WOW: grim. Some skanky spirit really knows how to hurt Dean; it's going to suffer so much when this hunt is done.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, stamping my foot doesn't change anything, but it makes me feel better.


The Winchesters stumbled backwards, horror-struck as the huge black shape inched toward them, thrumming and shuddering with each menacing growl that erupted from it.

Moving smoothly toward its prey, the growl rose into a furious roar.

Heart pounding, Dean squinted through the blinding glare of two disc-like orbs, blazing white like twin suns illuminating the darkness around them, and flinched as Sam gripped his elbow.

"C'mon man," Sam coaxed.

"No," Dean's anguished face twisted into a snarl of grim determination; "I'm not leavin' her!"

"Dean," Sam snapped; "yeah, it sucks, the Impala's possessed, but we can't help her if we're dead!



A/N. I feel like I've been very quiet on the fanfic front these last few weeks, and that has made me sad. I've been working up to holiday time, and this has meant that real life (specifically real job) has kept me ludicrously busy and intensely frustrated, thus killing my poor muse stone dead!

However, given that my holiday is going to be spent with lots of my gorgeous fandom buddies at Jus in Bello convention in Rome and Asylum 10 convention back in merry old England over the next two weekends, and that I'm going to meet (among lots of others) Jensen, Jared and Impala, I can foresee a Supernatural-style resurrection for my muse as far as inspiration goes!