I was kind of not-liking the whole 'Chaos' concept in the Forgotten so I decided to delete it and replace it with this.


Chapter 1:

The End of the Giant Wars

"The seven of you were destined to defeat Gaea"

Jason and Piper were holding off against two giants with Zeus behind their backs

The hunters were shooting off the monster army while Artemis and Thalia were busy with another Titan

Frank and Clarisse were side by side with Mars

Piper was distracting the rest of the Giants' Army with charmspeaking with her mother while Hazel was moving the grounds.

Meanwhile at the ruins of Ancient Greece, a ceremony was being conducted by Annabeth and Leo and Percy where distracting Gaea

"Foolish demigods! You cannot stop me!"

Percy and Leo paid no attention

They had to be the one to fight Gaea. Gaea, earth or in other words the world, must fall to either Leo, fire, or Percy, son of the stormbringer, Poseidon.

Percy's mind raced when the fates offered to answer one question

He had asked 'How do I get the final piece for the spell that was needed to lull Gaea sleep?'

They answered 'you ask what you already have'

And it was like Hera-the labyrinth-and-asking-for-navigation all over again

But they had reminded him one more thing.

"The two of you were destined to truly purely fall in love"

Remembering that, it all clicked.

Leo, having been warned with a different way realised this.

"Percy, let me do it" Leo asked


"But I…I can't do that to you and Annabeth!"

"And what, Leo? If I let you do this, what will you be? A robot? Another machine for Hephaestus? No!"

"Gah! You and organic life forms! No, Percy, if I offer Gaea pure emotions, my pure emotions, it'll all be good. I don't have a girlfriend to lose. I don't have a family. No loss"

"But you could have a girlfriend, Leo, if you don't do this! I'm sorry Leo, but we are family" And Percy bonked Leo in the head and he was unconscious.

Percy turned to Annabeth. She understood. She knew what was needed.

For a moment, she put the scroll down.

"Annabeth, I- -" and he was cut off when they shared a passionate kiss.

"I loved you, Wise Girl. I truly loved you. Always remember that I loved you with all my heart" Percy says a tear was escaping his eyes. This may be the last time he was going to see Annabeth the way he did

"I will never forget" Annabeth says now with a tear sliding down her cheek.

They kissed one last time. One last kiss. And after that, none of it will matter anymore

Annabeth started chanting in the tongue of the Old.

Percy started fighting Gaea while she was tied up, and slashed and gashed on her skin letting ichor spill when the spell required her blood.

And with that they, as one, had to give the spell one more thing to work. Pure emotion. Leo . . .he was always left out. He always felt out of it. But the emotions he felt were. . . pure. He will find someone to make him feel belonged one day, so Percy wasn't going to make Leo give up his emotions

So it only left one option

The two of you were destined to truly purely fall in love

At the same time, to finish the spell, the two lovers said "I give you my destined one"

At that moment, Percy could hear the unsaid words of the fates

And you two were destined to lose the love

With that, Gaea went to sleep. For how long? That depends how great and how pure the emotion was. Some estimated it to be over two millennia. But they underestimated the rarity of pure love. What the gods did not know that the love they lost was so great that the gods will fade long before Gaea wakes.

The Replacement

The Hero and Heroine of Olympus were now officially the closest best friends in all of history. Best friends, nothing less . . . but nothing more. And that was kind of a sore subject in the Modern Greek and Roman world.

Percy and Annabeth were completely comfortable with each other, but they couldn't help but notice that their friends and the gods' were the ones having a hard time believing that they were not together and grieving the loss of the two.

And the couple in question, well, they remember how they felt, they even remember the feeling, but they regret nothing because they were comfortable with each other. (that's because you gave up the love, duh!)

Well, everything was going well. That's when another prophecy came from the Oracle. It prophesized of one child of each Big3 were going to make Olympus reach its peak.

Of course hearing that, Nico was now 24/7/4/6 Persephone style. You didn't get it? Nico was now stuck in the Underworld 24 hours 7 days a week 4 weeks a month 6 months a year to train for the prophecy. Thalia was snatched up from the hunters and was on training mode in Olympus. And being the kind father Poseidon was, Percy was 'offered' to train in Atlantis (what Percy didn't know was that if he refused, Poseidon would've dragged him to the bottom of the sea, literally. But at least he asked first, right?)

Things were somewhat okay then.

But that's when Dray, Drew, and Dee sons and daughter of the Big3 arrived.

Zeus then ordered gods to give them numerous quests and Percy, Thalia, and Nico to train them and go with the quest.

Usually, the only people who did the job were the original 3 but the one who claimed the glory was Dray, Drew, and Dee.

Zeus then made sure that the three were treated specially. Their old friends dumped them for the new, except for the few who stayed loyal.

Hades didn't really show favoratism between Nico and Dray (since his favourite will always be Bianca) so while Dray drowned in his fame in Camp, Nico spent more time with his father.

Thalia gladly escaped via going back to the Hunter again

And Percy . . . well, Percy couldn't take being used and disposed of by the gods so he kind of disappeared...and it's been 717 years since.