"Any last words?" Arthur asked.

"O drakon, e mala soi ftengometh tesd'hup anankes! Erkheo!" the prisoner roared, straining against the magic restricting chains.

Shocked, the guards withdrew their weapons watching the sullen sorcerer. After confirming it was nothing Sir Leon stepped forward, head bowed, and gently lay the flaming torch at the base of the pyre, backing away quickly.

The king watched solemnly as the flames began to lick at his stoic former man servant. Guinevere hugging herself to him, holding in her desperate tears, silently begging her husband to be lenient. He ignored her.

Screams echoed throughout the crowd. Searching for the cause of their discomfort the king checked the pyre for any sign of life.

"Why have you done this to him?"

Looking up, Arthur almost turned tail and ran at the mere sight, having to remind himself he defeated one dragon, he could do it again. Unfortunately that little voice at the back of his head, sounding distinctly like Merlin, looked extremely similar to the great dragon.

With an audible gulp, he replied, "Done what to whom, might I ask?" silently ordering his knights t surround the creature, and the guards to ready their crossbows.

"You pathetic Pendragon, don't you dare feign ignorance. I speak of my kin, Merlin. For he is the only reason Camelot isn't ash beneath my claws. You, Arthur Pendragon, have condemned your kingdom to a hundred years of war. For Merlin was the goddesses champion and all who possess magic are honour bound to avenge him. I almost pity you."

Speechless, Arthur watched as the dragon breathed on the roaring flames of the pyre and retrieved a baby. A baby with small tufts of black hair and golden eyes, giggling in delight as the dragon set Camelot alight.