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This is my second attempt at a crossover fic (the first being the Institute Saga). Hopefully it'll re-inspire my muse for the Saga sequel.

Note – For the backstory purposes of this fanfic, George Lucus managed to get the rights to Flash Gordon and redid it, dropping most of the camp and building it to be an epic with Flash being inducted into a multi-species resistance to a tyrannical empire led by Ming. As such, things like the Laser Blade are still cultural memes while Ming's son Kro-tan fills the same basic cyborg henchman role as Darth Vader.

George, we all know you would have made it way more epic than what actually happened with the realworld film. But would you have hired Queen for the soundtrack?




The cavern's stygian darkness was both broken and enhanced by a cluster of lights near the lowest point. The occasional sound of metal chipping stone, the swish of a brush and the beeping of an enhanced datapad as it worked to decode ancient runic inscriptions were the only sounds that echoed through the otherwise silent cavern.

An observer would have seen only a single being moving into and out of the lit area. Anyone with knowledge of the galactic races would have soon determined that the figure was a female Togruta, one still a year or two shy of full adulthood. Although she wore full-length robes against the cold of the cavern, the hood was down revealing the two white-and-black head-horns and three head-tails (one draped down her spine, the other twohanging over her shoulders and down her front). The brown robes she wore were festooned with pockets and the belt draped around her hips held a number of tools as well as a cylinder that most sentients would recognise instantly as a lightsaber, thus causing most to assume that she was a Jedi.

They would be wrong.

Ahsoka Tano, former Padawan to the famed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Hero of the Old Republic, had left the Jedi Order a few months prior after the Jedi Council had refused to accept her pleas of innocence in a series of bombings orchestrated by her former frined Barris Offee. Although the truth of the matter had been revealed and the Council apologised to her, Ahsoka had decided that if they would turn against her so quickly once, they would be likely to do so again, and so she had resigned from the Jedi Order and sought a new path, one which had led her to the cavern in the depths of Coruscant where she was unearthing and examining an ancient device built by an unknown race that had possibly predated even the Rakata.

She still had no idea what the device did, but somehow it was still active despite the passage of time.

Now if she only knew how to activate it.

The noise of people approaching intruded into her meditative thoughts and she glanced round, soon spotting the illumination of the approaching party. A glint of light and a familiar feel caused her to relax and she placed her datapad into her bag, slinging it on her back as she waved.

"Over here, I need your help. This rock is too big for me to move alone, can you… what the?"

A stuttering of blasterfire answered her request and only her combat reflexes, honed from her time spent fighting, let her evade it, rolling behind the rock that a moment ago had been her bane and was now her shield.

"What the hell are you doing!" She shouted, gripping her lightsaber but not activating it. The reply chilled her blood.

"Former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, under Order 66 and by decree of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, you are found guilty of treason against the Empire and are sentenced to death."

For a moment, the words failed to penetrate, then Ahsoka gasped as ripples of pain, anguish, betrayal and death slammed into her. Pulling out a blaster that she had accepted from a grateful Clone Commander months back, she reached round the rock and unleashed a barrage of bolts while using her control of the Force to retreive the secondary supply pack that she always kept packed and nearby, another legacy of her time fighting a war. An instant later, the response came clattering back, a trio of high-powered grenades and a pair of EMP grenades. Focusing, Ahsoka thrust the three explosive grenades away as fast as she could, then turned to deal with the EMP grenades…

Just as they detonated.

The pulse filled the cavern and the ancient machine suddenly surged into life, energy arcing across and around the cavern. Almost half of the attacking Clone Troopers were vaporized and then Ahsoka realized that the energy arcs had formed a series of concentric rings.

With her at the focal point.

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to curse, but she didn't have time before the ringsrushed inwards and combined around her in a sphere that flickered out of existence before the machine itself exploded, sending debris scything through the air. Once the explosion faded, everything was still until one of the bodies of the troopers stirred, bringing his hand up to his helmet.

"Mission… accomplished… no… survivors… code… omegaaa…"

His voice faded and no life remained in the shattered cave.


It was dark.

The child known as Boy, or Freak, lay on the salvaged mattress, his eyes closed as he tried not to move. He was being punished again by being locked into the cupboard for the whole weekend while the family he lived with went to attend something linked to his uncle's job. Normally he would have been taken with them and told to stay in the car, but his cousin had broken the new television and blamed him for it. The television had been replaced almost at once while Boy had been literally thrown into the cupboard under the stairs. When it had gone quiet and he had managed to fully wake up from the concussion, he had tried to open the door slightly, only to find that something solid was holding it shut.

And his uncle had snarled that he could stay there until he got back on Monday.

With another sigh, Boy pushed experimentally on the door, then rolled back onto his back and opened his eyes, staring sightlesly upwards.

"If only I had real family, if only I had a real mother." He whispered, longing filling his voice, wishing for it with everything he had.

It was enough.

Boy felt something change, the air around him seemed to become… he lacked the words to describe it, but it felt as if something was about to happen, something momentous, something that would re-define his entire world. The air started to feel almost heavy and he felt both incredibly heavy and featherlight at the same time. For a brief instant, there was no up or down, then suddenly, something landed on him.



Ahsoka landed on something soft, something which let out an 'oof' as her weight pressed it against the ground. Almost instantly realizing that she had somehow landed on a small sentient, Tano braced her hands to either side of it and pushed upwards.


Ahsoka paused as her backpack impacted against something and she shifted her position, rolling onto her side against a wall. Pulling the small sentient into a protective one-armed embrace, Ahsoka reached round, quickly realizing that she was in a small triangular compartment with an odd corrugated roof.

"Where are we?"

The small being answered in a language that Ahsoka had never heard before, but from what she could tell, it sounded confused.

"Hold still, I'll get us out of here." She said soothingly as she managed to maneuver so that she could reach her lightsaber. Taking it in hand, she pointed it upwards and ignited it, sending the blade through the ceiling of the small space. In the backwash of light, she could see the being she was holding, a small, dark-haired human boy who was staring wide-eyed at her. Sparing him a quick smile, Ahsoka cut an oval in the corrugated slope, using the Force to lift the blockage clear and let them out. Standing up, she looked round and realized that the odd space had been a storage closet under a flight of stairs.

"Come on." She said, gently lifting the astonished boy up and then hopping out onto the stairs. Walking round them, she looked at the doorway to the closet and the two bolts that secured it.

"Oh, that is not right."

Glancing round, Ahsoka reached out with her senses, then relaxed slightly, lowering the child to the ground.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me for now." Ahsoka said, looking round. Although the area was indeed primitive compared to Coruscant, she could identify quite a few familiar things. On the wall and in what looked like the receiving room were dozens of pictures of an almost amusingly different human couple. The man was larger than someone from a 3g world, but most of it was obviously fat, while the female was as thin as a Kaminoan. In many of the pictures was another human, but one which Ahsoka first mistook for a juvenile Hutt due to its almost spherical shape.

There were no pictures of the child who stood beside her.

Ahsoka looked down at the young boy and gave him a tooth-hidden smile before moving towards what seemed to be the food-preperation area. Entering the room, she looked round and her gaze was drawn to a calendar mounted on a odd board. Although the digits were not the same as her native Aurabesh, they sufficed to show that the natives did indeed count in base ten, and that the calendar page had thirty-one days, twenty of which had been crossed out. A pen-line with an indecipherable message underneath stretched from the twentieth day to the twenty-third.

A noise caught her attention and Ahsoka looked round to see the boy opening a cupboard and pulling out a couple of bowls. Realising what he was doing, Ahsoka unslung her backpack and pulled out her datapad. As the boy started to pour out some odd dried food, Ahsoka activated the scanning fuctions on the datapad, once again mentally thanking her former master for giving her the custom-made device.


Harry felt his stomach rumble as the odd lady with the strange head looked at the calender. Opening the cupboard where his cousin's large supply of cereal was kept, he pulled out a pair of bowls and placed them on the kitchen table before pulling out one of the packets of cereal. Placing the box by the bowl, he glanced over to where the lady was examining some sort of beeping box and he smiled.

He was a freak, he knew because everyone around him said so.

The lady was obviously a freak since she had odd horn-things instead of hair and her skin was red with odd white patterns.

She smiled at him and her expression when she looked round showed that she was angry with the big man, the bony lady and the fat boy he lived with. He didn't know how or why, but he felt safe around her.

Maybe when the time came for her to leave, she would take him with her.

After all, freaks should stick together.


Ahsoka looked at the young boy. He was obviously a slave, the three near-humans in the pictures his owners, and she hated slavery.

She wasn't certain exactly what the line on the calender represented, but from the way the boy acted, he couldn't have been in the cupboard too long, which meant that they probably had another day to raid the house before leaving. That would llow her to scan the books in the house in order to give the datapad a chance of adjusting its translation algorithms, then she would leave, taking the boy with her.

Anyone who kept a child locked up in a small cupboard didn't have the right to keep that child.

Her plan was simple. They would search the house today and finish tomorrow, leaving as soon as it got dark. Since the langauge barrier indicated that she was on a lost colony which probably didn't know about other races, she'd have to wear her cloak with her hood up, and maybe a thin scarf around the lower part of her face.

Ahsoka gave a mental shrug as her pad finished analysing the foodstuff and white liquid that the boy was placing into his bowl. Glancing at the screen, Ahsoka smiled. The food was safe.

Between the scanner and the standard nanotech-innoculation that she had received as an infant in the Jedi Temple, she was probably not going to suffer from any vitamin deficiencies.

The rest she would deal with as it came.