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It's been a rather dreary Tuesday night in Miami, Florida. In fact, that's sugarcoating it. It's been storming for the past four hours now and the electricity is bound to shut down at any given moment for the entire city. Yeah, it's that bad

Austin Moon and Ally Dawson, two 17-year-old best friends and musical partners since their freshman year of high school, sat together in Austin's father's office at his family's mattress store, The Moon's Mattress Kingdom, working on their history homework to prep for the finals that were coming closer and closer to them.

Austin slumped further down into the office chair and attempted to balance a pencil on his nose, but lost his focus once a clad on thunder struck nearby.

"So who was the democratic nominee for presidency in 1926?" Ally asked as she turned to her musical partner. But once she saw that he had somehow managed to get his pointer finger stuck inside a tiny hole driven in his father's black desk, she knew that it was going to be a while before he would able to focus on something else besides what his childlike mind was thinking at the moment.

"What did you do this time," she dared herself to ask the rhetorical question.

"Well..." he trailed off in a high-pitched tone. "I might've tried to get my penny that was fell in the hole, then I might've gotten my finger stuck in there while I was trying to get Abe Lincoln out of the hole of darkness." Ally laughed good-heartedly at his excuse. But never less, she knew that the nearest drug store that carried some sort of cream was miles away.

"So how do you plan to get out of this predicament?" She asked him.

"Good news is, I got out of studying." He stated, but regretted the words once they came out of his mouth.

Ally bit her lip to prevail from laughing at his simple mistake, the second one that he's made. "So you want me to quiz you while your finger's life is at stake?" Austin shook his head vigorously as his eyes widened.

"Alls, this is my finger! I have to play instruments using his amazing finger!" He complained.

"You should've thought of that before you put your finger in that hole!" Ally criticized.

That's not the only hole I'll be putting my finger in, Austin thought, but quickly shook it off. He knew that he couldn't have those thoughts, especially about his best friend. They were good friends, and that was all.

Suddenly, his knee started bouncing up and down on the ground in a rhythmic pattern that he couldn't control. Images of things that could―but shouldn't―happen between him and his best friend.

Besides, she'll never like you back, even if you like her, he told himself.

A small, pale flash of color appeared before his eyes, grabbing his attention. And once he came back to planet Earth, he saw that it was Ally's hand that was moving back and forth. "Anybody home?"

"Yeah," he excused, "just trying to figure out how I could feed Dez's fifteen fish if I don't have my finger." Yeah, that's right, hanging out with someone as deranged as Dez does have its perks.

"Right, because Dez would trust his collection of dead fish with someone who forgets something as simple as the democratic nominee for presidency in 1926." She said. Maybe if we twist his finger constantly, then it'll ease out, she thought. "Let's do that," she initiated.

A look of confusion spread across Austin's face. "Do what," he asked. "you were thinking in your head again." He complained. Ally had had a habit to do that. And in cases like these, Austin really wished she was one of those girls who would actually tell the plan before saying they would do it.

"Just twist your finger slowly and constantly, while pulling upwards, then it should come out." She explained. Austin nodded then stood up out of the chair, pulling on his wrist. Ally stood up also and walked over to where she was right next to him.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod it huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttttttssssssss!" Austin cried, but then looked down at his finger in excitement. "Wait...I almost got it!" Then, he yanked his wrist back one last time, feeling some pressure once he yanked his elbow back forcefully, and freed his red and throbbing finger from any further harm.

"Alls," he said, but turned around and noticed that she was curled up on the floor against a wall, holding her eye. "what happened?" He rushed over to her side and gently took his hand in hers so he could see the wound.

"You elbowed me, dumb ass." She deadpanned. The flatness of her voice changed though, being replaced with tears that began to drip out of her eyes.

"No, no, no, no, no, don't cry. I hate it when you cry," he immediately hugged her and rubbed his arm up and down her back, feeling the clasp of her bra strap through her thin red shirt. How easy would it be to undo one of those? He wondered, but simply withdrew the question out of his head once again, trying to rid the inappropriate fantasies that were playing in his head.

Austin leaned back and successfully removed Ally's hand from her injured eye, taking the sight of the red and swollen eye that would soon turn purple and black. That's not the only thing besides my finger that'll be red and swollen in a few minutes, he insisted, but instantly came into a battle with the two men that were bickering on his shoulder: one telling him that he should give up the friend-zone for something more, the other telling him that he shouldn't jeopardize his friendship.

"Here," he cooed to his best friend. He then leaned in towards her eye and kissed her closed eye softly, not wanting to put Ally through any pain, even though she was already in some because of him. I hope that I'll give her some more pain down south, Austin's mind narrated. God damn these hormones.

Suddenly, a wave of desire came over him, building his courage by the second. He felt that he had to do it, even if she didn't want to do it. He had to see what it'll really feel like. "Hey, can I try something?" And once she nodded in approval, her lips already parted slightly, Austin leaned in slowly towards her pink lips and grazed his over hers.

It almost felt...perfect. The only way that he could think to solve it, was to get the full experience. He leaned in again and enveloped his lips upon her in a desperate, loving kiss. Feeling the sweet taste of her watermelon lip gloss, he wished he could go any further, but he knew that he was only allowed one kiss, and that saddened him. For the first time, he felt like everything was all right in the world. There was no wars being fought, there were no children being starved, everyone had a home with a loving family. And that utopian society was being brought upon him by a simple kiss.

"Sorry," he said, pulling away and sitting next to her. "I don't know what came over me." He apologized, trying to make it seem like he only did that for himself.

But Ally surprised him by telling him that he was perfectly fine. "And besides, I kind of enjoyed it." She said, blushing and smiling all at once. Austin soon mimicked her actions and buried his head in his hands, trying to hide himself from the humiliation that would never come.

Surprising him, he soon found his lips on hers again, and she was kissing him back. It was all too surreal, but nothing told him that this was a phony dream that woke him up at 3 A.M. He cupped her cheeks with his rough hands eagerly and tilted his head, enjoying the sensation that was coursing through his veins. Ally soon tangled her fingers through his platinum blond hair that felt like velvet against her heated fingers. She loved the feeling of his 5 o'clock aftershave, giving a light tickle to her little palms as their kisses became more hungry, more needy.

Austin soon took dominance, biting Ally's lower lip, making her gasp. Taking the opportunity that he hoped for, he seized his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers. Ally never thought that kissing with tongue was ever going to be merriment, but here she was, swirling her small tongue with her best friend. And she could tell you it was the best thing that she's ever felt in her whole damn life.

The duo stood up at the same time, never losing the strong connection that they deemed as the reason they're still alive to this day. Austin's hands then travelled from her waist, to the small of her back, then they slowly crept down to squeeze her perfect, round ass.

"Damn...," Austin whispered between the small moan that escaped his mouth when Ally tugged at the ends of his hair.

"You like that, baby?" She asked him seductively, smirking on the inside. She then gave a full on grin when she left his mouth to attack his exposed neck, causing a creature-like groan to murmur from his throat. Attacking his neck with now rough kisses, she bit the skin on his collarbone tightly, imagining the expression that was present on his face.

Austin grabbed her face and brought his lips to her in a hard, passionate kiss, and repeated this action many, many times. He now knew what was going to happen, and there was no holding back anymore. He scooped Ally bridal style, never breaking the kiss, and moved them into the back room of the store, where random mattresses were on beds, ready to ship. Austin laid Ally down on the nearest bed, now beginning to take off his green t-shirt that was wrinkled with someone's fists gripping it tightly. Ally eagerly followed his actions by discarding her shirt as well, throwing it in some random direction that she gave no thought about.

Ally then giggled excitedly once she felt Austin's red and swollen lips leave hers to attend to her breasts that were complimented by her red lace bra that Trish bought her from Victoria's Secret. She eagerly took off the clasp that was fastened on her upper back when she could tell that Austin wasn't having so much luck. Besides, porn can only do so much for you. It's not like Austin kept on forgetting to watch a certain video on the internet that taught how to undo a bra clasp. Her entire upper body was now naked, and Ally couldn't feel anymore embarrassed.

She knew that she didn't have the biggest boobs, she knew that she didn't have that big ass that many girls strutted off everyday at school. "Why are you embarrassed?" Austin asked her gently as she covered herself with her arms.

"My body isn't that great," she responded. She gained confusion once Austin shook his head and kissed her lightly on her forehead.

"Ally, your body is perfect. In fact, this is exactly what I wanted it to look like. It's perfect." Ally smiled widely at this and kissed him passionately, pouring countless emotions into those few seconds.

"Oh my god...Austin!" Ally cried out when Austin bit her erect nipple and kneaded the other with his hand. He began to suck on the little tip, which gained many arousing moans from one of the victims of this sex crime. But his mouth left her nipple and began to leave light kisses all over her flat stomach all while Ally tugged at the ends of his hair once more.

Austin smirked once he almost kissed the button on her jeans. He looked up at his fantasy girl and asked in a husky tone, "May I?" And once he was given that nod, he undid the button and began to unzip the zipper with his teeth, turning both of them on even more. Austin groaned, feeling that one area of skin press tightly against his jeans when he slipped off his jeans to join the pile of the unavailing clothing that was scattered amongst the dirty floor.

"Holy god..." Ally gasped as she saw the large bulge in his underwear. She estimated that he had to be at least eight to nine inches long. She hoped for dear life that he was a nine. Because if he was, boy, was she in for the time of her life.

And even though Austin didn't need to, he went ahead and said, "I'm glad you noticed that I was given to you from the gods." Ally resisted the urge to slap the smirk on his face. Instead, she grabbed his face and smashed her lips against his in a kiss that could burn the city down to the ground in flames.

The urge grew even more, and Ally could swear that her lower region was throbbing more than her heart was beating. Either way, they both were beating quicker than sound, quicker than light. She almost didn't notice when her wet panties was dragged down her warm thighs, but she sure as hell noticed that two fingers jabbed straight into her wet pussy. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in delight. Soon, loud, sexual moans were coming out of her mouth as Austin's fingers traveled around her. She gripped Austin's shoulders unbearably and scratched the dear life out of his back until she could feel the raw flesh underneath her fingers, blood nearly seeping through.

Suddenly, Ally felt some sort of tightness in her stomach. It felt like...someone was taking her stomach and squeezing it with their fists. She knew in the back of her head the answer, but she refused to believe that it came this quickly. She had never come before, so she was new to the field. Ally kept pondering thoughts like these whilst loudly moaning and groaning the name of her partner as he curled his fingers beneath her. But that all soon stopped, for Austin's fingers left her entrance, soon being replaced with his tongue.

A screams of joyousness emerged from Ally as she thrusted her hips forward, but not enough to hurt Austin or his god-given tongue. She read in Trish's magazines that this was one of the best things to experience on the surface of the planet, besides actual sex itself. Ally begged Austin to keep going, she wanted to do this over and over again, because she was now addicted to his touch.

"Wh-why'd you stop?" Ally asked nervously. She thought things were going just fine, so why did it have to end?

"Because now I'm ready. The question is―" Austin then touched the tip of him to Ally's entrance. "―are you?" Ally nodded her head desperately. She wanted this more than anything in the world, and she was ready as hell for it. Austin pushes himself into Ally, dreading the pain that she was going to feel the morning after.

"One thing," Austin asked, "are you on the pill?"

"Yes I am, just fuck me already!" Ally ordered desperately.

"Sweet Jesus! Fuck!" Ally panted out as her partner entered her. It felt kind of weird at first; the only thing that she's ever stuck up in her were her fingers and the occasional vibrator. None of which felt as good as this.

Austin's eyes rolled to the back of his head in the midst of the breathtaking move. Ally felt so …. so ….tight and wet. And he knew that this took the cake for the best day of his life. He was ecstatic that he could have this affect on someone who he never thought he'd get. Ally could've gotten the captain of the football team for all he knew because of her looks, but none of the mattered to him. All he knew that he was the luckiest man alive.

Does she like me being in her? Austin thought as he sucked on the nipple to Ally's boob, staying within her.

"Move it," Ally demanded, coming out of her shell even more than she already had. And Austin was a good boy, so he always did what he was told, unless it was something stupid.

"Faster!"Ally cried out as Austin picked up the pace, coming in and out of her quickly. "Oh, yes!" Ally cheered as Austin's member hit her g-spot expertly. Is this what it's like to have your sexual dreams come true?

The only sound that could be heard at the moment were the loud clads of lightning, the booms of thunder, and the two horny and naked teenagers having sex.

"Keep up with me, baby," Austin said while smacking his body against Ally's, retreating back, then repeating the process. Without warning, Austin's cock began to twitch slowly, then faster. He didn't have much strength left to continue, but he kept going. If he was going down, he was taking Ally down with him. But that wasn't a problem, because Ally began to feel that same cramping feeling beneath her vagina. They both immediately labeled this as something they both had been looking forward to this for quite a while.

"Austin … I'm gonna …,"Ally tried to warn him, but it was of no use. She could feel the juices oozing from her hole and onto her partner. She also felt his squirting into her system, and she couldn't think of anything better, even being eaten out of wasn't as good as this!

"Damn," Austin commented as he collapsed on the full size bed, right next to Ally. Then he looked at her lovingly and said, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." And it was true. She had no idea about the many wet dreams he's had because of her, the boners at the beach when she would bend over in a bikini, and her boobs bouncing when she jogged up or down the stairs.

Ally blushed a deep crimson and attempted to catch her breath. She knew that she would be limping in the morning, but she'll just wrap her ankle and say that she tripped down the stairs. It was a pretty good excuse, if she did say so herself. She cuddled next to Austin and rested her head on his chest, listening to his beautiful heartbeat that could rock her to sleep every night.

I wish I could wake up every morning to see Austin right there beside me, she thought. And also the occasional orgasm when we're both feeling up to it.

"I love you, Alls," Austin admitted shyly. He had only said those words to his family, never to anyone else. But this was different, because he knew that if he said those words, then everything would be alright. What concerned him was that Ally hadn't said it back.

But that all changed when she kissed Austin's lips softly and said, "I love you too, Austin."

And that was all that mattered.

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