Chapter One- Lily Evans P.O.V

TICK TICK TICK went a student's wrist-watch, counting down the minutes until they were free to escape the dank, gloomy, claustrophobic dungeons of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where two dozen or so teenagers were sitting their written Potions OWL exam.

Seated at the front of the classroom, Lily Evans, a girl with shimmering, dark red hair, stole a nervous glance up at the stern examiner looming over the students, before returning to the very last question of the paper, feather quill poised in mid-air.

What ingredients are needed to make Polyjuice Potion?

Closing her almond-shaped, deep jade eyes, her mind wandered back to the night before, where she had sat by the crackling log fire in the Gryffindor Common Room, rereading her notes for what felt like the millionth time, amidst her fellow fifth years, as well as the gangly seventh years cramming for their N.E. . Abruptly, the answer seemed to swim to the front of Lily's mind. Sighing with relief, for she had panicked a little when the answer had failed to appeared instantly, she scribbled down the rather extensive list of ingredients.

"Quills down, everyone" the booming voice of the examiner echoed through the dungeon, "Please remain seated whilst I collect your answers"

Once he had performed the summoning charm on every roll of parchment in the dungeon, Lily walked to the back of the classroom, where two of her friends, Michelle Cusworth and Mary McDonald were waiting for her, the latter of which looking even paler than usual.

"How about we head to the lake?" Michelle asked once they reached the Entrance Hall outside the Great Hall, where the two remaining cogs in their circle of friends, Laura Dixon and Annabelle Spinnet, were sitting their written Defence Against the Dark Arts exam.

The vast oak doors were being held open by magic to allow the scorching June sunlight to bounce off the walls and the slight hint of a breeze to wash over the three teenagers. On reaching the shore of the Black Lake, the girls headed to their favourite spot underneath one of the smaller beech trees right at the water's edge, where they would often kick off their shoes and socks in warm weather, allowing the cool water to lap their ankles.

Ten minutes later, the Defence Against the Dark Arts exam seemed to have ended, because Laura and Annabelle came hurtling toward them, bags hanging off their soldiers. Basking in the humid, blistering heat, they lay giggling and chatting for how long, Lily didn't know, until Annabelle (who sat facing the centre of the haven) prodded Lily on the arm.

"Look," she muttered, grinning slyly, "Potter's goggling at you again"

The girls all giggled except Lily; it seemed there was a long running argument about Lily and this 'Potter'.

Lily turned her head reluctantly, knowing it was the only way to shut her friends up.

James Potter, a skinny boy with glasses and ruffled, raven black hair, was playing with a snitch he had evidently stolen from Quidditch. This was one of the many reasons she hated Potter. He thought he had ownership rights over anything that took his fancy. Never mind the fact it belonged to someone else, if Potter wanted it, Potter would have it.

Meanwhile, darkly handsome Sirius Black seemed to have been irritated by something the groups standing joke Peter Pettigrew had been doing, because he interjected James midway through throwing and catching the bewitching, golden, miniature ball, and Peter's chubby face turned beetroot. When Lily turned back around, all eight eyebrows were raised at her.

"What? There's nothing going on!"

"Maybe not for you…" Annabelle muttered.

Lily gave up on defending herself; she knew her friends would never drop the subject until she declared undying love for James Potter. She buried her head in her transfiguration textbook until Lily heard a great wave of laughter in the background.

Potter was now stood up with Black and Pettigrew, pointing his wand at Severus Snape. The most mature of the group, Remus Lupin, was buried in the same textbook as Lily had just been, except his eyes were moving across the page. Sev had clearly had the impedimenta jinx put mercilessly on him, as he was writhing desperately on the hard ground as if bound by invisible ropes. She didn't stop to think about her next move…

Abandoning her many books and belongings, and ignoring the desperate attempts of her friends for her to stay seated ("Don't get involved, Lils!"), she stormed up to them, one hand in the pocket of her robes clasping her long, willow wand. Severus' mouth was full of fuchsia coloured soap bubbles now. Sev was spluttering, suffocating; if Lily didn't do something soon…

"Leave him alone!" Lily bellowed furiously. As soon as James saw her (to Lily's great irritation) his hand shot up to tousle his dark hair, leaving it even more dishevelled than before.

"All right Evans?" His voice had changed. It was soft now, caressing even. Lily felt a slight blush reach her cheeks.

"Leave him alone" Lily echoed, calmer now, but without loosening her grip on her wand, "What's he ever done to you anyway?"

"Well," James said, smirking arrogantly, "it's more the fact that he exists than anything else…"

Everyone in the surrounding area hooted maliciously, except Remus Lupin, who was still staring determinedly at his book, and Lily, whose boiling blood was pulsing rapidly around her body.

How could they be so cruel? Thought Lily, tears of fury forming in her emerald eyes.

"You may think you're funny, but you're just an arrogant, bullying toe rag, Potter" She spat," Leave him ALONE!"

Potter pulled Lily close to him, tucking her hair behind her ear as he did so, and whispered, "I will if you go out with me," Lily had never heard Potter's voice so tender, "Go on. Go out with me and I'll never both ol' Snivelly again." This brought her back to her senses; what was she doing, falling for Potter's trick? How dare he blackmail her!?

If she hadn't been a prefect she would have whacked him so hard he would have lost the ability to move.

Pushing James away from her, Lily announced so that everyone could hear, "I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid!"

Potter looked aggrieved; Black was staring daggers at Lily; a moment later however, Potter recovered his strut.

"Your loss Evans…"

All of a sudden, there came an almost bark-like shout from Black, "Oi!"

He wasn't quick enough though. Severus, free from the levicorpus jinx, made a deep gash in Potter's cheek with is wand, splattering blood everywhere.

Next Minute, Severus had keeled over, stiff as a board. Lily lost control completely.

"TAKE THE JINX OFF!" yelled Lily as she whipped out her wand and pointed it menacingly at Potter and Black.

Unwillingly, Potter performed the counter-curse.

"You're lucky Evans was here, Snivellus" He jeered.

Severus lifted his head from the ground to meet Potter's triumphant face.

"I don't need help from filthy little mudbloods like her!"