Edward pulled the lapel of his jacket up to shield his face from the wind as well as lingering gazes. He almost never made trips down to big cities; so being in the middle of bustling streets was new. His siblings Alice and Jasper walked ahead of him hand-in-hand. She never had qualms with being around humans. Jasper used his wife as an anchor to control his thirst. But it wasn't thirst that bothered Edward. He had gotten over that a long time ago with the help of Carlisle and Esme. Scent no longer drove him wild. But the thoughts that filtered into his mind did. He kept his head down, slid his hands into his pockets, and focused on his feet, counting his steps as they made their way to the professional building at the corner of the street. Cars and buses rolled along beside them and they walked through the afternoon crowd that hurried to get off of the chilly pavement and to their lunch meetings. He could hear Alice and Jasper carefully speaking about what to do after their talk with their lawyer. She had big plans, including walking around the avenues to look at boutiques. Jasper seemed to be trying to gently ease her away from that so that they could go home as soon as their appointment was over. Alice usually won, however.

They arrived at the large glass building with a couple of minutes to spare. Alice's heels clicked on the marble as she walked through the door, pulling Jasper along behind her. Edward, still counting his steps, stepped in to feel pummeling and welcome heat in the foyer. He reached behind him to keep the door open.

Sudden sharp pain in his fingers caused him to recoil in fright.

He glanced over his shoulder reflexively.

The door closed between him and a young man standing on the other side, half-turned. He wore a dark suit, an unbuttoned grey pea coat over it, and a hastily wrapped red scarf. When he looked up, his shock of coal-black hair and searching expression was most apparent.

Their eyes met for a moment.

Upon reading his mind, Edward reached up to fold his lapel down, revealing his face.

The man's smile was abrupt and almost unconscious. He shuffled his feet while rubbing his tingling hand against his jacket sheepishly before turning away and disappearing into the afternoon crowd.

Edward looked down at his fingers, sliding his thumb over the strange warmth. He had forgotten about pain until now.


He directed his attention to his sister who stood by the reception desk. She smirked at him and arched a brow. It took him a second to figure out what she meant.

When he finally did, he grimaced.

This was why she had wanted him accompany them to Seattle. She had had a vision. She had seen that young man with the electricity.