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Swan Brothers

Chapter 1

For the longest time, I hated my life. It's not like that was something new for people in their early twenties to hate their life. You were pretty much out growing the 'everyone and everything sucks, I'm going to kill myself' stage from your teenage years, now time to move on to the my life blows huge donkey testicals stage.

So no normal person would think that I am like any different then any other 25 year old woman. I just moved back home from collage, not that I went far. I mean I grew up on the rez, so going to Northwest University wasn't that big of a deal. I was maybe an hour away from home. I now worked on the reservation as a high school English teacher, living at home, single and prospectless.

I don't mean to paint myself so pitiful but this was my life. I assume that other 25 year olds at least go out once in a while or are even asked out on dates, but then again most 25 year old woman don't have my family. I don't get asked out, not because I'm hideous nor have horrible uncontrollable body odor.

No I am dateless and with no hope because I am the daughter of police chief swan of forks police. If that wasn't enough pressure, I have five brothers. Yes five. All of them are older then me. dad tells me he told my mom that they wouldn't stop until they got the girl that he wanted so badly. It took a long time and the last time mom died giving birth to me.

Dad says I look exactly like her.

Sam, Jared, Embry, Quil, and Seth have always taken there role as older brothers very seriously. I usually had one them with me at all times, Sam even walked me to my classroom at the school.

I love my brothers, don't get me wrong. Sam was the oldest, he is strong and clever and he even owned his own his own construction company that all the boys worked at. He was really the sold rock for the family when mom died. He had Embry, Quil, and Seth stay home from school and started home schooling them while Dad, Jared, and himself worked hard to bring in money. That way the younger boys could look after me while being home schooled.

Dad was probably the worst at being over protective and he knew that he was. He said it was because he lost an angel when I was being born, so he intended to hold on to the one he had left with both hands.

Jared was a lot like Sam, but quicker tempered and liked to pick on me some. He said it built character and the sarcasm that I learned made me thick skinned. It really did kind of work because I just laughed when the stuck up bitches at school tried to pick a fight with me, it didn't happen often and it never got physical. Usually word got around real fast that you don't fuck with Isabella Swan, or her brothers will end your life and bury the body in the foundation of a house they were building.

Embry and Quil were twins, but nothing alike. They looked nothing alike and where Embry was sweet, soft and even on the mothering side, Quill was perverted and hard and a known dickhead. He was always getting on Embry's case, saying that he got the straight side of the genes and Embry got the gay. There were often fights between then that ended in emergency room visits.

Seth was the youngest of the boys, but still two years older then me. He was very quiet and kind and understanding, but hyper at the same time. He was very easily talked into doing anything. The boys talked him into cliff diving naked because they said that it would make he balls drop faster and his voice lower. Funny, but it only did the opposite for him.

I did have a few friends, very few. Jacob black was my best friend, the only way he got away with that was because we had been friends since we were four. The well planted friend wall was implanted even then and always reaffirmed, especially after Jake hit the age of liking girls. Not that it mattered. Jake and I were so alike that we would have killed each other, really he just ended up being a sixth brother that protected me against any and all opposite sex threats.

Paul Lahote was a sort of friend. He was more like my brothers friend so he was my friend because he was a permanent fixture in my house. I swear that boy doesn't have a home. Four nights out of seven he is sleeping on my couch. He helped Sam when we added on to the house so that I got my own room, being the only girl; this is something I demanded at the age of 16.

I mean as much as I love Seth, boys are disgusting. Especially when they sleep. How is it they manage to fart more in their sleep then awake?

The only thing I could honestly say all the boys have in common? Horrible terrible tempers that often got them in more trouble then anything else.

Anyways, I digress. So I am not a complete social leper but making new friends, especially ones of the opposite sex is completely out of the question. Not that that was the main thing on my life list of things to do, but looking at the same seven male faces for 25 years, pretty fucking boring.

So why should things change now? I said so, that's why.

I am flipping eggs muttering this to myself when a sharp pinch to my ass make me jump looking around. "Paul you know I am almost positive you have your own house."

He shakes he head smirking while he steals my toast, licking it first so he knows I won't steal it back. "Nah, it's not nearly as accommodating."

"I can see how you would think that about here." I said glaring as I take the toast back anyways, taking a huge bite off of it. What? I have five brothers, there are grosser things he could have done to the toast. I've seen them and if there were rights activists for the abuse and mistreatment of toast before eating it, I would have called them long ago.

"You're a dirty birdy Swan." Paul said, watching me eat his licked toast. "You know have me inside you."

"That's like incest." I said making a face.

"What's like incest?" The deep voice of my father inquired as he breezed through the kitchen, uniformed and ready.

"Daddy!" I kissed his cheek as he walked by handing him a brown bag for his lunch, a plate with a sausage and egg wrapped pancake burrito and his travel mug of coffee. "Paul is incest."

"As long as he is more then just eating my food, I can live with that." I got a hard mustached kiss to the temple before he breezed on out the front door to the police cruiser outside.

"I don't know if I can handle anymore abuse around here." Paul says with out an ounce of seriousness. He came up behind me as I cooked at the stove, reaching around me to take some sausage, popping it into his mouth.

"Yes I can see how things are so unjust for you here." I said looking over my shoulder at his face that rested there. I pat his cheek open palm, harder then what was considered a friendly pat.

Paul flinched making me smile, and retreated to the table, just in time to get a double offered "Morning." From the twins.

"Good morning Quil, Embry. Breakfast?" I offer, knowing what was coming next.

"No, I am late for work." Embry said kissing my cheek as he headed out.

"You work at the same place I do and you're not late." Quil said, kissing my other cheek and following his brother out. I could still hear them arguing as they headed to the car.

"That's because in you're mind, the world stops for you."

"That's because I am so amazing."

"No, its because you're such an incredible douche bag, everyone has to stop and stare."

"Are they every going to get along?" Paul asked pouring himself some coffee from one of the three coffee pots I had set up and brewing on the counter. Don't judge, we are a coffee drinking family and my brothers are freakishly huge.

"I have seen them agree once, but it was to beat up some kid at school that called me porky." I shrugged looking back at the stove.

"Hey I remember that! Mike Newton." Paul said with a laugh. "Did he ever walk again?"

I nodded breaking a fourth egg into the pan. "Yeah but he has a limp now."

"Deserves it too, I don't think they ever found his other testical." Jared said coming in grabbing his travel mug and filling it with coffee.

"That's disgusting and no they didn't." I said handing him a bag for his lunch and a plate of his breakfast. He kissed my forehead and headed out calling out behind him. "The people at the food store call him Uno now." He cackled all the way to his truck.

I shook my head at Paul who was laughing too. Boys can be so cruel sometimes. Ha! Who am I kidding, Uno… that's fucking hilarious.

"Actually it's just Jared that calls him Uno." Seth said grinning hugging me up in his arms hard before setting me to my feet again. He grabbed a travel mug and poured his coffee while I readied his lunch and breakfast. "Bells, don't forget Claire is coming home with you from school today."

"I got it, Seth, relax." I said setting his bag and plate next to him. Claire was Seth's daughter, she was a happy accident but unfortunately the Swan temper that is a trademark in this household got the best of sweet Seth when his girlfriend tried to move to another reservation with the baby and without a word.

There were lots of cops and court dates and in the end, Seth got to see Claire, supervised, one weekend a month and one dinner night every other week.

"I know, I know, but this is our dinner night and I promised her something more then just the Rez diner." He kissed my cheek as he ran out the door. He immediately came back grabbing the bag and plate I was holding out to him.

Paul was watching me grinning. "You're so… trained."

I laughed shaking my head turning the stove off and sitting across from Paul, handing him a plate and setting a plate in front of me. "You do this every day. Just like a robot. Make breakfast, bicker with me as each brother filters in adding comments and heads off with their bag lunches and plates of breakfast and coffee mugs, pre-made by you. Every day."

"Are you saying that you are jealous Paul? Do you want a bag lunch?" I joked shoveling food in my mouth. I do not eat like a lady.

"You're damn right I do!" He said grinning.

I gave him a smug look and nodded to the counter at the paper bag sitting there with 'Paul' neatly written on it. "Seriously?!"

I laughed kissing Sam's cheek as he walked into the kitchen and going to the sink to rinse my plate.

"My little sister can do no wrong." Sam put in winking at me. I grinned and headed for the door with my lunch and school work.

"Damn right, oh and by the way, Paul pinched my ass."

It was like a bull spotted movement the way Sam pinned Paul with a look. I was still laughing as I headed up the road towards the school.