I watched the rain trickle down the window softly while I played with my pink bracelet my best guy friend gave to me. My little brother Zachariah was pestering me with those annoying little noises and words he says, My dad on the other hand was driving while my mom slept in the passenger seat.

I closed my eyes putting my headphones in my ears turning on 95.7 just so it would tune my brother out.

Everything happened so fast I didn't even have time to open my eyes and shut them again before the car moved so fast my head bashed against the window causing me to black out. I was scared here we were going home from a banquet that daddy's work held. Then my life gets taken away.

I thought I was suppose to see the light not this blackness I must be in hell, aren't I suppose to go to heaven, I knew I should have told the truth more. Oh well. hells not so bad after all, though I am kind of cold.

"come on Sam come back. Charge again!" who would be yelling at me in hell? I look down as I feel electricity sweep through me. wow what a rush, I can now here noises around me but I don't see anything and yet I can move my fingers around the strange sheet that is covering me.

"Sammy can you hear me?" someone asks me

My throat feels dry as I try to speak "yes" I say like a frog.

"Its DD sweetie." She says softly

I open my eyes peering at everything around me there was a nurse by my bed putting charge pattles away.

"Wheres mommy and daddy at" she looked down as if contemplating what to tell me. "Doctor Jim said your dad died on impact and your mom she..." Tears started to stream down my face. not daddy no I don't believe it.

I know it's short but the second chapter will be longer.