Disclaimer: Spells are owned by Blizzard Entertainment and New World Inc. Levitate and Dispel magic incantations are property of J.K. Rowling

A/N: This is just the Book of Elements used by HP in the story, in case you're curious as to what spells its got in it. Also, no one, except Harry knows about the elemental magic, so that's why the magic restrictions on underage wizards don't apply and his magic use isn't detected by the ministry.

This story is also rated R for the excessive blood and not because it has sex and stuff in it.

Spells are as follows: Level (1-7): Naturally the higher the level, the more difficult to cast the spell, and the more energy drain toll it will take on the caster; Name of the Spell; Description of what the spell does; then the words needed to cast it.

Book of Elements

Chapter I: School of Air Magic:

[Level 1] Haste: Allows person to move faster than normal. Point wand at person (Volito)

[Level 2] Dispel Magic: Undoes any spell, except for Unforgiveable Curses & forbidden magic. Hold wand in the air to cast (Finite Incantatem)

[Level 2] Air Shield: Forms a bubble which blocks low level magic. Hold wand with both hands in front of you, pointed up. (Murus Caelum)

[Level 2] Reflect: Reflects spells, except for unforgiveable curses and forbidden magic, back at caster. Hold wand with one hand, and create a circular motion in front of you. (Reputo Magus)

[Level 3] Portal: Allows you to walk through walls/doors, solid barriers, etc. Point wand at location you want to go through. (Aperito Ostium)

[Level 4] Warp: Basically the apparate spell. Think of where you want to go before and think of yourself there. Wand must be in hand, pointed at yourself.

[Level 4] Invisibility: Makes person invisible w/ out use of potions or cloaks. Point wand at yourself. (Celo Visum)

[Level 4] Hypnotize: Does same thing as veritaserum Point wand at eyes of person you're interrogating while saying incantation. (Aperio Confido)

[Level 5] Summon Air Guardian: Easiest of the 4 guardians to control. Summons an air guardian to do your bidding. Hold wand in front of you while saying incantation. (Accersitus Caelum)

[Level 5] Levitate: Self-explanatory. Swish and flick movement of wand. (Wingardium Leviosa)

[Level 5] Dimension Door: Same thing as Warp, but allows you to transport yourself to different places, regardless of if there are protections which won't allow you to apparate. (Pario Foris)

Chapter II: School of Earth Magic:

[Level 1] Create Food: Self-explanatory. Just say Cibus followed by what you want to eat. Plate required. Point wand at plate.

[Level 1] Shield: Instant shield for your defense. Wand pointed up. (Contego)

[Level 1] Slow: Slows movement of opponent. Point wand at target. (Bardus)

[Level 1] Stoneskin: Hardens your skin, basically you don't get hurt so easily. Point wand at yourself. (Inveteratus Tergus)

[Level 2] Quicksand: Creates a pool of quicksand. Point wand at target location. (Corrumpo Terrarum)

[Level 2] Force field: Creates a physical barrier. Point wand at location where you want the barrier, or hold it in front of you. (Quiesco Murus)

[Level 3] Anti-Magic: Bubble that protects you from magic. Point wand at yourself. (Patrocinor Magus)

[Level 4] Polymorph: Fun spell, turns opponent into sheep. Point wand at target while saying incantation (Novo Agnus)

[Level 5] Summon Earth Guardian: Summons earth guardian to do your bidding. Point wand at location where you want guardian summoned while saying incantation. Dirt Required. (Orbis Terrarum)

Chapter III: School of Fire Magic:

[Level 1] Fireball: Ball of fire thrown at opponent. Point wand at target while saying words. (Incendia)

[Level 2] Blind: self-explanatory. Point wand at target's eyes, provided they have eyes. (Caecus)

[Level 2] Fire Wall: Creates wall of fire. Point wand at ground while saying incantation. A wall of fire will sprout out from the ground at that location. (Ignis Murus)

[Level 3] Fire Shield: Same thing as firewall, but protects person. Hold hand or wand in front of you. Say incantation and a shield of fire will surround you. You can move around, unlike firewall. (Aduro Murus)

[Level 3] Paralyze: Same thing as body-bind spell. Point wand at target. (Confuto Tractus)

[Level 4] Summon Hydra: Summons fire breathing hydras. Point wand at location where you want them summoned to while saying incantation. (Advoco Curator)

[Level 5] Summon Fire Guardian: Summons Fire elemental to do your bidding. Source of fire required. Point wand at fire source before saying incantation. (Accersitus Vulcanus)

Chapter IV: School of Water Magic:

[Level 1] Heal: Heals physical injuries of person. Hold wand over person's injuries while saying incantation. (Adaugeo Sospitas)

[Level 1] Create Drink: Self-explanatory. Used in same manner as the "Create Food" spell. Goblet required. Point wand at goblet while saying incantation. (Calix _____)

[Level 2] Ice Bolt: Basically same thing as fireball, just its ice shards. Point wand at target while saying incantation. (Telum Glacialis)

[Level 2] Frozen Armor: Creates a shield of ice, can reflect some magic, but mostly physical attacks. Hold wand in front of you with two hands, pointed down while saying incantation. (Murus Glacialis)

[Level 3] Water Walk: Hey I'm walking on water. Point wand at yourself while saying incantation before attempting to walk on water. (Gressus Aquatis)

[Level 4] Clone: Creates copies of object. Point wand at target you want to copy. (Effingo _____)

[Level 5] Summon Water Guardian: Same thing as fire elemental, just its water. Water needed. Point wand at source of water while saying incantation. (Accersitus Aquarius)

[Level 5] Frozen Orb: Creates a stationary orb of ice that throws ice shards at opponents. Point wand in air while saying incantation. (Orbis Glacialis)

Chapter V: School of Forbidden Magic:

[Level 1] Bone Armor: Creates a prison for your opponent or creates a shield of bones for yourslef. No wand required for personal defense. Hold hand in front of you and it'll raise a shield of bones from the ground. For trapping another person, point wand at them while saying the incantation (Talus Murus)

[Level 2] Death wave: Saps life out of several enemies, unless they're already dead. So don't use on undead. Hold wand in the air while saying incantation. (Procella Letifer)

[Level 3] Animate Dead: Creates undead skeletons for you. Corpses required. Point wand at corpse and say incantation. (Neco Surrexi Surrectum)

[Level 4] Inferno: Self-explanatory, Welcome to Hell, Enjoy your Stay. Hold wand in front of you, pointed at target. (Abyssus Inflammatio)

[Level 5] Implosion: Makes opponent implode on himself. Very messy. Point wand at target and say incantation. (Contricio Penitus)

[Level 6] Time Stop: Stops time. Hold wand in front of you, use in a circular motion, first counter-clockwise, then clockwise while saying incantation. Only you and items or people holding on to you will be able to move. (Quiesco Aetas Diutinus)

[Level 7]Armageddon: End of the world spell. Use at own risk. Kills everyone, including yourself, within a certain range. No one will be left standing when you're done. Hold wand above you with both hands, pointed into the air and say incantation. (Consumo Mundus)