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The Ravenclaw students followed the prefects Penelope Clearwater and Robert Hilliard out of the main hall. As they walked through the halls, Robert spoke.

"As you all know, Hogwarts was founded by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Slazar Slytherin. Yes, the names alliterate, no-one has yet worked out if it was a co-incidence, a spur to them developing their abilities or the result of them changing their names. The four houses follow in the footsteps of the founders, we at Ravenclaw prize knowledge and intellect above all other things."

"As students in Ravenclaw," Penelope took over, "We expect you to do your best. However, if you need help, don't be ashamed to ask. After all, the only stupid question is one that isn't asked."

"There are no stupid questions." Robert interjected, "But do try to avoid being an inquisitive idiot."

Penelope glared at him for a moment. "Since Ravenclaw tends to get the highest proportion of Muggle-borns and half-bloods who live primarily in the muggle world, we run extra in-house courses allowing you to take muggle subjects and even take muggle exams. You can sign up for them in the common room, and here is the entrance. To gain entry, you need to answer a question or riddle. If you can't answer, you need to wait for someone who can to come through."

As if on cue, the stone raven above the door opened its beak and spoke in a suprisingly feminine voice.

"What is yours, but your friend uses more than you do?"

Penelope blinked and swore under her breath, causing Herry and Hermione to echange amused grins.

"Errmmm. Anyone have any ideas?" Robert asked after a long moment.

"Your name." Hermione said.

"Welcome to Ravenclaw House." The Raven responded as the wooden door swung open. "Remember, Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."

"But if not applied, knowledge soon will have died." Hermione countered and the Raven turned its head slightly to look at her, its eyes glowing briefly. Hermione raised her hand to her forehead as she felt something access her mind.

"You understand truly. The door is always open for you."

"What?" Robert gasped. "Only one other person is known to have gained such an honour! And that was…"

"Me." Came a voice from behind them. "If everyone will enter, please?"

The crowd funnelled through the door and quickly assembled, the shorter students congeregating at the front, facing a small podium. Professor Flitwick walked to the podium and climbed onto it, placing him high enough that everyone could see him.

"Is everyone here? Good. Welcome to Ravenclaw. As you all should know, I am Professor Filius Flitwick, Charms teacher, duelling expert and deputy headmaster of Hogwarts. I am also your Head of House.

"Here in Ravenclaw, we prize the acquisition of knowledge. We may be derided as bookworms, but we are scholars who can find any answer, except maybe that of Life, the Universe and everything."

"Forty-two!" chorused several students and Flitwick grinned as several other students looked round in total confusion.

"Yes, I have read the works of Douglas Adams myself as well. Anyway, unlike the other Houses, we in Ravenclaw do not have dormatories, but instead shared rooms, two to a room. However, since Lord Potter will be getting one of the attached Lord's Suites, that means that one of the new male students will be getting a room to himself. After this meeting concludes, I shall give them a quick general-knowledge quiz to see who earns their own room. As for the female students, unless any of them have any preferences, lots shall be drawn to see who shares with whom."

"I get Hermione!" Padme quickly piped up, earning several curious stares. "What?"


Harry had just finished unpacking when a knock on his door alerted him to a visitor. Opening it, he nodded at Hermione.

"Settled in?"

"Yes, and Padme isn't all that bad." Hermione replied, walking over to one of the chairs in the main room and sitting down. "She's rather studious, but interested in fashion as well. She was very interested in my robes."

Harry nodded. "She has a sister in Gryffindor, yes? Parvati?"

"She does." Hermione confirmed, then she tilted her head slightly. "Why?"

"Just in case we need an alternate way of passing a message to Ron." Harry explained, then he frowned. "I'm still not sure how to contact Neville, though… Tonks! She's a Prefect… I'll ask her to keep an eye out for him, although that'll only work for this year.."

Hermione nodded, then looked round.

"When are you getting your Door installed?"

"It's arriving tomorrow." Harry shrugged. "We had it disguised as a wardrobe, even to the point of having several rails installed to hang coats from… what?"

"Just wondering if… it'll lead to a land… with a lion and a witch." Hermione snickered. Harry looked at her blankly and Hermione pulled herself back under control. "Sorry, a magical wardrobe that leads to a place of magic? Sounds like the book The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. I have a copy of it back home, along with the others in the series. I'll lend them to you once we get the Door installed."

"I'd like that." Harry said, then he grinned. "To change the subject, tomorrow at breakfast should prove quite interesting."

Hermione raised an eyebrow.


The journey to the Great Hall was relatively easy, although Harry noted that several staircases had moved during the night. Following Penelope, they filed into the Hall and moved to join the early risers who were already sat there. As the food appeared, a massed noise of beating wings caught their attention and they looked up to see a large number of owls fly in. One owl, almost pure white, swooped down and landed on Harry's shoulder.

"Hello, Fay." He smiled. "Good hunting?"

A couple of barking hoots sounded and Harry nodded as he reached out without looking and grabbed a falling paper. "I know, girl, but the Daily Prophet sends out its own owls. Here, can you take this note to Neville Longbottom and this one to cousin Tonks?"

Fay reached out with one foot and gently took the folded notes, then spread her wings and leapt into the air. Several Ravenclaws watched her as she flew over to where Neville was and landed in front of him, holding out the note.

A couple of gasps distracted him and Harry opened up the Daily prophet.

"Ah, I see my godfather managed to spread the news."

Hermione gave him an odd look, then grabbed her own copy of the paper.


The truth of You-Know-Who

For several decades, the wizarding world has feared He-who-must-not-be-named, self-proclaimed Dark Lord and apparent Pureblood Supremacist. Followed by the criminals known as Death Eaters (except of course for the poor souls Imperioused into obeying him), he was responsible for killing a large number of witches and wizards, ending several noble family lines.

But who was he, and where did he come from?

Information given to the Daily Prophet and independently verified by our top researchers has provided the answers, and the answers are shocking!

The Dark Lord, the one who claimed to be standing for the superiority of Purebloods and the subjugation of Mugglekind, is actually a Half-blood, with a Muggle father!

Born as Tom Marvolo Riddle on the 31st December 1926 to the Muggle noble Tom Riddle and the witch Merope Gaunt who had entrapped him with potions and died soon after her son was born, Tom was raised in a Muggle orphanage. At the age of eleven, Tom was granted entry into Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Slytherin under the gaze of the then-Head of House, Horace Slughorn.

Crafty and studious, Tom made very few friends, but was amongst the top of his classes and gained a great deal of respect. Gaining Outstandings in every exam he took, he was promoted to Prefect and then, during his final year, Head Boy. His year-mates generally remember him as a quiet, polite boy, although some stories hinted at the dark wizard he would become.

After leaving Hogwarts, Tom Riddle applied for the position of Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, but was denied as he was too young. Undeterred, he sought out instruction in the Dark Arts and upon returning, sought the position of Professor once more. However, once again, his application was denied.

Seeking power, Tom Marvolo Riddle began to build a cadre of dark Wizards to support him, naming them Death Eaters. To lead them, he created a new identity for himself, one made using the art of Muggle Anagrams.

TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE -/- * ** **** *********

*OM MARVOLO RIDDLE -/- * ** **** ********T

**M MARVOLO RIDDLE -/- * ** *O** ********T

*** MARVOLO RIDDLE -/- * *M *O** ********T

*** *ARVOLO RIDDLE -/- * *M *O** *****M**T

*** **RVOLO RIDDLE -/- * AM *O** *****M**T

*** ***VOLO RIDDLE -/- * AM *OR* *****M**T

*** ****OLO RIDDLE -/- * AM *OR* V****M**T

*** *****LO RIDDLE -/- * AM *OR* VO***M**T

*** ******O RIDDLE -/- * AM LOR* VO***M**T

*** ******* RIDDLE -/- * AM LOR* VO***MO*T

*** ******* *IDDLE -/- * AM LOR* VO***MORT

*** ******* **DDLE -/- I AM LOR* VO***MORT

*** ******* ***DLE -/- I AM LORD VO***MORT

*** ******* ****LE -/- I AM LORD VO*D*MORT

*** ******* *****E -/-I AM LORD VOLD*MORT

*** ******* ****** -/- I AM LORD VOLDEMORT

As you can see, the name that has caused witches and wizards to cower in fear is nothing more than a changing of the order of the letters in his original name!

We at the Prophet cannot respect or fear one who has gone to such lengths to hide and deny his own past, especially one whohas warped and twisted society like he has. Although this revelation will no doubt be highly embarrasing to those who believe that those of pure blood are fated to rule over others, we at the Prophet must show the rot at the heart of the movement, a malign cancer which needs to be removed.

The life in full of Tom Marvolo Riddle, Half-blood – pages 2 – 7

The Death of Tom Marvolo Riddle – Page 8

Death Eaters, Pureblood Patriots or Pathetic Pawns? – Page 9

Are Purebloods dying out? An essay on the need for more children by Hermione Granger (spons. Black) – Pages 10 and 11


"That essay is going to cause problems for you." Harry said and Hermione shrugged.

"Maybe, but I listed every book, record archive and public announcement I used. Anyone who tries to follow my research in an attempt to disprove my thesis will end up coming to the same conclusion themselves. They need at least two children per family to keep stable, most just have a son and leave it at that. And Purebloods seem to be getting weaker, too."

"All of them?" Harry grinned and Hermione shook her head.

"I meant on average, after all, Neville's stronger than you. But you're a Jedi. Hmmm, I wonder…"

Hermione broke off and mumbled to herself for a few moments, then she sighed.

"No way of testing, but I think that if you can use the Force, it takes up some of the potential for Magic, and maybe vice-versa. Since there's only three Jedi on Earth, I can't run any tests without a larger test group."

"Maybe we'll find more Jedi candidates." Harry shrugged as several shouts and arguments broke out at the Slytherin table while the Gryffindor table took advantage to laugh and throw insults. "We'll discuss this later, alright?"

"They did nice charm work on the anagram part." Hermione noted, watching approvingly as the letters switched back and forth between the two names.

"Indeed they did." Flitwick said from behind them. "By the way, here are your schedules."

Harry and Hermione both accepted the proffered sheets and looked at them.


Lesson Timetables

Morning (9:00-10:30) (10:45-12:15)/ Afternoon (1:30-3:00) (3:15-4:45)/ Evening (6:00-7:30)/ Night (11:00-12:30)- Astronomy only

Shared Lessons: Gryffindor,Hufflepuff, Slytherin


(History of Magic)s (Free) / (Potions)h (Potions)h / (Free)


(Transfiguration)g (Herbology)s / (Free) (Defence/Dark)h / (Charms)g


(Transfiguration)h (Free) / (Special) (Special) / (Charms)s


(Free) (Herbology)g / (Potions)s (Potions)s / (Free) / (Astronomy)h


(Free)(Transfiguration)s / (Defence/Dark)g (Free) / (Free)

Saturday & Sunday

(Optional Studies/External lessons for Jedi)


Customs of the Wizarding World (for Muggle-raised)

Customs of the Muggle World (for Wizarding-raised)

For those raised in both worlds, attendance is not compulsory as long as the relevant tests are passed.


"They've put quite a bit of thought into this." Hermione noted. "I see we start with History of Magic."

"Didn't Sirius say that it used to be taught by a ghost?" Harry mused. Hermione blinked, then looked at her timetable again.

"I think that we need to get up early to do our morning katas. Looks like we're seeing your mother on Saturdays for our continued lessons."

"Agreed." Harry smiled, then he frowned. "But how are we getting there?"

"A warded Rune Door is being placed in one of the rooms just off the entry hall." Flitwick said, having paused on his way back to the staff table. "Monitoring charms are active in that room, so you are only allowed to use it with permission from a staff member such as myself."

"Thank you, sir." Harry smiled.

"Glad to help." Flitwick smiled. "Now, I think you need to grab your things, you have History of Magic with the Slytherins."

As they rose, Harry looked up and reached out, snagging a falling letter. Opening it, he smiled, then pulled out a pen and notebook. Writing a quick note, he held it up and the tattered-looking owl that had dropped the letter took the paper, flying off with it. Hermione gave him a curious look.

"Hagrid." Harry said. "He's inviting me and my friends over for tea on Friday. I thought Ron and Neville would like to come. Will you come as well?"

Hermione nodded. "I like Hagrid, his gentleness just… it feels like a warming fire."

Harry nodded.