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Bella Swan is an eighteen-year-old superstar living with her mom and Phil in Phoenix. Most of her friends see her as a dollar sign and she is addicted to her work, much to her boyfriend's dismay. Bella is dating a wolf named Tye in Phoenix who is angry that he never imprinted on Bella. To tie him to her forever, he gets her pregnant by force. One night her mom and Phil see her lifestyle as unhealthy and send her to live with her dad in Forks for a change and to get out of the spotlight during her pregnancy. Bella soon realizes Forks isn't as normal as her mom would have hoped. Bella must face her pregnancy, Jacob avoiding her, and her deepest secrets in Forks.

Jacob/Bella story

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize from the Twilight series, nor any part of the songs I use. *****I may change a few lyrics in a song to better suit the story, I will indicate in that chapter if the lyrics were altered*****

Chapter One: That Night


Jacob POV

'Yet another meeting that has turned into a complete social event at the res' I thought with a chuckle. This kind of thing happens at least once a week…people see us all together with our bon fire and join in for the stories. Then a few more join in and bring food and music… my dad or Harry always calls Charlie Swan down. Before you know it, our casual bon fire turns into beer and burgers with the girls blasting the latest top 40.

I usually enjoyed these get togethers, but something just didn't feel right. I had been feeling off for the last few days and it has just put me in a bad mood. I shook my head as I grabbed a burger, walking past a group of girls asking Paul for another scary story about the supernatural.

"Ahh Jake. Glum again? Boy you need to shake this funk off!" Charlie said with a kind pat on the shoulder. I stopped to chat with him and my dad for a minute. Charlie meant well and I thought of him as family. He was a kind, good-hearted man with a no b.s. attitude.

"Well we all know when that started don't we Charlie." I shook my head, finished with the conversation. Charlie could tell so he nodded with a smile, and I walked over to my chair, pausing to turn up the only song of the night that caught my attention. I had been a bit grumpy for the last year since Bella decided making regular trips to Forks was getting quite difficult given all she had on her plate. I understood…but it was depressing. I sat and felt my heart smiling, for what I knew would be short lived. Letting the probably true story lyrics wash over me with a chuckle. Of course all the girls sang along with humour.

State the obvious / I didn't get my perfect fantasy / I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me / So go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy / That's fine I'll tell mine that you're gay! / By the way...

I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive / You're a redneck heartbreak / Who's really bad at lyin' / So watch me strike a match on all my wasted time / As far as I'm concerned you're / Just another picture to burn


Bella POV

There's no time for tears / I'm just sitting here planning my revenge / There's nothing stopping me / From going out with all of your best friends / And if you come around saying sorry to me / My daddy's gonna show you how sorry you'll be

I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive / You're a redneck heartbreak / Who's really bad at lyin' / So watch me strike a match on all my wasted time / As far as I'm concerned you're / Just another picture to burn

The group of girls in my car giggled and used their wallets, hands…shoes even as microphones belting out the too familiar lyrics…like it's a thanks for treating them again tonight, like I usually do on these "dates". They poorly screeched the end of the song and I hid my distaste. 'Come on Bella, happy face! You're almost in the clear.'

"And that's Bella Swan with Picture to Burn. Coming up we have Adele, Pink and we will be chatting with caller 13! Stay tuned for your chance to win!"

I shook my head… radio is either REALLY animated, or REALLY dull. At least they aren't dull I suppose.

"Oh my God Bella. Like… how cool is it to hear yourself on the radio!? I'd never get used to it. I mean…it's like total dream come true right?!" Sarah said from the passenger side. I inwardly cringed and nodded.

"Yeah…pretty unreal." I said as I pulled into Sarah's driveway and all 4 girls got out. Jen, the only one I liked leaned in my window.

"You sure you can't stay Bells? I miss you." I smiled sadly. Jen was the only true friend I had here in Phoenix. I hated shying away from her but it was difficult to get quality time with her and manage to stay away from the others. I nodded.

"I miss you too Jen…we need to try and figure something out because I really need a real girls night. Maybe my house next week? Text me?" She gave me a knowing look realizing that I needed to talk and nodded with a smile. She leaned in to hug me and I looked down as something fell in my lap, a twenty. I chuckled and she winked.

"Have a good night Jen." She waved and I pulled out of the driveway and headed home with a deep breath. I could hear Sam as I pulled out saying to Sarah that a girl my age didn't need a Jeep Liberty...but she could kiss my ass because it drove her around all night. I love my jeep. The ONLY large purchase I made after getting a record deal was my car. I bought a 2012 Jeep Liberty Limited Jet Edition not long ago. Gunmetal grey colour, heated leather seats, 6 cylinder, all wheel drive! Not to mention the amazing sound system. I got it for just under 40 grand. The rest of my money goes to my parents and into a savings account. I'm not one of those girls that spends like crazy just because I can. But I suppose everyone has an opinion. I pulled into the driveway and looked at the time. 11:45…yet all the lights were on. I really just wanted time alone to process the day I've had but I knew I would have to face my mom and Phil again after our argument this morning. Getting out of the house was the only reason I kept the "date-night" I had with Jen and the terrors.

I walked in and saw my mom and Phil in the living room.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I said trying to be approachable. I knew the only way out of this was to be civil with them so hopefully they are civil with me. They looked up from the TV and forced a smile. 'It's something right?'

"Hey sweetie, just wanted to see how your night went?" I rolled my eyes to my mom and sat in a chair beside them on the couch trying to just be normal.

"Oh you know…the usual. I ask what we should do tonight… Jen suggests movie night in… the rest want to go out and live the good life… I reign them in with dinner." Phil huffed.

"And of course you paid right?" I nodded. I was just glad they wanted to have a conversation with me.

"But!" I pulled the twenty out of my jeans pocket. "Jen pitched in." My mom smiled.

"That girl is just the best." I nodded with a small smile.

"Yeah I know… she's the only one of them that hasn't change. I'm sick of the rest of them." I stood up stretching.

"That's it! I've fulfilled my monthly quota of "girls night". Tomorrow it's back to work!" My mom looked at me sadly.

"Bella, I think we need to talk. I don't want to continue the argument earlier, I just want to talk to you. Mother to daughter…woman to woman. You have so much more to think about right now and I don't know if work should be your priority. All you do is work anymore…it's not good for you and it is going to be even more difficult now. Won't you consider going back to regular schooling…finish high school and take a hiatus? Take a bit of a break…rebuild your friendships…focus on your new priorities?" I shook my head. We have had this conversation a million times, and every time I get frustrated. It won't change now that she has new ammo.

"Mom, I told you when you encouraged me to follow my dreams and sign that deal that things would change and I would need to give 100% to this. I can't work a 90-hour week and still go to regular school. I have so much going on right now with trying to produce this second album and I just can't afford to take a break right now." She stood, trying to be non-confrontational.

"I know dear, it's just…I feel like you aren't taking the time to be 18. I feel like you aren't being a normal teenage girl…you're addicted to your work and it's starting to affect your life in a negative way. I just think they might understand if you need to take a break." I took a breath so I wouldn't get angry.

"I know you're trying to help…but I love what I do."

"I think it might be a good idea to sleep on it Bells…think about what your mom is saying. It's almost April…it's not too late to re-enlist in school to finish the year off in a regular school setting rather than homeschooling." Phil said standing behind my mom. I knew where they were coming from but that was not my priority right now. I just want to work and take my mind off of everything.

"Guys, we have this conversation over and over again. I'm not taking a break from work and that's just how it's going to be." I turned away with a 'goodnight' and went up the stairs to my room.

"What the hell is this?!" I hollered when I saw the state of my room. My suitcases were packed and my carry on was on my bed. I turned around to see my mom and Phil looking drained.

"Honey this lifestyle is consuming you. I'm sorry…I can't think of any other solution right now." I looked at them for an answer. Phil sighed.

"Bella, you're going to Forks to live with your dad for a while. He's registered you at Forks High School and you'll be taking a break." I knew they had me defeated. I shook my head.

"How dare you do this without consulting me…" I said in a low voice, on thr verge of tears. My mom shook her head.

"I'm sorry… I thought maybe if we could convince you that you could just stay here but… it's best if you're far away from the entertainment industry for a while. We've already notified your label of your hiatus. This is non-negotiable." I just stood there in silence.

"What right do you have?! I am 18! I can make my own decisions!" I yelled frustrated.

"Your decisions got you into this mess Bella! You. Are. Pregnant." I closed my eyes letting the tears fall. I hated hearing that out loud. I just wanted to forget.

"Don't you dare blame this mess on my job." I told her in a quiet voice. She tossed her hands in the air.

"Well maybe if you were more focused on being a conservative 18 year old this wouldn't have happened. This lifestyle is clearly having a bad influence on you and you're going. That's final." More tears fell down my cheeks…they just didn't get it.

"We will let you get some sleep. Toss whatever we missed into your small luggage and we will take you to the airport tomorrow-"

"NO." I said hoarsely through my tears.

"If you're forcing me into this I'm taking my truck." Phil and my mom looked at each other and nodded, leaving me alone in my room to pack what was left. For what felt like forever I just sat on my floor and cried. I cried for this whole mess… how was I going to make it? How was I going to do this… I'm not ready for a baby! Financially I have it covered but I am stepping into what could be the highlight of my career and now I have to take a break? I just wish they would understand…

I cried for every fake smile I've given the last few days since I took my pregnancy test. It's Friday April 5th, I will be 4 weeks pregnant on April 8th. I missed my period on Monday and took the test Tuesday…I'm never late. And I knew the conditions I was under. 'This was his plan.' I shook my head sadly, trying to put my hands anywhere but my stomach. I just couldn't abort the baby…I knew it was an option, especially considering how I became pregnant…but I just don't think I would be able to handle it if five years down the road I regretted the decision.

Ever since the day it happened I have immersed myself in my work so that I have been constantly busy. The only time I have taken off is for this girls' night. My mom unfortunately equates my working to being stuck in the "glam" of my job and thinks that's how I ended up pregnant. You know… "sex, drugs, rock n' roll". Except I am an innocent 18 year old girl that sings country music. No… that's not how this happened to me.

Tye and I have been dating for about a year now. He's always been incredible. We had been dating about a month when he went through the change. He started to bulk up fast, burn up…symptoms of the "flu" as his pack leader called it. He turned into a werewolf. It was a shock for sure… it took some getting used to but I knew I loved him so much. I was there for him and I understood…it only made us stronger. About two months ago he started to act odd…moodier than usual. I didn't understand it until I spoke to another member of the pack, Chris. Chris told me about imprinting and how Tye had learned about the process and was really upset that he hadn't imprinted on me. He didn't want another person to imprint on me or for me to find someone else and not stay with him. I shook my head thinking about his solution.

I spoke to him about it and tried to reassure him but he flipped out. He said he just wanted to be tied to be forever and that he felt we should get married and make the relationship more solid. I couldn't believe that was what he thought would help the situation. Of course I said no…we have been dating a year. I am not ready for marriage…that pissed him off big time. He thought I was saying that I didn't want to be his… that night he did things I never thought he was capable of. He is so strong… just thinking about the warmth of his body made me shiver in disgust. That night he said he was tying me to him forever… he was making me his.

"No one else can have you, you're mine."

I cried a fresh wave of tears. I hadn't seen him since that night…I won't take his phone calls or texts…I refuse to have nothing to do with him. That night…he raped me. Now I'm pregnant and alone… I just don't know what to do.

I said goodbye and backed out of the driveway. Last night had been long and sad…I hated that I was leaving and taking a break from work but…I will be out of the same city Tye is in and he won't know where I am. I took a deep breath of satisfaction at that thought. I drove the short distance to Sarah's and Jen was waiting on the front step and ran to my truck. She climbed in and hugged me immediately, tears streaming down her pretty face. Jen was beautiful in a natural way. She never wore make-up, she was athletic and had a killer body. Red-head with bright green eyes. Everyone loved her… she was the sweetest thing. What I loved most about her was her loyalty. She was so trustworthy and respectful of my privacy… I knew I could tell her my deepest, darkest secret and she'd be my rock. It went in the vault. I drove to her house, which was on the way out of town. We stopped and grabbed breakfast sandwiches from a small café and took it to go. I had told her about my pregnancy and Tye… she was the only one that knew the true story. We both cried and hugged for a long time… until I shook it off and told her I wanted to enjoy my last visit with her. We now sat in her room for a good hour laughing and reminiscing.

"Why do we not do this anymore?" I asked her. She smiled and swallowed her sip of coffee.

"Because we are close enough that this," she gestured to us both, "will always be here. You have enough going on right now and I know you haven't forgotten about me Bells." I wiped a tear rolling down my cheek.

"I miss you so much. Who am I going to call to help mastermind my ridiculous ideas? Who is going to have breakfast at midnight with me?!" she laughed and wiped a tear of her own.

"Who am I going to fight dragons with?!" I dramatically cried. She shoved me softly and grinned.

"Time of my life." I calmed and smiled, holding out my pinky to her extended one. I know now that I'm not alone, even if we are 1,500 miles away.

"Time of my life."

With that I was heading toward Washington with a few tears still seeping out of the death grip my mind had on the situation and I wasn't sure I was ready. I had called my dad from the driveway and told him I was on my way. He sounds so happy… made me feel guilty for being so depressed about it. I turned on the radio just as a song of mine was ending, and I was glad. I didn't want to hear myself right now. I looked at my guitar case on my back seat and took a deep breath. They could toss me across the country, but they can't keep me from what I love to do. I'll go there and live out of the spotlight for a while and try to wrap my mind around being a mom. I'm terrified… but I will try.

Hope you guys enjoyed that chapter and the changes I have made! Stay tuned for the next chapter! :)

Song: Picture To Burn – Taylor Swift