore rain dripping. He then introduces himself and Anne. The woman takes his hand and introduces herself as Jenny. He takes the opportunity to look at her. She is a few inches shorter than him, slim build with blue eyes. Her face is framed with beautiful auburn hair, falling loose on her shoulders. There is an air of unforced elegance about her but Nick detects a wariness in her smile and when they shake hands she releases quickly.

Nick bends down and uncovers Anne from the rain guard to find that she is fast asleep. He mentally shakes his head, marveling at what his daughter can sleep through. Nick becomes conscious of his wet state and a shiver runs through him as an added reminder. He looks ruefully at Jenny and steps closer so he doesn't have to speak as loud.

"I see you managed to find cover before the rain really hit."

"I was lucky that this was close by. Unfortunately I'm suppose to be at a business presentation, which I was already running late for."

"I'm sure they will understand. What do you do?"

"I design children's clothes, this was my chance to get them in to a store."

"If your designs are good, they won't pass them up."

"You seem pretty sure of yourself?"

Nick shrugs

"Sorry if I was being presumptuous, I have worked a lot with business in the past and if an idea's good most business's won't pass up the chance to make money."

"Well I hope you are right. What do you do?"

"I'm a lawyer."

Nick watches as the woman turns pale, he takes a step towards her.

"Are you alright?"

"I-I-I'm fine, just came over a little dizzy. I'm feeling better now."

Nick isn't so sure but Anne stirs and takes his attention. He crouches in front of her and strokes her face until she settles back to sleep. Jenny watches and his soothing strokes calm her raised heart rate also, which surprises her, usually her anxiousness would only increase until she would feel compelled to run.

"What's her name?"


"She's adorable."


Nick can see that the colour has returned to Jenny's face.

"You look like you're feeling better."

Jenny nods. Nick can hear the rain begin to ease and knows he should start to make his way back to the car but feels reluctant to leave. He tells himself it's because he's concerned that she may have another dizzy spell, but inside he knows it's more than that, he feels drawn to her. Nick looks her way.

Jenny can tell that Nick is considering continuing with his journey as he looks towards the opening. He turns to look at her and her breath catches at the intensity in Nick's eyes and despite herself feels reluctant to have this man leave. She mentally scolds herself, reminding herself of her vow to not get involved again and that he is most likely married anyway. She glances at his right hand and sees no evidence to a ring.

Jenny's glance doesn't go unnoticed to Nick and his heart quickens at the show of interest. He decides to take the plunge and takes a deep breath.

"I have to go but would you be interested in getting some coffee tomorrow? I have Anne for the rest of the weekend so she will be coming too, if that's alright?"

'So Jenny he's not married'. She knows she should say no and that she would probably never see him again if she does. The anxiousness on his face as he waits for her reply makes it impossible for her to refuse. She will take his number and call and cancel later when she can't see his face.

"That sounds lovely."

Nick lets out a breath he was holding. He takes out a pen and business card, and asks for her number. After writing it down he puts the card away, taking out another one and writing on it.

"This is my cell phone number. Do you live far from here?"

"No just a couple of stops away."

"Do you know the 'Coffee Bar'?


"So meet you there about 11."

"That sound great."

That earns Jenny another smile. Nick bends down and covers Anne up again and talks to her even though she is still asleep.

"Its sounds like it may have stopped but I'm not taking any chance young lady."

He offers his hand to Jenny.

"I am looking forward to tomorrow and good luck with your presentation, I hope it goes well or that they will at least reschedule."

Nick ducks out of the shelter and disappears from her view.