WOW Grim: Great big, scary spoilers for 6.15 – The French Mistake. When I saw the word of the week, my mind went straight to one of the brothers' finest moments ever. Here's a little peek inside Dean's head … and he's not a happy bunny.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of them, but then no-one ever said life was fair.


There weren't many people that Dean hated right now as much as those two mincing douchebags, Jensen Assbutt and Jared Polish-dork. He didn't just want to kill them, no, that would be too neat, too easy. He wanted to pound their stupid, eyelash-fluttering faces to a pulp; to gut them with their own make-up brushes, to drown them in their half-caff-frappe-macchiatos.

But he couldn't; he could only do what was necessary to get out of this madhouse.

Behind him, Sam squirmed awkwardly as Dean hesitantly stepped forward and growled the words it had taken him all morning to memorise.

"Dean, grimly …"



A/N: Needless to say, my opinions of our delectable boys do not resemble Dean's in any way!