Santana is walking through the different corridors of Julliard trying to find her beautiful girlfriend to take her to lunch. She finds the dance studio and peeks in, her eyes immediately falling on Brittany's flawless body. She watches her moving around the room gracefully and fluidly and a smile instantly appears on her face. But soon the smile drops and a glare takes its place, directed at the boy whose hands are all over her girlfriend's body. She's fuming at this point, not liking the way the boy his running his greasy hands all over Brittany's body in an unfriendly and unprofessional way. She's about to storm in and push the guy against the mirrors, but stops when she hears the bell ringing, signaling the class is over. To Santana's relief and satisfaction Brittany pulls away from the guy and walks towards her bag to retrieve her water bottle. But as Santana looks at the guy she notices him looking at Brittany's well shaped ass and that's it for the Latina. She storms into the room and steps right in front of the guy's face.

"Listen here you jackass, her eyes" She points at Brittany, who's know confused and a little angry at what Santana is doing, and then continues, looking menacingly at the guy. "are not in her cute little butt. And for your information the only person who is allowed to check her out and stare at her body for endless hours it's me, her girlfriend." She emphasizes the last word as she looks at the guy, who has a scared expression on his face. "So remember this, you will not stare at her, you will not touch her, you're not even going to look at her beautiful blue eyes, because if you do I'll hunt you down and I'll crack one of your nuts, right or left that's your choice. Are we clear?" She says in a menacing tone with a glare plastered on her face and the guy nods frantically with a frightened look on his face and then bolts out the door. Santana smiles triumphantly but her smile drops and an apologetic look appears on her face when she turns around and sees the angry and disappointed look on Brittany's face. "I'm sorry."

"Don't even try it Santana." Brittany says as she turns around to gather her things. "Charlie didn't do anything to you and you just threatened him out of nowhere, and now I have to find a new dance partner thanks to you."

"I'm sorry Britt, I was jealous okay? There I said it." Santana says as she looks at the ground embarrassed and Brittany can't help it when a little smile starts to appear on her face. "He was staring at your ass and I don't like when people check you out, I'm the only one allowed to do that, you're mine."

"I'm yours, huh?" Brittany says in a playful tone with a smirk on her face. Santana looks up surprised at hearing the blonde's playful tone and smiles when she sees that Brittany is not mad at her anymore. She walks towards the blonde and puts her arms around her waist, pulling Brittany closer to her body.

"Yes, you're mine and I'm yours." Santana says as she leans in and captures Brittany's lips with her own in a soft kiss. The blonde smiles into the kiss and soon her tongue is making her way into Santana's mouth, deepening the kiss. Santana moans into the kiss and pushes Brittany back against the wall.

They pull apart a few minutes later to catch their breath and stare at each other lovingly. "If you do what you did to Charlie ever again, I won't have sex with you for a month." Brittany says seriously and Santana opens her mouth in shock.

"What? But that's not fair." Santana whines like a little kid, which the blonde has to agree it's the most adorable thing she has ever seen.

"Don't argue with me Santana Lopez or today you won't have sex." Santana quickly closes her mouth and looks at the blonde with an innocent expression. Brittany giggles at her whipped girlfriend and gives her a soft peck on the lips. "Let's go have lunch, I'm really hungry." Santana wiggles her eyebrows at the blonde suggestively and Brittany slaps her arm playfully. "Not that you horn dog." Santana puts her hands in the air defensively as she grins at the blonde and Brittany shakes her head at the Latina's antics. They share a tender kiss then lace their fingers together and walk out the building to get their lunch.

5 years later…

Santana, with now 23 years old and a worker at Vincent's recording studio, is standing in a jewelry store with her great friend Kurt. Kurt and Santana met on a little café and they just hit it off pretty quickly. He didn't get on her nerves and he could stand her snarky remarks, so a friendship blossomed soon enough.

She's now searching for an engagement ring for Brittany. Yes, that's right, Santana Lopez is going to ask Brittany S. Pierce to marry her. She's a nervous wreck right now and she hasn't even picked the ring yet, so imagine how she'll be when she asks the blonde to be her wife.

She's looking at all the beautiful rings when suddenly one catches her eyes. She studies it for awhile and smiles triumphantly, deciding that this is the one. A beautiful silver ring which features a round brilliant cut diamond which is accented with a twist of bright cut set diamonds trimmed with milgrain down the sides of the split shank. "I want this one please." The clerk nods at Santana and takes the ring and puts it in a little velvet black box.

"It's gorgeous." Kurt comments as he appears behind the Latina and admires the ring on the little box on Santana's hand. The Latina smiles gratefully at him and turns around to pay the clerk. They walk out of the shop, Santana with a content smile on her face and just hoping Brittany will accept her proposal.

Two days later Santana finds herself pacing around the bathroom on the verge of a meltdown. She has black pants on, a white blouse with the first two buttons open to show some cleavage, beautiful shining earrings and she's wearing black stilettos to complete her outfit. She straightened out her hair and put some light make up on. But her appearance is not what's causing the little freak out moment, it's the little velvet black box in her purse that's making her stomach do somersaults.

She asked Brittany on a date yesterday with the excuse that they didn't go on one in awhile, so the blonde accepted happily not suspecting of anything. But the real reason for the sudden date, is that Santana is gonna propose to Brittany tonight. That's what's making her so nervous. A million questions are running through her head: What if something goes wrong? What if she says no? The list goes on and on.

A knock on the bathroom door and the sound of her girlfriend's voice is what breaks Santana from her crazy thoughts. "Baby, are you okay in there?" Brittany asks, worried about Santana due to the fact she hasn't heard the Latina in almost a half an hour since she went to the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be out in a minute." Santana says shakily and takes a deep breath to calm herself down. "Get a grip Lopez. You're a strong woman for God's sake." She chastises herself as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. She takes one deep long breath and then walks out the bathroom. Her heart stops at the sight of her beautiful girlfriend standing in front of her, wearing a glamorous strapless white dress that shows just the necessary amount of her gorgeous legs to make Santana go wild, with her hair curly just the way that the Latina loves and has flat black shoes so she's the same height as Santana. "Wow, you're beautiful." The Latina says lovingly.

Brittany blushes a little at the compliment and takes a step forward to be able to give her girlfriend a chaste kiss on the lips. "You're not too bad yourself." She says when they pull apart from the kiss. "So where are we going?" Brittany asks for the hundred time that day, but Santana doesn't give in to the blonde's persuasive manners and simply shrugs innocently. Brittany pouts at her, trying to make Santana spill everything about their date, but Santana looks away and walks towards the front door of their little but comfy apartment. Brittany huffs in defeat and follows the Latina outside.

A few minutes later they arrive at a beautiful restaurant and Brittany just looks at the place in awe. They walk towards their table and Santana pulls Brittany's chair out, at which the blonde smiles gratefully and gives her a soft peck on the lips.

They order and soon enough they're eating while chatting animatedly with one another. Santana's worries disappear in that moment. Their linked hands on the table, their loving smiles, them sharing food with one another… it is just perfect, and Santana can't help the giddy feeling that is overcoming her body, she just wants to pop the question right now, but she restrains herself from doing so and waits for the right time.

When they finish eating their delicious meal Santana pays for it, with some objection from Brittany, and they go to their car. Santana opens the passenger's side door for Brittany and the blonde gives her a soft kiss in return. Santana rounds the car and enters the driver's side, closing the door and putting her seatbelt on. She starts driving for their last destination of the night and the nerves start kicking in again. Brittany notices Santana's troubled expression and her strong grip on the steering wheel so she puts her hand on the Latina's leg in a comforting manner. Santana looks up startled by the unexpected but welcoming touch and gives Brittany a small smile.

After awhile they arrive at their destination, the beach, and get out of the car. Brittany looks at Santana surprised and confused as to why they're on the beach. Santana simply smiles at the blonde and gestures for her to take her shoes off and follow her to the sand. Brittany does as she's told and Santana extends her hand, which Brittany takes and intertwines their fingers.

They walk, for awhile, on the soft sand in a comfortable silence with their hands linked as a light breeze passes them. Brittany notices some lights on the sand a few feet away from them and she turns to look at the Latina quizzically.

Santana stops close to the lights and looks at Brittany in the eyes. She takes a deep breath and starts her speech. "Brittany… when we first met, I might have not admitted then but I was attracted to you." She says bashfully and Brittany smiles. "You annoyed me most of the time but I couldn't deny that you were sexy, that you are sexy." Santana gives her a little wink and Brittany giggles at this. "We didn't get along well at first, we always argued, but then… the kiss happened… And wow it was an amazing one." She pauses, looks at Brittany's blue eyes and says wholeheartedly. "You changed my life Brittany. You're the most wonderful, beautiful, caring, talented person I've ever met. And I want to live the rest of my life with you. So with that said…" She takes Brittany's hand in her own and leads her to the lights. Brittany gasps in wonder when she sees a big heart drawn on the sand with lit candles. She notices something written inside the heart and starts reading it.

I love you Brittany

Turn around

As she turns around she gasps and covers her mouth in surprise. Santana is down on one knee on the sand and in her hand is the little velvet black box open with the beautiful engagement ring in it. "Brittany Susan Pierce, will you marry me?" Santana asks nervously and a tear escapes Brittany's eyes. Santana's nerves start to get worse when the blonde stays silent and a worried expression appears on her face.

Brittany at seeing Santana's expression kicks herself mentally for taking such a long time to respond a question she has known the answer since they started dating. A wide grin appears in her face and between happy tears she says with nothing but sincerity and love. "Yes."

Santana's eyes widen and she stares at the blonde not really knowing if she heard right or not. "Did you say yes?" The Latina asks just to make sure that she's not dreaming.

"Yes Santana! A million times yes!" A giant radiant smile appears on the Latina's face and she stands up and crashes their lips in a loving passionate kiss. She pulls away a few seconds later remembering the ring on her hand, and puts it on the blonde's finger. Brittany admires the ring on her finger and gives Santana an incredulous look, knowing that it probably has cost a fortune. "It's beautiful San… but you spent a lot of money on it."

"Don't worry about that. You're happy, I'm happy and we're going to get married." Santana says happily as tears start falling from her eyes. Brittany can't stop her tears from spilling too so she lets them fall freely and hugs her fiancé (oh how she likes the sound of that) tightly.

When they close the door behind them as they enter the apartment, Brittany pins Santana to the wall and kisses her hungrily and passionately. Santana puts her hands on the blonde's neck pulling her closer to her mouth and with that deepening the kiss. Their tongues battle for dominance while their hands just run freely, searching for any type of skin contact. Santana grips the hem of Brittany's shirt and pulls it off of her easily. They keep kissing passionately as Brittany starts leading them to their bedroom.

Along the way to their bedroom Santana's shirt is discarded on the floor as well as Brittany's bra. As they arrive to their destination, Brittany pushes Santana onto the bed and straddles the Latina. Santana sits up a little to be able to suck into her mouth one of Brittany's nipples. The blonde moans loudly at the feeling and her panties start getting wetter as the minutes go by. She snakes her hands behind Santana's back and unclasps the Latina's bra in one smooth movement. Santana lets the piece of clothing slide off of her arms and onto the floor.

Brittany, without wasting any more time, takes Santana's breasts into her hands and massages them skillfully, making the Latina's penis twitch in pleasure and grow a few inches. Santana bucks her hips when she feels the blonde's tongue circling her nipple and they both let a loud moan at the welcomed and delicious friction.

Brittany stands up from the bed, eliciting a grunt of displeasure from the Latina, but soon that grunt turns into a moan as she sees her beautiful fiancé taking off her pants along with her panties. Brittany smirks at the Latina's lusty and awestruck expression and walks back to the bed slowly, teasing Santana along the way.

She stops at the foot of the bed and starts unbuttoning the Latina's pants with a seductive look on her face. Santana gulps at seeing the predatory look on Brittany's face and her little buddy downstairs is standing up, ready for what's to come. The blonde pulls Santana's pants down her legs successfully along with her boxers. As soon as they hit the ground the blonde smirks at the Latina, and before Santana realizes it, Brittany has her appendage in her soft hands and is now stroking it skillfully. Santana throws her head back in pleasure and a grunt escapes her lips. The blonde smirks triumphantly and lowers herself until her lips are millimeters away from the tip of the Latina's penis. Santana bucks her hips up when she feels Brittany's hot breath on her appendage.

"Eager much?" Brittany asks smugly as she looks at Santana, who has now disheveled hair, flushed cheeks and is breathing heavily and rapidly. The Latina only grunts in response and the blonde decides to put Santana out of her misery and give her what she's yearning for.

She slowly captures Santana's penis between her lips and licks the tip skillfully, making the Latina grunt in pleasure and grip the bed sheets hard. Brittany starts moving up and down, licking the Latina's shaft along the way. At this point Santana is going crazy and pleasure is taking over her body, so, feeling that she's about to explode, she pulls Brittany up and kisses her hungrily. The blonde, sensing what Santana needs, positions the Latina's penis with her entrance and lowers herself slowly, relishing in the feeling of Santana's member filling her up and the pleasure that comes with it.

Brittany lets out a load moan when she feels Santana buck her hips and hit her G spot. That just encourages Brittany to move faster and soon they're both sweating and breathing heavily. Brittany leans down and sucks one of the Latina's nipples into her mouth, making Santana groan in pleasure and her hips start moving faster.

Just a few more thrusts and they come undone while moaning each other's names. They look at each other's eyes lovingly and Santana can't resist in planting a delicate kiss on Brittany's lips. The blonde smiles at the gesture and leans down to return the kiss.

Brittany lifts herself up, letting Santana's member slide off of her with ease, and lies beside the Latina. Santana turns to the blonde and puts her arms around her body, pulling her closer into her.

"Goodnight my beautiful fiancé." Santana whispers softly in Brittany's ear and the blonde smiles widely at hearing the word 'fiancé' come out of Santana's mouth.

"Goodnight fiancé." Brittany replies as she plants a tender kiss on Santana's bare shoulder. They snuggle with each other and soon they're asleep, happy to be surrounded with the person they love.

7 months later…

Today is the day, today is the day of their marriage. Santana couldn't be happier. She's marrying the woman of her dreams and is going to spend the rest of her life with her. It's like a dream come true. After everything they've been through, this is their reward.

Right now Santana is on the altar, wearing an immaculate black suit and waiting to be married to the most wonderful woman in the world. By her side is Puck, who gives her a proud brotherly smile and Santana smiles back, thankful for his support. On the church pews she can see all her close friends, one of them is Kurt, her mother with a proud smile on her face and hers and Brittany's relatives.

As the time passes by she starts fidgeting with her fingers and the nerves start kicking in. Things that can go wrong start running through her head such as what if Brittany runs away, what if she doesn't want to marry her, and that's when the panic starts rising. But all her worries are soon kicked to the curb when she sees her, Brittany. The blonde is walking down the aisle with her arm linked with her father's, her face filled with joy, happiness and love. She's wearing a beautiful strapless white dress that fits perfectly on her body, her hair is tied in a perfect bun that highlights the blonde's beautiful face.

All the people in the room disappear for Santana as soon as Brittany arrives at the altar and a tear escapes from the Latina's eyes. The blonde wipes it away softly and smiles at Santana happily, who's still entranced by Brittany. "You're beautiful." Santana whispers sweetly as she looks at Brittany's bright blue eyes. A light blush appears on the blonde's cheeks and Santana giggles at Brittany's cuteness.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here, on this glorious day, to witness the union of Santana Marie Lopez and Brittany Susan Pierce." The priest says to the crowd then the ceremony begins. After awhile, he finishes his readings then he turns to the women in front of him. "Now you can say your vows."

Santana takes a deep breath and then looks at Brittany right in the eyes. "Brittany you changed my life. Before you came along I had no idea what a relationship was, what love was. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't imagine my life without you. There are no words in this world to describe how amazing you are Brittany Susan Pierce. You're unique and I love you so so much. So I vow to make you laugh when you're sad, to protect you, to support you in every decision you make and most importantly, I vow to love you forever." At this point tears are falling down Brittany's face and her heart is beating like crazy at the sweet words Santana just said to her. The Latina wipes the blonde's tears slowly and doesn't resist in planting a sweet kiss on Brittany's cheek. Then she turns around and takes the ring from Puck's hand, smiling at him gratefully. She turns back to Brittany and takes the blonde's hand on her own as she puts the ring on Brittany's finger.

A smile appears on the blonde's face and she looks at the Latina lovingly. "Santana from the moment I met you, you've surprised me, distracted me, captivated me and challenged me in a way that no one ever has. Every day I fall more in love with you… because Santana you're perfect." Brittany says wholeheartedly and a few tears are making their way down Santana's face. "So I vow to put a smile on your face whenever you come home grumpy." Santana laughs at this as well as everyone in the church. "I vow to be by your side for better or for worse and I vow to love you till eternity." Brittany does the same thing Santana did just a few seconds ago and takes the ring from Quinn's hand. She puts the ring on Santana's finger and then looks up to see the Latina's beautiful brown orbs filled with love.

"Now, Brittany Susan Pierce, do you take Santana Marie Lopez to be your wife, to love and honor, forsaking all others since this day forward?" The priest asks Brittany.

"I do." Brittany says with nothing but certainty, sincerity and love in her voice as she smiles at Santana. They both smile lovingly at each other, not taking their eyes from one another even for a second.

The priest turns to Santana and repeats the question. "Do you, Santana Marie Lopez, take Brittany Susan Pierce to be your wife, to love and honor, forsaking all others since this day forward?"

"I definitely do." Santana says in one breath as she smiles happily at Brittany and the crowd laughs.

"For the power invested in me, I pronounce you wife and wife." The priest says and giant radiant grins appear on both Santana's and Brittany's face. "You may kiss now." And as the words leave the priest's mouth, Santana leans forward and captures Brittany's lips with her own in a kiss full of happiness, passion and love.

Cheers are heard all over the church, but they don't pay attention to that. It's like they're in their own little bubble and nothing can break it. They're married and nothing right now can change the way they're feeling. It's a new chapter of their beautiful life together and they couldn't be happier or more in love with one another.

1 year later…

Santana wakes up at 7 a.m. to an empty bed. She looks around in search for her wife but realizes that Brittany isn't in the room. She gets up and puts some clothes on, not wanting to get a cold or something for wandering around in the house naked. She goes to the kitchen thinking that her wife might be there, but frowns when she realizes that she's not there either. She starts getting a little worried about the blonde and calls her cell phone, but her shoulders slump when she hears it ringing on their bedroom.

She starts looking for Brittany around the house, she searches the two other bedrooms, the bathroom, the little dance studio, but nothing, the blonde is nowhere to be found. That's when Santana remembers she forgot to search in their bedroom's bathroom. She turns around and runs to the bathroom and gasps at seeing her wife with her head on the toilet seat and sleeping uncomfortably.

Santana crouches down and shakes the blonde slowly, not wanting to scare her. "Britt, come on sweety, wake up." She whispers softly on the blonde's ear and Brittany opens her tired blue eyes. She yawns and looks at Santana groggily, her face pale and lacking the brightness it has every day. "Are you feeling okay baby? Why did you sleep here?" Santana asks worried, seeing that Brittany is not well.

"At like 3 in the morning I started to feel sick, my stomach was hurting really badly and I came here to throw up. I ended up throwing up for maybe five times and then I fell asleep." Brittany says with a worn out expression.

Santana strokes her cheeks softly and plants a tender kiss on her wife's forehead. "Why didn't you wake me up? I could have made you tea or something to make you feel better."

"You've been working so hard lately and you were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't have the courage to wake you up." The blonde confesses weakly. As she's about to speak again she feels the contents of her stomach, if there are any left, coming up again, so she turns to the toilet rapidly and throws up once again. Santana gets closer to the blonde and holds her hair while stroking her back soothingly.

"I'm gonna make you tea. I'll be right back honey." Santana says as Brittany's face appears again in view and then she walks out the bathroom. She returns a few minutes later with a mug filled with tea in her hands. She hands it to Brittany and the blonde takes a small sip, not wanting to upset her stomach. "It was probably something you ate yesterday." Santana reasons.

"It was probably the nachos I ate at lunch, they kind of had a weird taste." Brittany says, scrunching up her nose at the thought of food.

"Do you want me to stay at home today?" Santana asks sweetly, not wanting to leave her wife alone. "I can call the studio and cancel-"

Brittany cuts her off immediately. "No, you've been working on this for so long. I'm not letting you miss your first big record contract. You're gonna go to work, do your magic and at the end of the day you'll have signed a contract with the talented and worldwide star known as Cory Monteith." Santana smiles at the blonde, not knowing how she was able to get such a wonderful and caring person to be her wife.

"I love you." Santana says wholeheartedly. "If you need anything you call me and I'll be home immediately."

Brittany nods at the Latina. "I love you too." The blonde says as she smiles sweetly at the Latina. "Now go, or you will be late." Santana nods and plants a soft kiss on Brittany's forehead before she gets up and goes out the door.

Later that day Santana arrives home happily and radiant due to the fact she signed a contract with the amazing singer and excellent performer too, Cory Monteith. Now her label is starting to go forward and she couldn't be happier.

"Brittany!" Santana calls out and soon she hears the blonde's voice coming from the bathroom. "What's wrong honey? Are you still sick?" She asks worried as she approaches the blonde that is leaning against the counter. Brittany simply shakes her head no as she stares into space. "Baby? What's wrong?" Santana asks, concerned that something might be wrong with her wife's health. "Did something bad happen?"

Brittany turns to look at Santana when she hears the Latina's words and shakes her head no hastily. Then a broad smile appears and her face resembles a little kid's on Christmas' morning. "Something wonderful happened." She looks at Santana's curious brown orbs and takes the Latina's hands on her own. "San… I'm pregnant."

Santana freezes up, not believing in what she just heard. I'm pregnant, Brittany's words run through her head and it's then she processes everything. They're having a baby! They're going to be moms! A giant radiant smile appears on Santana's face and a little tear escapes from the corner of her eye. "We're having a baby." She says smiling widely with her dimples on full display. Not containing what she's feeling right now Santana closes the gap between the two of them and crashes her lips with Brittany's in a passionate kiss. "We're going to be a family." Santana whispers as she puts her hand carefully on her wife's stomach. They both smile lovingly at one another while happy tears fall freely from their eyes.

9 months later…

"Santana!" The Latina hears her wife call out for her. She walks towards the bathroom, where she knows Brittany is, with the newspaper on her hand.

"Brittany you will not believ-" When she looks up from the newspaper to her beautiful wife she freezes up and lets the newspaper fall from her hands to the ground. Brittany is standing in front of her with her hands on her baby bump and surrounded by a little pool of water.

"My water's broke." Brittany says, breaking the silence and that seems to make Santana snap out of her stupor.

"Okay. Let's calm down. There's no need to panic." Santana takes a deep breath and then searches for the car keys in her pocket. "Oh My God, where are the car keys?" Santana says frantically while searching for them all around the room.

"San, calm down. They are on the coffee table. You left them there last night." Brittany says calmly with an amused expression at seeing her (supposedly) badass wife having a little freak out moment.

"Oh right." Santana says in realization. She picks up the babies' bag and all the things necessary, including the car keys, and soon they are on their way to the hospital. She parks the car in an unauthorized parking spot, but since it's the last spot available and seeing that her babies are about to born, she doesn't really care if she gets fined.

She walks with Brittany through the hospital and soon nurses are leading them to a room and taking her wife's clothes off and putting the hospital gown on her. Santana takes Brittany's hand on hers and squeezes it reassuringly. A doctor appears soon after and before they know it Brittany is pushing with all her force.

"You're doing good baby. Just a little more, you can do it." Santana says soothingly as Brittany takes one deep breath and then pushes again, gripping Santana's hand tightly. After one hard push from the blonde, cries fill the room and Santana looks at the doctor and sees her baby in his arms. Tears start falling slowly down her face and a wide happy smile appears on her face. The baby is given to her by the nurse and she shows it to Brittany. "He's beautiful honey." Brittany smiles for an instant but soon she's pushing again. She's sweating and she's exhausted but she keeps pushing and soon her little baby girl is out too. Santana smiles at her wife lovingly and then looks at her beautiful daughter that's being handed to the blonde. "You were amazing baby. Look at our beautiful kids." Santana says gleefully as she pulls her baby boy closer to her body protectively. "Hello Michael." Santana whispers at her son and she smiles excitedly when she sees him opening his eyes. "He has your eyes." Santana says in a dreamy voice as she looks at her son's beautiful ocean-like blue eyes.

"Well little Emily has your eyes." Brittany says smiling and Santana looks down and sees her daughter's beautiful brown orbs. "He has your hair." Brittany points out as she looks adoringly at her son.

"And she has yours." Santana smiles at her wife who smiles back. They stare lovingly at one another and relish in the feeling of having their kids in their arms for the first time.

5 years later…

"Mikey come to the living room honey, your grandparents' will be here at any minute." Brittany calls out to her five year old son.

"I'm here mommy." Michael says as he appears in front of his mom. He's wearing a nice white shirt with light brown pants. He likes to think he's a grown up now and he hates when someone treats him like a little kid, and when that happens a scowl appears on his face, a trait he inherited from Santana.

"You're so handsome. When did you get so grown up?" Brittany teases him while running her fingers through his belly and tickling him.

"Mommy stop it, you're gonna ruin my shirt." He says between laughs.

The door bell ringing is what makes Brittany stop her motions and, in a flash, Michael bolts to the door and opens it. Her son smiles when he sees his grandparents and Daniel instantly picks him up. "How did you grow up so fast? Are you eating baker's yeast?" Daniel jokes and Michael scrunches his nose up and shakes his head no. Daniel laughs at his grandson and puts him down. "Hey honey." He says as he approaches his daughter and gives her a warming hug.

"Hi dad. I missed you." Brittany says as she lingers a little bit more in the hug. They break apart and Daniel plants a soft kiss on his daughter's forehead.

Santana appears at that moment with Emily by her side and their one year old son Allan in her arms. "Hi Daniel." She says as she's sees the blonde man and gives him a kiss on the cheek in greeting. She then walks to her mom and instantly her son is taken from her arms. "Hi mom. I missed you too." Santana says sarcastically as she smiles amused at her mother.

"I'm sorry honey, but he's just so cute." Maribel says as she watches her grandson play with her pinkie. Allan Pierce-Lopez has blonde hair and blue eyes, both traits from Brittany, but when he smiles you can see the little cute dimples that are identical to Santana's. "Your kids are all beautiful. I don't know what's your secret." She says as she looks at Michael, who's chatting animatedly with Daniel, and then she looks at Emily, who's getting tickled by her mother and is laughing hysterically.

"Good genes and two smoking hot mommas." Santana says smugly, with the trade mark Lopez smirk on her face. Maribel shakes her head amused at her daughter's antics.

"Now that we're all here, let's eat before the food get's cold." Brittany says as she comes into the living room with a tray that has in it a delicious looking turkey. Santana helps her wife bring all the food from the kitchen and soon they're eating while chatting animatedly amongst themselves.

Santana catches Brittany's hand under the table and intertwines their fingers together. The blonde looks at her lovingly and leans in to give her a sweet kiss on the lips. Santana smiles when they pull apart and she can't help all the emotions that are filling her body: happiness, accomplishment, joy, and the most important one, love. They have three amazing kids, they have each other, they have a family, they couldn't ask for more. Their life is complete…

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P.S. Some parts of this chapter I wrote in honor of Cory Monteith, he was a great person and he will be missed deeply by everyone. Also the names of Brittany and Santana's two sons in this chapter are the two middle names of Cory.

R.I.P Cory...