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The Light Emerges

Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, is on high alert tonight. Every Jonin and ANBU available are running around frantically. There search all over the village was going nowhere. On top of the Hokage Mansion stood a young man in his twenties, with spiky blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and birthmarks on his cheeks that look like whiskers. He wore horned forehead protector with a leave symbol, an orange sweater with a red spiral at the chest, black pants, and red trench coat with black flames and read Sixth Hokage on the back. This man was overseeing the search, and boy did he look pissed off.

Soon, one of the Leaf ANBU leap to the blond's side. He had raven hair that spiked at the back, wore the typical ANBU gear, and a bird-like mask covering his face. The ninja kneeled had said, "Lord Hokage."

Without even looking, the blond Hokage responded, "Captain Hawk?"

"We've done a thorough search of the village, and there's no sign of them. However, the guards at the south gate have been taken out. I have a couple of ANBU teams, including Hound, there on standby awaiting orders."

The Hokage turned to Hawk and shouted, "Get out there and search the areas beyond that gate! And get as many ANBU and Jonin as you can out there immediately!"

"Yes sir!" Hawk stood up and turned to leave.

"Please! Find them!" the Hokage said in a soft but desperate tone.

Hawk nodded. "Don't worry. I will," he said as he disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves, leaving the Hokage to slam his fist onto the railing, heavily bending it downward.

Meanwhile, a group of five ninja bandits all covered in black were leaping through the trees. Two of them were each holding something wrapped in a white towel.

"Hahaha!" one of the ninja laughed. "We did it!"

"And all we had to do was wait till they were isolated for cleaning! And they were easy prey!"

"Once we get back, the ceremony can begin!"

"Less talking, more running!" said one the ninja with a wrapped towel. "You want the Leaf Shinobi to catch us."

However, the other ninja with a wrapped towel, the only kunoichi of the group, had a different idea. Without warning, she took a kunai and threw it into one of the bandit's neck, killing him within seconds. The other ninja noticed right away.

"What are you doing!?" one of the shinobi shouted, only to for the kunoichi to pull out a ninjaken sword and slice the speaker's arm clean off and then his head.

The attacker then drove her sword into the third one's chest, and then shove him away. Three down, one to go. She pointed her sword at the last one, who was holding the other wrapped towel.

"I never expected you to be a traitor," he said.

The kuniochi removed her mask, revealing emerald-green hair and violet eyes with gold crosses in place of pupils. "I'm not the traitor here," she said, "You are! And so are the others, including our new leader, who has corrupted the purpose of our organization!"

The shinobi just laughed. "When an organization's leader changes, so too does it's policies. Besides, that outdated purpose is just so diminishing. We have the power, why not use it?!"

"Our duty was to keep that power from falling into the wrong hands. I refuse to follow such heinous ambitions. These children are going back to the Leaf. This ends now!"

"Just try it!" The shinobi said as he pull out a kunai, which starts glowing an yellowish-orange. "Plasma Style: Plasma Whip!" he shout as an yellowish-orange fluctuating energy sprouts out of the kunai's tip, forming the shape of a long constantly bending whip, surprising the kunoichi. The shinobi began lashing his Plasma Whip, burning and tearing down the branches of the trees.

The 'traitor' could only dodge, she couldn't think of a way to fight back without risking harm to the child in her arm or the child in her opponents arm. Soon she decided to flee.

Unfortunately the bandit then turn his Plasma Whip into a sphere of energy. "Plasma Style: Plasma Blast!" The sphere flew towards the kunoichi and as it impacted the ground near her, the energy exploded, decimating the land around with a kilometer radius. The bandit, who leapt out of the range, watched the explosion. "There goes the other child," he said and looked at the one in his arms. "Oh well, at least we claimed one of them for the cause." He then took off.

The kunoichi lay on the ground, cuddling the towel wrapped child protectively. She was cover in burns and cuts. Half of her body was buried under a fallen tree. She was weak. She used what strength she could muster and unwrapped the towel, revealing the infant, who was crying loudly. It had mostly red hair with a patch of dark blue in the front left. It's eyes were pale lavender and pupil-less. Amazingly, while the towel was somewhat damaged, no harm came to the baby. She looked at the child with a smile. "Hush little one," she said weakly but sweetly, "everything's going to be alright." She placed her finger on the child's forehead, who soon fell asleep. "I'm sorry, little miss. I couldn't save your brother..." She pulled out a glowing gold crystal from her vest. "But as long as you are safe, there's still hope for this world."

Hawk's ANBU team of four was search all over the place. They saw the plasma explosion and headed toward it. Before they could get close, however, something strange happened that stopped them in their tracks. A bright gold light enveloped the site. Rising out of the trees, the light took on a giant humanoid silhouette with long hair and six feathered wings.

This mysterious being could be seen all the way back from the Konoha's south gate, where the Hokage stared in awe at the sight. After an electric surge occurred at the below, the being of light shrank back into the trees and disappeared.

The ANBU quickly continue towards the vicinity and met up with another ANBU team, led by Hound, the one with a spiky brunette hair and a dog mask as well as a large white dog companion, who saw the light. Soon they could here a baby's cry. Following that cry, they searched through the wreckage of trees until they found it. Hawk removed his mask, revealing red eyes with three tomoes encircling the pupil, looking over the child. He noticed something strange. There was a mark on the child's stomach. At the center was a four pointed star with the bottom corner slightly longer. Surrounding the star with a little space was a downward arch that looks like it was meant to resemble a pair of wing, almost closes at the top except for an inch of space. It was nothing like they have ever seen before. Soon that mark disappears.

"Captain Hawk!" one of the ANBU agents said. Hawk looked toward the speaker and his attention was caught by an emerald hair woman lying partly buried under a fallen tree. The was also a gray steaming crystal lying next to her. The ANBU check her for vitals. "This woman is dead sir."

"Just what happened here?" Hawk asked himself. He then turned on his neck radio. "This is Captain Hawk of the ANBU Black Ops. One of the children has been secured, I repeat one of the children has been secured." He turned off the radio and picked up the infant. "I'll take the child back to the village. Hound, you're in charge here, I want a few men searching this clearing for anything suspicious and bring back anything or anyone you find, and the rest continue searching south until you reach the border." With that, Hawk took off.

The Hokage was waiting on top of the South Gate, gazing out toward the horizon. Soon Hawk arrived and gave the child to him. He looked at the sleeping baby with great relief. "Torine," he said. "I'm so glad you're safe."

"She seems to be alright," Hawk said.

"And Torimaru?"

"We're still searching for him."

The Hokage looked down at the baby girl and then back out at the horizon. "Did you see that strange light that seemed to come out of nowhere?"

"Yes," Hawk answered. "We actually arrived at where it appeared when we found her. While I was there, we found the dead body of a kunoichi right next to her, with a hot gray stone." He then formed a one-handed tiger sign. "And there is something you need to see." He place his hand sign above the child's stomach, and the mark he saw earlier reappeared.

The Hokage was surprised. "What is this? Some kind of sealing jutsu?"

"It would seem so."

"This is nothing like the one I used to have."

"You think that light may have something to do with it."

"Maybe. But... what could this mean?"

"I did feel some kind of illuminating chakra coming from it when it appeared. It felt similar to that of the Tailed Beasts, and yet not exactly the same, it was much more, for lack of a better word,... soothing."

"Now that you mention it, I do sense a very usual chakra within her." The Hokage thought for a second, then said, "Until we know what this is, we should keep a lid on it. This to be a S class secret. Absolutely no one is to know about it without my permission." He looked at the baby with worry. "If word about this got out, odds are she might receive a similar prejudice as I did as a kid."

"I understand." Hawk said as turned around ready to leave. "I'll go and rejoin the search. I suggest you return the kid to her mother. She must be worried sick."

The Hokage sighed, "Yeah, you're right. Thanks... Sasuke."

"No problem... Naruto."

In the Leaf Hospital, a young woman in her twenties with long dark blue hair wearing a hospital gown sat in bed. Her mouth hung open. Her hands clutched her legs, arms shaking. She was so tense and worried. With her was a nurse with pink hair and emerald eyes, rubbing her back, trying to comfort her.

Soon, she heard the window open. Someone stepping in and then said, "Hinata."

She looked up and her pale lavender eyes met a pair ocean blue eyes. It was the Hokage. "Naruto," she said softly. Naruto walked up to her and gave her the baby girl. As she held her in her arms, Hinata looked at the child with great relief. "Torine," she said as her eyes began to tear up. "Thank Kami, she's alright!"

Naruto then turned to the nurse. "Sakura?"

"Right," the nurse answered as she began to gather medical chakra in her palm, a placed it over the baby. After a few seconds, she said, "Good, she's still healthy."

Hinata then gave a Naruto a concerned look. "And... Torimaru?" she asked.

The Hokage shook his head sadly. "I'm afraid they're still searching for him."

Hinata looked down in sadness. She held her newborn daughter, Torine, very close, and started crying. Naruto then sat beside her and held Hinata and Torine in a warm embrace.

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