It's early in the morning and Sharrkan is scared awake by his phone alarm. He jumps and falls off the bed before finally managing to shut it off. A groan comes from Masrur when he rolls over and looks at the now standing Sharrkan.

"You need a new alarm tone." The red-head grumbles as he sits up.

"Hey, it wakes us up so it's fine." Sharrkan slips on a white button-up shirt. "And you need to stop hogging the blankets. It makes me cold and I don't like being cold, Masrur." He drops his baggy pajama pants and puts on a pair of black jeans and socks.

"Then don't sleep on the other side of the bed where I can't reach you." Masrur puts on a brown sweater. "If you actually slept close to me I wouldn't have to hog the blankets." He puts on a pair of blue jeans.

"Whenever I want to sleep close to you I get pushed away though!" the white-haired boy says. "You kick me off the bed when you're sleeping so I don't get close to you."

"Then just lay close to me before I fall asleep." Masrur walks out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom with Sharrkan following him. "If I'm holding you then I won't kick you off the bed."

"You're weird." Sharrkan sighs. "But fine, I guess that works too."

Masrur flicks on the bathroom light and both boys brush their teeth and hair and do the normal every day routine of getting ready for school.
Moments later, Morgianna stumbles out of her bedroom still dressed in her pink tank top and red shorts that she sleeps in. Her hair is messy and she shuffles to the kitchen to grab something to eat and drink out of the fridge.

Sharrkan walks out with her, sitting down by the coffee table in the small living room of their apartment. Masrur sits down next to Sharrkan, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him close to him. Morgianna puts three bowls of mixed fruit on the coffee table and later comes back with three empty cups and a medium size jug of milk. Sharrkan and Masrur say thank you and Morgianna turns on the T.V.

"You should go get changed, Morgianna." Masrur tosses a grape at her.

"Ah, oh yeah I forgot to do that." She stands up and goes to her room and comes out minutes later in a long-sleeved pink shirt and a gray skirt before skipping to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair. She sits back down at the coffee table when she finishes, and watches the news with the older boys.

The news is boring, nothing new and the weather is supposed to be kind of chilly. The best part about living in an apartment is you don't have to rake leaves during the fall, so all you have to do is just sit back and stay warm.

Not too much later, the three students leave their apartment and walk to school. Morgianna stops along the way to catch up with a friend on the way to school, leaving Sharrkan and Masrur alone to walk the rest of the way.

They get to their high school and walk in to their homeroom on the third floor. There, Jafar is standing by Sinbad at his desk in the front of the classroom; they wave and greet each other good morning before setting their book bags at their desks and walking back to where Jafar and Sinbad are.

"You guys got here just in time! Did you do the history homework?" Sinbad quietly asks. "I forgot to do it and Jafar started yelling at me." He laughs.

Sharrkan nods, "I had to help Masrur with it. I'm not letting you copy my work anymore though." He says flatly with arms crossed.

Sinbad makes a depressed face, "But I'll get another detention if I don't have it finished…" he plops into his seat and makes a loud groaning sound.

"That's why you do your homework, Sin!" Jafar yells, "It's a wonder how you even made it in this school, what with its high grade demands and the amount of work given. This is the most prestigious school in the area, so you could at least ask me to study with you." The shorter boy finishes.

Sinbad whines loudly at Jafar, who yells and complains right back to Sinbad. While this is going on, Masrur pulls Sharrkan out of the class room to walk around the near empty hallways of the school.
The red head grabs his boyfriend's hand and moves to a dark and empty corner and Sharrkan gives him a tight hug.

"They argue like a married couple." Sharrkan chuckles out.

"Yeah." Masrur mumbles, hugging his shorter boyfriend back. "Hey, next month is December. What do want to do for Christmas?" he asks quietly.

"Huh? Usually it's me asking that stuff, and Christmas is still so far away! Don't worry about it so soon." Sharrkan leans up and gives him a kiss.

Masrur lightly kisses him back and holds him in a close hug; students started arriving shortly after so the senior high school students had to hurry back to their homeroom before anyone saw them together.

The bell rings, their homeroom teacher, Mr. Dragul, also known as Drakon, takes attendance and everyone is present. Yamuraiha turns around in her seat at the front of the class to talk to Sharrkan who sits directly behind her. They talk for a while before their first class starts, everyone sanding up and moving around to different rooms and working hard on the difficult work presented to them.

Sinbad, as usual, got scolded by his and Sharrkan's history teacher.
Pisti goofed off in math with Masrur, the two hardly pay attention.

Next block, Spartos and Sharrkan worked diligently on their science lab, occasionally trading snarky comments with Yamuraiha at the lab table next to them.
Masrur had to keep Sinbad awake in their English class, the teacher complained and griped about the whole thing and soon Sinbad had an extra hour added on to the detention he got the class prior.

During their lunch block, Jafar scolded Sinbad for getting detention again. Masrur and Sharrkan whispered back and forth to each other while Pisti stole food off of Spartos' tray. Yamuraiha walked over and started to chat up Sharrkan, who got up from the table and walked around with her much to the silent dismay of Masrur.

Classes resumed, Sharrkan and Masrur worked together in their health class. They had to make a poster board about any health related subject of their choosing.
They finished it by the end of class, getting praise from their teacher and allowing them to have free time to spend at the end of class.

They borrow a hall pass and walk around the hallways and into the empty boy's bathroom. Masrur gently pushes Sharrkan into one of the stalls and kisses him lightly while locking the stall door.

"We're in school you know." Sharrkan whispers.

Masrur nods slowly, giving him another light kiss. "I'm feeling clingy today." He whispers back.

"You're clingy every day," the tan boy says with a smile. "So why is today so special?"

"Special? You mean leaving class and kissing you in the bathroom?" the red head taps on the stall wall behind Sharrkan lightly, "I don't know."

Sharrkan chuckles softly and gives Masrur another kiss before unlocking the door and walking out and the two boys head back to class.
Upon sitting back at their seats no one paid any attention. Some students already finished their work and are texting from under their desk, whereas others are still working at a fast pace to finish before class ends.

Masrur kicks the side of Sharrkan's foot, he lightly kicks back and the two play this game back and forth until the bell rings for next block.

The last class Sharrkan has every day is math, and Yamuraiha is assigned to sit right next to him. She helps him with difficult problems and he keeps up a good conversation. Yamuraiha has a habit of distracting him. Sharrkan always gets too absorbed in conversations and often talks about their past relationship when no one else is playing attention.

Yamuraiha giggles at old jokes they used to share, tapping her pencil on the table and looking at her ex-boyfriend with eyes screaming "I miss you" as loud as possible, but Sharrkan doesn't ever notice.

Masrur is in Science with Jafar, the two opting to work with each other on the small lab Sharrkan and Spartos told them about during lunch. The two boys work silently and finish the lab by the end of class with little to no talking.

Sharrkan and Masrur meet up outside the school doors, Yamuraiha following close behind.

"I'm going somewhere with Yamuraiha, I'll be back later!" he waves and quickly walks ahead with his blue-haired friend.

Masrur lets out a long sigh and begins walking. Not too much later, Morgianna comes bounding up next him with a smile on her face that quickly fades when she looks around.

"Where's Sharrkan?" she asks.

Masrur shrugs his shoulders, "He and Yamu went somewhere. He'll be home later." He answers in a somewhat irritated tone.

"He does this a lot, Masrur." Morgianna pouts. "You should tell him next time you have plans to do things with him instead of just making it a surprise."

Masrur nods knowingly, not saying anything else on the topic. He and his younger sister walk back to their apartment building quietly.
When they walk in, they kick off their shoes and drop their bags on the floor by the television. Morgianna plops down on the couch and turns the T.V. on to the news.

Masrur walks to the kitchen and pulls some things out of the fridge, pulls a pan out and a few other things before turning around to get Morgianna's attention.

"Do you want breakfast for dinner?" he asks simply. "We have enough to make pancakes and sausage."

Morgianna's face lights up and she nods happily. "We haven't done that in a while! But, what about you taking Sharrkan out to eat?" her smile fades away again, she's always concerned when plans don't go how they should.

The red-headed older brother sighs and rubs his neck, "He said he'd be back later, which is usually after we eat. Might as well make food for us while he's out, and knowing Yamu she'll drag him to go eat with her." Masrur turns back around and pours the pancake mix into a bowl.

Morgianna hums unhappily, "We should watch a movie to pass the time then. After you finish making food, I mean." Morgianna jumps over to look through their small movie collection.

"Mm. Pick whatever one you want." He says while stirring the mix until it's ready to be poured onto the pan.

Morgianna pops a movie into the DVD player and waits for the menu to load, and Masrur is flipping the pancakes and making sure the sausage doesn't burn. He put some extra on for when Sharrkan gets back just in case he doesn't get food with Yamuraiha.

Soon enough, the food is done. Masrur gives Morgianna a plate and she walks back to the living room coffee table with a bottle of maple syrup and sets both her plate and the bottle down.
Masrur follows with two bottles of flavored water.

Morgianna presses the play button for the movie 'Mean Girls' and Masrur lets out a small sigh but cutting it short because he did say Morgianna could pick any movie she wanted.

The movie starts, Morgianna pours syrup all over her plate and Masrur does the same. They eat while watching the movie and Morgianna laughs at the jokes Masrur doesn't really find funny.

Later, after they finish the movie and finish eating, Morgianna goes to bed. Masrur stays up a bit longer to wash the dishes, and to wait for Sharrkan. Masrur sprawls out on the couch and stares at the ceiling for a while.

After what feels like hours of lying down, Masrur gets up and decides to just go to bed. He goes into his and Sharrkan's room and closes the door softly behind him. He undresses and gets into bed, hoping to wake up with Sharrkan next to him instead of walking to the kitchen the next morning just to see his boyfriend asleep on the couch.

Moments later, Masrur ends up drifting to sleep.

Some unknown time later, the red head rolls over in bed and hears a low grumble next to him. Masrur opens his golden, sleepy eyes to see Sharrkan's sleeping face next to him. He extends an arm out to Sharrkan's torso and pulls him close to cuddle.

Sharrkan sleepily mumbles something and nuzzles his face into his taller boyfriend's chest. Masrur lifts his head up and picks his phone up to check the time, it's 4:17 AM, and they have school in the morning.

He lays back down when Sharrkan pulls at the blankets that were moved when Masrur sat up. The white haired man pulls the blankets up over their heads and leans over to kiss Masrur's nose. He huffs loudly before giving Sharrkan a soft kiss on his lips.

Sharrkan giggles and hugs Masrur close and sighs happily.
"Thank you for not kicking me off the bed this time."

Masrur chuckles back and rolls on top of Sharrkan while hugging him.
"What time did you get back?" he kisses his forehead.

"Uh, I think at around 12. I'm sorry I came back late, I lost track of time…" he gives an apologetic smile that Masrur can't see under the dark of the blanket.

They roll back onto their sides, still hugging and lightly kissing. Masrur mumbles an 'it's alright' before moving the blanket off his and Sharrkan's head and wrapping themselves up close and warm. Sharrkan smiles happily and warmly, and snuggles Masrur.

Not too much later, both boys fall back asleep and wake up to Sharrkan's obnoxious phone alarm that quickly gets shut off. They lie in bed for a while longer, not wanting to move away from the warm closeness of each other.

Morgianna knocks on their door about five minutes later, opening it and walking in slowly.

"Hey, it's time to get up Masrur." She says quietly.

Masrur turns around to look at her sleepily. Sharrkan whines softly, and Masrur yawns before hugging the tan boy closer.

"Mn, Morgianna can you tell the attendance office lady that I'm sick please?" he grumbles out. "I don't wanna go today."

Sharrkan lets out a soft chuckle and Morgianna nods and says 'sure' before walking out of the room to get herself ready for school.
Tan arms wrap around Masrur's neck and pull him down into a light kiss before yawning loudly.

Not too much later, Morgianna walks back in and pokes Masrur's shoulder.

"I'm going to school now, I'll see you later. Sleep well." Morgianna smiles and Masrur turns to pulls her over to kiss her forehead. She closes their door and half runs to school.

Shallow, quiet breaths come from Sharrkan when Masrur turns back over and sees him already asleep again. Sharrkan is a hard worker, he makes sure he gets his things done and dedicates a lot to his sports, and Masrur does the same for sports at least.

He even looks tired when sleeping, he definitely deserves a day to sleep in and relax. Masrur lets a smile tug at his lips, falling asleep again with his boyfriend's lithe body pressing against his muscular body.

When it starts to get lighter out, Sharrkan is stirred awake and slips out of bed and grabs one of Masrur's shirts to wear. He rustles through the fridge and the pantry and a few other things to make food.

It doesn't take Masrur too much longer to wake up; his eyes jump around to look for Sharrkan, but after seeing the open bedroom door he sighs happily and slides out of bed in all his only-wearing-boxers glory.
Sharrkan looks at Masrur with a smile, holding two plates and walking to the coffee table to set them down.

"I made a lot." He says, grabbing two cups and pouring orange juice into them. "There's the rest of the sausage, pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast…" he trails off.

Masrur hugs him from behind and rests his chin on Sharrkan's shoulder.
"You didn't have to make breakfast you know. Well, not for me at least. You should be sleeping, you look exhausted."

Sharrkan hums, "Well I made food anyway so I hope you like it." He turns and hands a glass to Masrur, "And I feel fine. I just got back late last night." He walks to the living room and sits down with Masrur following close behind.

"I don't believe you, you look stressed. You work too hard, especially in your sword-club thing." Masrur takes a sip of his orange juice.

"It's called kendo, thank you very much." Masrur smirks and rolls his eyes at Sharrkan, "And trust me, I feel perfectly fine. I don't feel stressed at all, maybe more sleep won't hurt but right now I want to eat."

And that's exactly what they do. Once they finish, Masrur cleans off the plates and utensils and pulls Sharrkan back in their bedroom and hops back in bed with him.

"You're sure you're feeling alright…?" Masrur asks with genuine curiosity.

Sharrkan kisses his nose, "I'm fine." He grins and chuckles when they snuggle close again and sleep the day away.

Again, not too much later, Masrur and Sharrkan wake back up, lying in bed close to each other.

Masrur sighs lightly, bringing a hand up to rub his eyes.
"Sharrkan, last night I made reservations at that one sea food place you like, but since you went out with Yamu I had to cancel it. Sorry, I always want to make it a surprise but whenever I make plans you're busy." Masrur taps his fingers on Sharrkan's waist.

The shorter man bites his lip lightly and gives an apologetic look, "Sorry, yeah I know you always want to make it a big romantic surprise, but couldn't those occasions wait until it's either of our birthdays or even our anniversary?" he sighs and rolls onto his stomach.

"Yeah, I guess they could… I just like doing things for you, and I thought it would be fun to go out to that restaurant we went for your birthday last year." Masrur kisses the back of Sharrkan's neck. "I don't mind spending a little extra money for you."

Sharrkan kicks his legs on the bed and hums, "You know if you want to do something, why don't we go see a movie?" he smiles.

Instead of answering, Masrur gets up from their bed and puts on a pair of grey jeans. Sharrkan gets up moments later, fumbling to get his black jeans on. Once he has them on, however, Masrur picks Sharrkan up from behind and spins him around before setting him down onto the bed and giving him a warm kiss that Sharrkan happily reciprocates.

Masrur pulls away and tosses a pale green shirt at Sharrkan before slipping a long-sleeved red shirt and a medium brown hoodie over it.
Sharrkan sits up, puts on his shirt, and pulls Masrur to the bathroom. They brush their teeth, hair, wash their faces, and again with the everyday routine.

Sharrkan skips back out and back to their room, looking around for a jacket for himself. The weather is getting colder and it won't be much longer until it starts to snow.
He finds a thin blue one eventually, making his way to the door and walking out with Masrur while holding his hand tight.

The two boys walk down the sidewalk, passing the school and walking farther down until they reach the busier part of town.
They wait at cross walks, slowly making their way to the plaza where the mall and the theatre are. They walk into the movie theatre and up to the ticket booth, looking at what movie to go see.

Masrur picks a movie, a very sappy and romantic one at that. They're handed their tickets, they buy some popcorn and soda – one large soda to share – and then they head into the movie.

There are not many people in the theatre when they walk in, but all of them are couples. Sharrkan pulls Masrur to the very back row of seats and they sit in the middle to get a perfect view of the screen.
The lights dim a good five minutes later, Sharrkan turns his phone off in case Yamuraiha or Sinbad messages him asking why he isn't in class. Masrur does the same thing for the same reason.

The movie starts, and the soft talking of the other people in the theatre cease. Sharrkan kicks his shoes off and set them under his seat before pulling his legs up to his chest to watch the movie comfortably. Masrur leans over and kisses his cheek and whispers "you're adorable" in a teasing voice.

His face flushes, Masrur chuckles, and they go back to just watching the movie.

Half way through, Masrur and Sharrkan managed to eat almost all of the popcorn, hardly touching the soda. Sharrkan crosses his legs in his seat, holding the cup in his lap and taking large sips every five minutes. Masrur watches the movie, slightly enjoying the clichéd romance and the almost boring characters.

Sharrkan, however, looks taken in by it all. Masrur runs a hand behind Sharrkan and pulls him to lean on his shoulder. The red head rubs his hand up and down his back and even kisses the top of Sharrkan's white hair covered head.

When the movie ends, Masrur kisses Sharrkan the pulls him up from the seat and waits for him to put his shoes back on. They walk out in the middle of the medium sized crowd, throwing away the long since empty cup and popcorn bag.

The two walk around the plaza for a while, the air chilling Sharrkan's face slightly. Masrur looks around for anything else, but since students are still in school nothing else seems to be open at this time. The arcade is the only other thing he can think of, but no one is in there – and it's closed until 4.

Sharrkan puffs his cheeks in a silent pout, gripping Masrur's hands and pulling him back to the cross walk across the movie theatre.

"Everything is closed so there isn't anything to do." Sharrkan explains after seeing Masrur giving him a confused look. "Let's just relax at home, okay?"

Masrur nods, tightening his hold on Sharrkan's hand for a moment and then proceeding to swing their arms while waiting for the light to turn so they can cross.