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Chapter 5

I wake up in a daze, for once having not been woken by my father's irritating knocking. I notice the book in my hand and sigh, letting it drop to the floor beside my bed. I pull the covers over me and go back to sleep for a little bit longer.

"Madge?" It was Toby. He opened the door slightly and peered inside my room. Grumbling, I sat up to face him, running my fingers through my knotted, messy hair. He smiles at this and comes in with a cup of tea, as per usual.

"Here." He says as he hands it to me, then sits next to me with his own mug. I yawn and accept the tea gratefully – I hadn't got much sleep last night from all that reading., and I needed something to wake me up.

"Don't you have homework or something?" He asks suddenly. "I mean, your father mentioned it this morning, to make sure that you're doing. I mean I get that you're a good student and everything he was just concerned that…"

Toby was babbling, I point this out to him and he stops talking. He obviously didn't like having to tell me to do my homework, like I was a little kid.

"What are you, my mom?" I say loudly, and smile a bit, before realising what I've just said. I stop talking and listen, making sure that we haven't disturbed my mother in the next room.

"She's had her morphling." Toby whispered, nudging me with his elbow. "Anyway, your Dad is just concerned, what with you… Going out so often recently." It was my turn to nudge him.

"Toby, I went for a walk. That's all."

"Twice? Till dark?"

"Uh… Yes." I mutter, staring at the floor. I really was a terrible liar, but to be honest I hadn't really lied that much. I had gone for a walk both times, it's just certain unexpected things happened while I was walking, which were not my fault.

"Are you going out again today?" He asks, trying to sound firm. I smile at him and say, "we'll see." Before downing the rest of my tea and handing him the mug. I stand up and go to my dressing table and begin combing out the tugs from my hair. Toby sighs, but he is smiling as he leaves to let me get dressed.

Today I remember to wear a warmer jacket, this one with some kind of fur lining the inside. I take some gloves too, just to be safe.

I did have homework though, Toby and my father were unfortunately right. I pick up my school back and empty its contents on my desk, examining my planner which I recorded all my assignments and homework in. I didn't have too much actually, just Maths and English, both of which I was okay at, but I was better at English.

I worked quietly, not moving from my desk for a good two hours. Toby brought me tea on a regular basis, which helped me keep going.

Eventually I'm finished, and I put the work back in my back which I return to its regular place by my bedside table. I stretch and stand up straight, feeling my joints pop occasionally. I sigh and swing my arms slightly, trying to feel energized, but to be honest, all that tea had made me sleepy. I lie on my bed with my book from last night for a few minutes, and before I know it, I'm asleep again.

Toby wakes me up for lunch, which I've missed for the past few days. Oops.

I eat quickly, eager to go out again. I wanted to take my book to the spot by the fence, where it was so quiet. Toby watches me inhale my sandwiches and soup, with one eyebrow raised.

"And why are you in such a hurry, Madge?" He asks, smiling slightly.

"I'm going out." I reply, downing my juice in one gulp.

"Have you done all your homework?" He asks, smiling more. He was enjoying this far too much.

"Yes I have!" I say defiantly, proud that I'd finished all my work by now.

"Alright then. But be back for dinner, okay?"

"I'll try"

I pick up my book from the table and leave out the back door. It's cloudy again today, much to my disappointment, and colder. I wouldn't be able to stay out for so long today.

I walk quickly, wishing that summer could happen sooner. It was meant to spring, so why was it so cold? I shiver inside my jacket, and hurry to my spot. I can see the fence now, and after what seems like forever, I reach it.

I sit down and pull my book from my pocket. I couldn't remember where I had finished last, so I just started reading on a page that seemed familiar.

I don't know how long I sat there, but eventually I had to put my book away when a drop of water fell onto the page. I looked up, and another drop hit my face, rolling down my cheek slowly.

Oh no.

I stand up and shove the book in my pocket hastily. I'm just about to start walking quickly back to my house (I wouldn't run, I would tire quickly and probably fall over a few times) when a voice stops me.

"Madge?" I turn around, and yelp in surprise. It was Gale, but he was on the other side of the fence.

"What're you doing?" I hiss, taking a step closer to the fence.

"I could ask you the same thing." His eyes narrow as he speaks to me, but he doesn't glare at me like he usually does.

"I came here to read." I say waving my book at him. The rain is falling faster now, and I want to get home.

"I came here to hunt." He says. I knew that perfectly well – I knew where my father's strawberries came from. But it was still a shock to see him here, on the other side of the fence, breaking the Capitol Laws.

I really do sound like a Townie, I think to myself. I inwardly groan when I realise I've used that horrible nickname for myself.

"Oh." Is all I can manage to say. He begins to jog along the edge of the fence, away from me.

"Hey! Where are you going?" I call after him, but he doesn't reply. Further up, he slips under the fence. I gasp slightly and wait for the electricity to zap him, but he pulls himself out on the other side, completely unharmed. I pause and check the sign – it definitely says electrified, 24 hours a day, high voltage, etc. etc.

I shrug and wait for him as he jogs back up to me.

"I, uh, I'm gonna go home now." I say, turning around and starting to walk.

"Wait!" He says. I look back at him over my shoulder.

"It's getting dark." He continues, looking away from me, over at the Seam. "Would you like me to walk with you? Just in case Zach is there again?"

I nod gratefully. Any protection from Zach would be good, even if it was from someone annoying as Gale. Who for some reason, wasn't being as annoying today. I shrug again and wait for him to catch up with me before we set off.

Our arms brush occasionally, but unlike when I was with Zach, it feels… It feels not horrible. That was the only way I could put it. But I didn't stop it, and I didn't want to.

"How long have you been going there to the fence to read?" He asks, about a minute after we've started walking. I can tell he's looking at me, but I won't meet his gaze.

"Well, I went there yesterday for a bit… But I didn't take my book, I only did that today." I say, wanting to hit myself. I sounded utterly moronic, and Gale probably thought so too.

Unexpectedly, he smiles slightly.

"Why do you sit so far from the fence?"

"Oh. Uh… Well, it's electrified, isn't it?" I knew the answer to this question already, I had seen Gale crawl under the fence and come out fine on the other side. Gale snorts as I say this.

"You really need to stop sounding like someone from the town so much." I notice he avoids using the nickname, but I ignore it. His comment still angers me, but he hasn't finished. "It's never electrified, or barely ever. You can hear it if it's on." I don't like the way he's looking at me. Patronizing, like he was better than me. Just as I'm about to start throwing angry comments at him, I realise where we are – on the edge of the town.

I touch his arm with my hand and pull him slightly away from the open area. It's started raining properly now, and his jacket sleeve is slightly damp. He stiffens at my touch and follows me.

"We can't be seen together." I explain as I walk, dragging him behind me. I let go of his arm once I know he's following me.

"Are you really scared of what the people from there will say about you?" He asks, almost gently.

"I'm not scared of that." I snap. "I'm scared that someone will tell my father, who is the Mayor if you haven't forgotten, that I am walking around with a boy from the Seam." I say the word 'Seam' like its dirt in my mouth, but wish I hadn't as soon as I say it. I don't really dislike the Seam, but… Society dictates that I should hate the Seam, and that I should feel like I'm above them all. But I don't hate the Seam, I really don't. But I don't know how to explain this to Gale after saying that.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that." I say quickly.

"Sure, sure." He mutters, not looking at me. I sigh, and wish I had never said anything. Despite Gale being incredibly frustrated, I didn't want him to be angry with me.

"I really didn't mean it…" I say quietly, wondering why my voice sounds so small and sad. Did I really care that much that I had hurt Gale, of all people?

"It's ok." We've stopped walking, and I look up at him, and he returns my gaze. I think he means it this time, although I'm not sure.

"Will you be ok from here?" We're on my street, but not too close to my house.

"I'll be fine. Thank you for walking me here, I…" I shudder at the thought of Zach, of what happened here the night before, when he touched my face and my shoulder.

Gale looks as if he's about to move closer to me, offer some comfort or something, but he stops himself.

"Well… Goodnight, Madge." He says. I feel like I should hug him or something but I don't, seeing as I'm meant to hate his guts. Meant to. Why don't I any more?

"Thanks again Gale. Night" I turn and walk quickly to my house, up the steps and through the front door. I'm here slightly earlier than last night, and it's not quite dark yet. However, my hair is dripping, my clothes damp. Toby takes one look at me and smiles.

"And where have you been today, Madge, hmmm? I hope these little walks aren't going to interrupt school tomorrow, are they?" I smile back at this, in an oddly good mood.

"Of course not, Toby." I smile angelically and make my way to the dinner table. He gives up pretty quickly, knowing that I'm too good a student to skip school.

I eat my dinner quickly, then go upstairs and have a shower to warm myself up. As I dry my hair with a towel, I start to think about Gale. Tonight he was… Different. Almost caring. I didn't understand him at all – one minute he's insulting me, the next, he's walking me home so that I can be safe from Zach. It didn't make any sense to me.

I sigh, and change into my pyjamas. How did I feel about Gale? Just yesterday, I would have instantly said that I hated him. But now… I wasn't so sure. I still didn't like the fact that he separated me from the Seam, and acted like I'm stuck up and full of myself, which I thought I wasn't. I didn't dislike him anymore… I just didn't really know anything right now.

I didn't bother to read that night – I went to sleep quickly, and dreamed of the forest that lies beyond the fence.

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