Okay, I am extremely sorry for not updating, a woman who took over being my mum (after my mum died) died on the 11th, so it was a wee bit stressful! This chapter has an new character, hope you like her! :-)

As a celebration for her birthday, Hunith decided she would have all of her 'family' around. She had cooked a meal and in attendance was – Merlin, Morgana, Arthur, Gwen, Amhar, Gaius and Alice.

"Happy Birthday, Hunith!" Gwen said, hugging her.

"Thank you, Gwen." Hunith turned to her son and decided she would gang up on him.

"You realise next week is a year since you came back to Camelot, I need to ask where had you been, and do not try to talk your way out of it!"

"Oh… well, I was…" Merlin stammered. He didn't want to say he was with Freya when he was in front of Morgana. Even though Freya had told him she couldn't come back, Morgana might get slightly … irritated. He was saved by a knock on the door.

"Do you want me to get that?" Alice asked, being nearest to the door. Hunith nodded. Alice opened the door and gasped.

"You're here!" Alice exclaimed, sounding surprised, also creating curiosity in those who couldn't see past the door.

"Who is it?" Hunith asked.

"Orgeluse." Alice replied, stepping away from the door. A woman who looked about the same age as Morgause stood there. She looked like a cross between Alice and Gaius and Merlin concluded that there was something else that Gaius hadn't told him.

"Tell you what, Hunith, we'll leave for a while. We'll see you later." Gaius, Alice and the mysterious Orgeluse left the house. Merlin turned to his parents.

"I think we're missing some details, care to fill us in?" He asked to Hunith, who sighed.


Gaius, Alice and Orgeluse reached Gaius' quarters.

"Orgeluse! Where have you been these last twenty so years? I know you left with your mother, but magic has been legalised these last two years!" Gaius asked, although slightly angry, his voice also had concern in it.

"I know, but I had to leave the place I was staying at, I did have a life there… and I came on foot, from Bayard's Kingdom."

"Well, it seems you have perfect timing. Come and sit down." Gaius pulled out a chair and Orgeluse sat down.

"So, what were you doing in Bayard's Kingdom?" Gaius asked.

"Following in your footsteps. I was a healer, that's what they're known as there. Mother taught me."

"Any family?"

"Nope, I could just about look after myself! You have no other children, I see."

"No. I did have Merlin for a few years; he's your Aunt Hunith's son."

"So, my cousin?"

"Yes, if you like." Orgeluse smiled at the interaction between herself and her father.

"So, how long will you be staying?" Alice asked her daughter.

"Who knows? Let's just see what challenges Camelot brings."


Everyone had now adjusted to having Orgeluse around, who seemed to have inherited her family's physician skills. After finishing the rounds for her parents, Orgeluse decided to visit an old childhood friend of hers, Morgause. She only had to knock on the door twice before it opened and the old friends saw each other. Morgause took a moment to place the woman in front of her before grinning.

"Nice of you to come over!" She said. Morgause observed Orgeluse, whose auburn hair was tied in a fishtail plait, and her grey eyes still fairly piercing.

"How are you?" Orgeluse asked.

"Tired, I've been a little under the weather recently, don't tell anyone though, especially not Leon, he's so protective, I mean, it's nice but you need time for yourself, you know?" Orgeluse shrugged, she found the whole situation bizarre that she and Morgause hadn't seen each other for almost thirty years and yet here they were chatting as if they'd been with each other for all that time. Morgause changed the subject.

"How's Blanchefleur?"

"Good, she's the only one in our family who's not a healer. I mean, mother and father are, as am I, Merlin and Hunith have reasonable knowledge in the craft."

"What's she doing?"

"She hunts, and then trades it at the market. Give her a cross bow or knife and she's happy. She does quite well out of it too!" Orgeluse smiled at the thought of her younger sister, who had chosen to stay in Mercia but promised to visit soon.

"I should probably get back, hope you feel better soon."

"Thank you, it's probably just a little bug, Gwen's been ill too so we've probably got the same thing. The symptoms are identical. As long as they don't bring fish for one of my meals I'll be fine!" Orgeluse chuckled and then left, thinking nothing suspicious at her friend's words.

When Orgeluse arrived at Gaius' chambers, she heard voices. One of which belonged to her Father, the other the Queen, Guinevere.

"Gwen, you have to consider that possibility."

"I'm just nervous about Arthur's reaction."

"He accepted Amhar, he'll have more time to get used to this baby, and consider it."

"That's what I'm worried about, especially now that Uther's around."

"All Uther does is stay in his Chambers all day, Ygraine's here as well, so that's something positive." There was a pause before:

"Thank you, Gaius. I should probably get going." The door opened and Gwen walked out, completely oblivious to Orgeluse who was stood by the door. Orgeluse walked in and Gaius looked up.

"I'm guessing you heard a fair bit of that conversation?" It was more of a statement than a question. Orgeluse nodded.

"Someone else with a baby on the way, then?"

"Yes, but don't tell anyone. Particularly not Morgana."

"What? I thought Morgana and Gwen were friends now?"

"They are, but even as a child, Morgana could get angry easily when someone copied what she had done, I mean, one time she mastered a piece on the lute, something Arthur did a week later, she refused to speak to him for a week after that, I think she still holds a grudge about it now!"

"She felt he had stolen her thunder?"

"Precisely. She might feel like that towards Gwen."

"Well, Gwen can't exactly hide her pregnancy forever! How long has Morgana got until her baby is born?"

"In just under a month." Orgeluse nodded. Suddenly, her conversation with Morgause came back to her. Morgause had said her and Gwen were suffering from the same thing, but if Gwen was pregnant… unless.

"I have to go somewhere, I'll see you in a while!" Gaius barely had time to look up before his daughter had walked out of the room.


"I'm starting to get deja vu." Morgause remarked as Orgeluse walked in for a second time. Orgeluse pulled a grin, which members of the Ambrosius family (Merlin in particular) were able to pull.

"I know, sorry."

"Don't apologise! Is there something you needed to talk about?" Orgeluse closed her eyes and sighed. Yes, there was something she needed to ask Morgause, but she had been told not to tell anyone what was up with Gwen and Morgause was Morgana's sister. In the end, she decided to just go for it.

"Okay, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but Gwen's pregnant, so – "

"That means we don't have the same thing, that's good, well, and bad!"

"Actually, Morgause, what if it is the same thing? I'm only asking this because, well, you're just married and, well, I don't need to explain my theory, do I?" Morgause shook her head and looked away.

"Bearn Cynd." Morgause muttered. Orgeluse just watched as Morgause looked as though she were having a conversation via telepathy. Finally, her friend's eyes opened.

"What did you do?" Orgeluse asked.

"Well, that means child and gender, so I was told I'm having a son!" The last part was rather rushed, but Morgause was clearly excited. Where she had learnt that spell Orgeluse wasn't going to ask, but decided it was pretty easy, not that she'd ever use it!

"That's great, tell you what, I'll leave you to work out how to tell Leon, so I'll see you later." Orgeluse turned to leave before Morgause spoke again.

"Why are you not allowed to tell anyone about Gwen?"

"Mainly because of Morgana, wait until her baby's been born, but I shouldn't have told you!"

"Tell her what?" A new voice asked. The two friends turned and saw Morgana had just walked in. Great!

"Oh, erm, I feel attracted … to Gwaine!" Orgeluse improvised and regretted it immediately. Morgana looked slightly startled.

"Gwaine?" She repeated. The pair nodded.

"Yes, but it is a little embarrassing, so…" She trailed off.

"I was saying she shouldn't tell anyone, you know what Gwaine's like, his ego could rival Arthur's!" The sisters laughed, whilst Orgeluse decided to get out.

"I'll see the pair of you around, good luck Morgause." The woman scowled at her friend, but Orgeluse had already taken off. Her first few weeks in Camelot had certainly been eventfull!