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There was nothing truely beautiful about the valley as the sun rose. The aura of death and hate hung deeply through the air. Chocking out every other sense. I trembled and looked over at my friend, Yuugi, as he finnished washing his face in the stream. Wordlessly he walked over to me and we began to hurry through a random path of the forest.

The pace that was set was grueling, but there was no other option. To go slower meet risking capture, something that kept our adrenline raceing too high to even feel the aces and pains of our constant movement untill we layed down for rest, which was rare in itself. It was hard to rember, really, when things had been different.

When we had ran carefree through the montains of our village, always looking for some adventure of some sort. We were a lost page in history, dead to the rest of the world. Perhapes thats why they had attacked us, we were compleatly and utterly defencless. When I close my eyes I can still feel the hot rush of the flames licking my flesh, taunting me.

The endless syphony of agonized screams had rung so high in the air. Blood had marred the once bright green grass, bodies of those I had known all my life layed carelessly on the ground; some nearly dead others long since gone. Tears pricked at my eyes and fell down heedlessly. Yuugi glanced over at me, puting a small arm around my waist in a silent comfert as we walked.

Abruptly we heared it. A slight rustling in the leaves, the barking of dogs, the voices of men calling that the "demon's" were close....Yuugi's eyes flashed to meet my own before we toke off in a dead run. Fear pulsated through me as we rushed through the forest. Sharp sticks and stones stung at my bare feet as we ran, numbing myself to the pain I forced myself to go faster to keep pace with Yuugi.

Though he was rather short for his age, the tri-colored haired boy could run faster then me even though my legs were longer. Agenst my chest the Sennen Ring, one of the two objects that were sacred to my people, hit my chest as I nearly stumbled over an upturned root. Catching my balance awkwardly I pushed as much inertia into my run as I could and toke after Yuugi who had slowed down slightly to make sure I hadn't fallen. That was Yuugi, he never left a friend behind ever. No matter the consequences.

The Golden Sennen item he wore glinted rainbows of sunlight as the sun hit it, I noticed he was haveing a simmler problem with his hiting him in the chest every so often. I figured we'd both have a small bruse there or something if we outran those chaceing us. If we did that is. I winced and felt my pace falter slightly at the stabbing pain my side, I could see Yuugi's face scruting up at the same problem.

Pushing away the pain I forced myself to run faster, takeing in gulps of breath through my nose and letting it out through my mouth. My hand dug into my side in an attempt to lessin the pain untill be both skided to an abrupt stop. A cliff. We'd just corned ourselves...or had we?

Closeing my eyes slightly I concentraited and felt the same pain I always felt as my wings exploaded from my back. Lights danced before my eyes but I blinked them away while looking over at Yuugi who had extened his wings as well. Jumping off the cliff we toke flight hurridly into the sky. Soaring as fast as we could up toward the sun light. We could use the sunlight as a deflecter for any arrows they might fire to shot us down.

Fatigue rushed through me as the adrenline level in body begane to lessen slightly. Shakeing my head savagely I flew a little closer to Yuugi, mindful not to get in the way of wings and send us both plummeting to the ground. Gasping for breath we beat our wings hard in the air in an attempt to gather more speed. There wasn't really all that much wind to use as a glideing source this day.....not a fortunet sign of events.

Swallowing hard I spared a glance over at Yuugi. He looked every inch as exhasted as me from the run. His pale, sweaty face was locked in a grimence between pain and determination.

My legs burned up and down from the harsh excerise they'd been forced to indure. Running when you haven't eaten for a few days is never exactly a wise idea. Nor is to fly without feeling at least close to prime condetion. The pain is ussualy worse when they extend if your not feeling well. Nevertheless, we didn't really have much a choice.

Abruptly I let out a scream of pain, vaugly hearing Yuugi echo it, as a searing pain tore through my right wing. I glanced up at my lame wing to see pure red blood flowing, an arrow stuck tauntingly out of it, I bit my lip as another arrow imbedded itself into my left arm. Garnet red blood flowed maliciousely from the wounds.

Breathing rapidly I felt myself looseing altitude, blacknes swam through my eyes and I found it hard to even concentrait on attemping to stay above. Knowing that with that arrow in my wing and the blinding pain through me such was a near impossiblity.

I spared a glance over at Yuugi to see that he was worse off then me. Two arrows stuck through a single wing, another imbedded in his leg. Amithirst eyes meet my own in a flash of pain and fear. Reaching out to him I felt his hands curl into mine as we plummeted down to the ground.

Tears blinded my vision as severel tree branches wacked me hard in the back before my inevetble fall onto the hard green earth. My body screamed with utter pain, every nerve alite with a furiouse agony that struck me in every way. My vision swam as I lifted my head to see Yuugi laying next to be, his breathing shallow.

My head fell back to the ground, poudning loudly as my vision blacked out before returneing agine. The world was filled with numerouse fuzzy shapes and colors. Through groggy ears I heard a pair of hushed voices and saw a figure above me before the world as I knew it dimminshed and I fell into the dangerouse abyss of unconisness.....

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