Author's Note:

This is my first PewDiePie fanfic! Yay! I wrote this one out too and had to change some things along the way so just be happy that it's here. I made up some of the characters in the story so they aren't ALL PewDiePie based. I was going to call this story Amnesia High but some of the later chapters have nothing to do with the school so... yeah.

Melissa's POV

My name is Melissa Kjellson. I'm in 11th grade, and I'm going to Amnesia High. I don't know what to expect at this school, but I guess I'll find out.

I get to school at 6:35, park my Ford Escape and get out. I walk through the doors, and a cold wave of air hits my face, chilling me to my core. I have cheimaphobia, a fear of cold. It's very rare in people that have the telepathy ability. I back up instantly, and a small group of nerds look at me with confused smirks on their faces.

The fattest one, a black girl with long brown hair, started chuckling hysterically. She instantly became an enemy to me. Another one of them, and boy with a beige colored jacket with a cool blue metallic design on the front, nudged the girl on the arm and she stopped laughing.

I walk back in and start looking for building unit 'Happy Wheels'. I find it on the right, and I start looking for locker HW82. HW must stand for 'Happy Wheels'. I turn around to face the hallway and I'm looking into building unit 'Heavy Rain'. The walls are painted a deep blue color, and pictures of real- looking people are posted on the walls. It looks really depressing, unlike the Happy Wheels unit, which is painted yellow and has pictures of animated game characters on bikes.

I turned back around and felt a large thud against my chest. I fall onto my bottom and wince in pain, I have dropped everything and to finish dropping everything, I drop my back onto the floor.

'I'm just making a complete fool out of myself.' I think to myself.

'No you're not.' someone thinks into my mind.

Oh no, I accidentally used my telepathy ability! Now I'm really screwed. I sit back up to find that a boy is picking up my things. He has a glowing golden tan and bronze eyes that shine right through you. His hair is a dark dirty blonde color that parts so that he has bangs. He looks up, and his bronze colored eyes meet my icy blue ones. It chills me just to of cold colors or words. He hands me my things and helps me up.

Someone whistles in the distance and we both look over to find that the same group I ran into earlier. The same girl starts laughing again, but this time she falls on the floor and she stops. The golden- tanned boy bends down and picks up and shiny golden sword. He's wearing a red tank and blue skinny jeans. The tan top really shows off his muscles. He takes my hand and pulls me out into the large hallway and into the right corridor. We walk to the left of the 'Walking Dead' unit and into the 'Penumbra Overture' unit. We are far away from the 'Happy Wheels' unit now. We walk into the small room with the bathrooms in it. His eyes meet mine again, and I feel my cheeks burning.

"I'm so sorry that happened. Those geeks are always mean to new students. Especially Jennifer, the black girl." He said.

"She always laughs at me."

"She's always laughing, it pisses most of the people here at Amnesia High off. I'm Stephano Kjellberg, who are you?"

"I'm Melissa Kjellson."

"Well nice to meet you Melissa. Are you Swedish?"

"Yeah, that's why people are always mean to me. You're probably the first nice person I've seen here."

"Well that's good to know. What's your first class?"

I take the crumpled piece of paper out of my binder and look at the first class.

"Computer Tech with Mr. Kjellberg. Hey, don't you both have the same last name?"

"Yeah, we're cousins-in a way."


"Well we better get going, his class in the Amnesia unit."

"Do you have him too?"


"Wait, Amnesia unit? I love that game!"

"Me too!"


Stephano's fingers touch mine, and a jolt of energy shoots through my arm. I flinch, and that's when I blew the moment. He pulled away, and my gaze turned to the floor.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that you wanted to hold my hand." He says.

His fingers touch mine again and close around my hand. I knew I was beautiful but no boy has done this before.

I have straight, long, dirty blonde hair, icy blue-ish gray eyes, healthy peach colored skin, and a black mark on my wrist that shows that I have the telepathy ability. Stephano has the same mark.