"What're you talking about?" Percy said sounding his best to be confused. He raised an eyebrow for effect. He didn't break contact with the daughter of the sea. Years with Hermes kids, Percy was bound to have learned a thing or two, yeah?

"Convincing," Dee said. "If it weren't for the fact I know who you are, Percy"

Percy's heart beat quickened but he kept up the act. "Percy? What kind of name is that?" he said. Percy wasn't really a common name in the 27th century.

"Oh you know. Percy. Percillius. Percelles. Mmmm. How 'bout...Perseus Jackson" She said getting more impatient. Percy didn't miss a beat. He laughed hard and clutched his stomach. "Wow. You think I'm the Lost Hero of Olympus. What? Did you bring me here to flatter me?"

Okay, Dee was just as impatient as the see. "FINE! But if you really aren't Percy Jackson, then it wouldn't hurt you at all to swear it to the river Styx" Dee smirked.

"Swear it, huh" Percy said paling a bit. "Yeah. I want you to swear this word for word. I swear on the River Styx that I am not Percy Jackson nor have I ever been" Dee stared at him. Daring him. "C'mon then, 'Ace.' If you really aren't Percy Jackson like you said you're not, what do you have to lose for swearing it?"

"I don't have to do this you know," Percy growled. "I could just walk away- -"

"And if you do that I'll spread rumors all over camp," Dee threatened

Percy growled a bit more at her, not cutting off eye contact.

"Okay, fine." Percy sighed defeated. "But, firstly, I haven't ever said I'm not Percy Jackson," Percy smirked as if just by that he won. "And secondly," He turned serious as he asked, "How did you figure it out?"

Dee smirked, "Did you really think that you're anger of Drew yesterday didn't affect the sea at all?"

Percy paled, "Wha- -"

Dee continued. "And who do you think held the sea at bay when it reacted to your emotions?"

"But I thought- -"

"Oh please. Not affect the sea when you're mad? The sea still claims you. No matter how undeserving you are of it," Dee spat the last one.

"Hey- -!"

"So anyway, if you put together the fact of your obvious loyalty, obvious from your speech yesterday, the fact that Hestia likes you to the point she'd make you her champion, you can control the sea, you're immortal, oh and the cabin reacted to you when you came in- - well, there really aren't much people who fits the bill don't you think?" Dee finished smirking.

Percy glared at her and then realized something. He paled. "Wait. If I caused a commotion at sea yesterday and the Cabin reacted to me then does- -"

Dee scoffed. "Oh don't worry. Father assumes it was me who affected the sea so much. He thought I was mad at you for treating Drew like that"

Percy raised an eyebrow. Dee glared at him. "What?! I've trained hard enough for centuries you know. I'm at least good enough to overwrite your command on the sea to control it. Do you forget you aren't the only child of the Sea?" She scoffed again.

"No, no. I mean about the Drew thing," Percy explained putting his hands slightly up as if to surrender.

Dee blinked. "Oh. Drew and I used to date centuries ago," she shivered at the thought. "Everyone else assumes that I still have a thing for the prick. Mainly because he keeps spreading rumors."

Ah, Percy thought. So she wasn't much of a Drew fan now a days. "Even if Poseidon hadn't realized me from yesterday, what's stopping him from knowing he has another blood standing in his cabin?" Dee noticed how he avoided referring to himself as their dad's son.

Dee said, "Easy enough. My aura is overpowering yours. Right now, he thinks I'm training, seeing as I'm giving off a good amount of aura to cover yours. And it does help that you have a sea bind in your heart." She said the last one rather accusingly. Percy raised an eyebrow, "You noticed?"

"I'm not the little Dee you saw centuries ago," she spat.

Percy eyed her cautiously. She seemed to return the gaze just as wearily.

"What do you want from me then" Percy said.


Percy looked at her and sighed. "Fine." he said. "But not here," and not a second passed after he said it when he grabbed Dee's wrist and whisked her away, both of them erupting in a column of fire.

"What's your Champion doing in my cabin with my daughter?" Poseidon asked looking at his sister expectantly

Hestia turned away from the hearth and met his eyes. They showed confusion, curiosity and a demand. "What do you mean, brother?" Poseidon scrunched his eyebrows. "I thought my daughter was doing some training by herself in my cabin. I sensed no change nor additions in aura, but then suddenly, a trace of your power erupted inside it. And then I couldn't sense my daughter at all. I believe, it's your Champions doing?"

Hestia looked at him. "Yes, I'd say it was his doing. But I don't really know what he's up to. I have never really tried to think about his intentions too much."

Poseidon looked at her wearily. "I trust," Poseidon said hesitantly."That he won't allow harm on my daughter?"

Hestia smiled. If only you knew, Poseidon, brother. Her smile was sad. "My, brother. When was the last time I heard concern in your voice talking about your children?"

Dee felt...uncomfortable. But nothing seemed wrong. That's when she came to and observed her surroundings. She was so surprised that she jumped back suddenly. She didn't notice she was near a sort of cliff and almost fell when someone grabbed her from falling. She haven't felt this freaked out for a long time.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" She screamed at Percy who steadied her a bit away from the cliff. "What? If you wanted answers, I need to make sure no hears." Percy said arms up, as if surrender. She growled. "AND YOU THINK INSIDE A VOLCANO IS AN APPROPRIATE PLACE?" It echoed through out the dome of earth that seemed to encased them. Except for the echos, you could only hear the bubbles of magma popping.

Percy shrugged. "What? You know we're heat resistant"

"That's because you're HESTIA'S Champion"

Percy rolled his eyes. "And you're a daughter of Poseidon. Heat resistant. I've spent a fair amount of time inside volcanoes before I started becoming her champion, mind you"

Dee stared at him. Yes, they were heat resistant. And yes, there were times Dee had tested that little ability out. But she didn't dare push it's limits and tried a volcano- -albiet, she was tempted to do it on more than one occasion. She just never had the guts too.

She tried to feel her surroundings. It felt off. But, it didn't feel exactly hot or moderately warm. Only slightly. She could also feel the sea within her spread through out her body. She felt in control. But they couldn't stay forever in the Volcano.

"Don't worry, the longer you've been in contact with the sea, the more resistant you are. And the more time you spend here, the easier it is to lengthen the time you can stay." Percy said.

"Why did you come back?"

Percy looked at her. Question time, was it. "I didn't come back. I came again. There's a difference. And to answer it, I was told to. And it's my duty to protect demigods."

Dee scoffed, "Could've fooled me"

Percy glared at her. "And what do you mean by that?"

Dee glared at him. "I'm asking the questions. What are your plans?"


"What do you intend to do."

Percy's turn to glare at her. "Nothing. Just help your camp. Disappear. Make the Olympians think we ceased to exist. And just reappear again when needed."

It was Dee's turn to glare at him. She then took a deep breath. "Okay," she said and added, "Last question."

"Okay, shoot."

Dee looked at him seriously. "Why didn't you go through killing me"

Percy's brain didn't seem to process these words. "Uh huh?"

"You know what I'm talking about" she growled.

Percy looked at her confused. "Uhm, I really don't"

She glared more. "Okay, so it was centuries ago. But I'm not giving you an option. I'm commanding you to remember. You had the perfect chance. So why didn't you kill me? It was your intentions anyway."

"Seriously, Dee. What. Are. You. Talking. About." Percy said in utter confusion.

"What do you mean what am I talking about?!"

"Really, what are you talking about?!"

With lightning speed, Dee turned to punch him. Percy avoided in the nick of time as she said to the punch, "BASTARD, don't pretend you know nothing!"


"I'm talking about the last time we talked at camp before you disappeared! Don't lie, gods damn you!"

Percy scrunched his eyebrows. "If you're talking about the time I called you out to the beach of camp and you suddenly splashed me with tons of water and ran away, then yeah I remember! But I don't remember the killing part!"

"Don't lie! I already know. You told me to go alone at the beach to kill me! I knew it the whole time! You had your chance, but when you passed, I didn't give you another one! So I'm asking you why you didn't kill me when you had the chance!"

"Kill you?! Why would I want to do that?! I wasn't there to kill you!" He said as he kept on avoiding every blow, ever kick she gave him

"Liar! Then what the hell were you there for!"


"HA-HA-HA what a lame excuse, to give me a- -wait what?" Dee finally stopped bombarding him with punches.

Percy stared at his sister hard. "I swear on the River Styx that the last time i talked to you at camp before I disappeared, when I called you out alone, I wanted to give you a weapon and that I had no intention whatsoever to kill you"

Thunder boomed at a distance but nothing happened. Dee staggered. "Then w-why- -?"

"Who told you I was there to kill you in the first place. I mean, why would I want to? You're...you're my sister," he whispered the last part softly but almost grudgingly

Dee furrowed her eyebrows. "He said you wanted to kill me because I was going to be blessed by father and you weren't. That we were stealing your friends and you couldn't take it. He even told me exactly what you did. Ask me to come alone, probably near a body of water since you were far more skilled at water manipulation than me."

Percy frowned and raised an eyebrow. "And who exactly told you that?"

Dee squinted. "Dray." She says remembering what the son of Hades had told her. "He's my best friend and he'd never lie to me. He was serious and was seriously scared for me. Heck, we were about to tell dad- -"

"And where do you think Dray got that info?" Percy said getting rather irritated.

Dee tried remembering. It was a long time ago and she only brought this up to get it over with and to be finally be able to surely disown Percy as her brother. To forget that he actually was his brother.

"I don't know, he said that someone heard you talking about it- -"

"And who heard me?"

Dee's eyes widened. "I'm not sure, but it was probably Drew."

"And that answers everything." Percy muttered. "How come you deduced Drew?"

She ignored Percy's question. She just stared at the boiling lava. So her 'brother' wasn't trying to kill her. She said, "well, that's all I wanted to ask you. I won't tell anyone about you. Take me back to camp now."

Percy raised an eyebrow. "Whoa-whoa-whoa. You do not just accuse me of trying to kill you and just demand to go back to camp."

Her turn to raise an eyebrow. "Yeah? Why? What else do we have to talk about."

Percy bit his lips trying to think of something. But he just feels like there was something. "Good point."

"Like I said, just take me back to camp. It's not like I want to have anything to do with you." Dee muttered.

"You're my sister"

Percy blurted it out and he had no idea why. Albiet, it's not like he completely forgot his sister all those years. How could he? His flaw wouldn't really allow that. But. It's not like he was beaming to get back with her. Far far from that. Actually, he didn't know what to feel right now. Why he said it. And he was wondering whether or not he was feeling anything at all for this situation.

She snorted. "You disowned your own father as much as he disowned you- -once, along with me. Name one time either of us acted as siblings."

Percy nodded, "Forget it then." then paused. "Have you always thought like that?" He asked. Dee was confused, "huh?" "Did you always not want to have anything to do with me? I mean, I remember trying a lot to get close to you before. When you were claimed in camp. But you always...yeah never mind. Guess that answers my question" Percy said. Right. Percy should stop getting personal with campers. It's not his place to. It hasn't been his place to in centuries. And he shouldn't try to get close to anyone too bound to the Olympians.

Dee was a bit dumbfounded and was about to respond when Percy placed a clip in her hair. "Here" He said. "I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to kill you. I was going to give you that weapon. You know my blade riptide? It was created by a friend of mine with her sea powers. I thought...well, I thought of making one in the same way. You won't lose it. If you summon it, it goes back to you. It was...er. It was my last attempt of being a brother to you so that I could disappear from camp without any...regrets? I don't know. I don't know why I even tried.

"Just, I don't know. Take it. It's not mine. It has never been. So, yeah. Bye" Percy said and before Dee could react, he flicked a finger and she erupted to flames.

Percy was...confused. He needed to...not feel. Percy took a deep breath. He wanted to drown some thoughts and stuff. Immortality does that to you. He took a step back and jump into the magma to just...swim and drown whatever he wants to drown out.

Meanwhile...that morning...

Dawn hasn't come yet. It was too early. The hunters were fast asleep inside their tents on the outskirts of the town they were in. Around the camp were lions and tigers. The Pack that was with them were out doing missions and left their companions to guard. It was their shift. The Hunt worked best in the night. And it's not like the Pack was nocturnal or anything so the shift worked for them.

Artemis was about to land the Moon Chariot when a big blurry thing jumped and tackled her when she was just a few feet from the ground. It caused the Moon Chariot to crash instead of landing. Artemis was pinned by a big silver wolf. Artemis scrunched her eyes. "Aku?" she asked bewildered.

The wolf happiy responded and wagged his tail. What are you doing here? Artemis thought and having the wolf as her symbol, it was enough for Aku to understand her and show her the answer. And the answer was...unlikely. "You," Artemis chuckled. "Are a little jealous and an overly spoiled wolf" The wolf made a deep sound that could've been a snort.

Artemis smiled. "And have you found them?" she asked scratching the wolf's fur. The wolf whined. Artemis laughed. This wolf on top of her was definitely Perseus's. Aku was overly spoiled. Aku was in need to fetch Blackjack and the wolf refused to find him until the last moment possible. Aku's ear twitched and he instantly got off and went to a stance and observed his surroundings.

"What is it?" Artemis asked getting her guard up. She sensed a disturbance. And so did the other animals.

Out of nowhere, Pisto, Nico's lion, Aku howled an infuriating howl that could've reached Olympus. Pisto bolted into one of the tents. Artemis and Aku quickly followed. That tent. It was Thalia's. Artemis felt a presence there. Vlackas. How could she have missed it?

Something formed a shadow from above. It was Blackjack. He swept down, his momentum made him faster than any of the animals or Artemis. He quickly entered Thalia's tent with a neigh and flashed out flying them up and away. That's when Blackjack realized what was wrong. He cursed a string of words that would've made Arion proud of him.

He quickly back tracked to the Hunt where every Hunter lay wake and members of the Pack, some with demigods with them, started coming back.

Blackjack whined setting what looked like Thalia to the ground only to see a lifelike replica of her instead. The dummy started disintegrating into ashes and scattered to the wind. Nyx was found lying on the ground uncoscious.

A black shadow formed from a nearby tree and the ghost king stepped out. He was the palest he has ever been. "I'm too late, aren't I?" Nico said dejectedly.

Nico cursed. "How could I let her be kidnapped? Vlackas."



"The oracle!"

"A prophecy!"

Chiron grunted. "Hush, children."

Dionysius entered. "There is a need for a quest."


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