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"Edward, no!" Panting heavily, adrenaline rushing through my system, I sprinted across the fountain and threw myself at him. "It's ok, I'm here. Look at me, I'm alive!"

As he stumbled dazedly back into the clock tower before anyone of importance saw him, he murmured, "This is a dream. Bella, you're not here."

"I'm here, Edward. I love you so much. Open your eyes and look at me, please." He did, and shook his head, as if I wasn't really there. He peppered me with kisses, spending a longer time near my pulse point. I didn't think anything of it at the time, my mind was still in a daze. Then, he kissed me passionately, while I tried to convey all of my love for him in that one kiss.

Our reunion was cut short by the sound of footsteps reverberating through the cavernous hall. I looked up and saw two vampires, both with blood-red eyes. They grinned at me, and I smiled back tentatively, not as afraid as I should have been. Something in their demeanor told me that they would protect me. Edward growled and roughly pushed me behind him, as I let out a whimper of pain. Edward said, "Felix. Demetri. It seems we won't be requiring the Volturi's services anymore," coating every word with menace.

The two human-eating vampires who I now knew were Felix and Demetri shifted their posture into a battle stance and Demetri whispered a thinly-veiled threat. "Let her go, Edward." Felix knocked Edward out of the way with his brute strength and picked me up, careful to not aggravate my now black and blue shoulder and arm.

At that moment, Alice entered the clock tower, leaving the door open so that a brawl wouldn't break out. She glanced at me sympathetically and mouthed, "I am so sorry,". Aloud, she chirped, "Now, now, gentlemen. There are ladies in the room. Let's not make a scene, shall we? We'll come with you."

Edward now had venom streaking down his face, and he looked totally insane in that moment. "Like hell we will, Alice! We're taking Bella and going back home to Forks, or better yet, to some secluded countryside." At this point, I was terrified and looking to Alice for some reassurance. She gave me none, looking very tense herself.

We heard the click of her mary janes before we saw her. I knew her, she was one of the Witch Twins. Jane Volturi, the one with the ability to cause immense pain. She drawled, "Master Aro sent me to see what was taking so long," and smiled at me. What was going on?

"Jane," all the vampires said. Edward sobered up and just let out a snarl.

"We must not keep the masters waiting. Come," Jane proclaimed. Alice and Felix flanked me, always keeping keen eyes on Edward. Jane escorted Edward, her beautiful face marred by the disgust so clearly expressed on it. Demetri led us down the corridor and to the elevator.

During the walk, I asked Alice, "What's happening, Alice? I don't understand!"

She sighed, looking disheveled and not at all looking like her perfectly-dressed usual self. "It is not my place to tell you. All in due time. Just follow your instincts."

Alice wouldn't give me another answer, so I looked inquisitively towards Felix, Demetri, and Jane. They all shook their heads and bowed them down. We came to a stop in front of an immaculately clean desk with a secretary behind it. With a heavy Italian accent, she brightly said, "Welcome back!" and greeted Demetri with a peck on the lips.

I wondered, "Is she..."

"Human," Alice finished.

"Why?" Realization dawned on me. "She wants to be..."

"And so she will be," smirked Demetri.

The secretary, Gianna, pressed a button and spoke on her headset. "Master Aro, they are here." After nodding once, she addressed us once again. "The masters are expecting you. They are impatient."

Foreboding and something else I could not quite place began to pool at the pit of my stomach. My heartbeat must have increased because the Volturi vampires turned to me and chuckled while Alice tried to sooth my growing panic. Damn vampire super hearing!

Jane pushed heavy, intricately carved wooden doors open to reveal a vast hall made entirely of marble. Then, I saw Marcus, looking heartwrenchingly sad, Caius, scowling at anything and anyone, and him.


"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid your particular gifts are too valuable to destroy. If you are, however, unhappy with your coven, you are welcome to join us." I cloaked my burning hatred for the mere boy in front of me and what he had done by usual diplomatic facade.

My brother Marcus declared, "The Volturi do not kill without cause," in his customary grave voice. With one last forlorn and deranged look, the boy was gone, a determined gleam in his eyes.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Caius asked, "What happened, Aro?"

I exploded, enraged. "How dare he? He has been toying with a human, Bella, looking for the right time to drain her blood. She is his La Suo Cantante. He left her, and she was so heartbroken that she committed suicide! She was-"

Marcus, ever the wise one, interjected, "Calm down, brother. She is alive. I can not tell who she is bonded to because they need to be within sight, but I can tell that she is alive and healthy because her bonds are still there. However, how could he do such a thing?"

Caius stated, "That is a vile thing to do, but all matters aside brothers, Cullen WILL expose himself to humans so he provokes us into killing him. How do we stop him?"

Only the Elite Guard, made of Jane, Alec, Felix, Demetri, Renata, and Chelsea were in the room with us, so they heard everything we had just said. They were just as furious with Cullen as Caius, Marcus, and I were. "Felix, Demetri, go stop Cullen from exposing our existence and bring everyone with him back here. He must be brought back at all costs, preferably with dear Bella and Alice. Jane, assist them if it take too long. All of you are dismissed." They bowed to us and left us alone.

When the door opened again, I saw her.


There, in the center throne, sat Aro Volturi in all his glory. He was a Greek god and darkly handsome with his pale skin, chiseled nose, straight jet black hair pulled back with a clip, and ruby red lips. He exuded sheer masculinity and power that shook me to the bone and excited me in ways I couldn't explain. I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I was snapped out of my reverie by a boy that could only be Alec. "They send you for one and you come back with two and a half. Such a clever girl." Alec smiled at me and kissed Jane's cheek.

When Aro, who was previously glowering at Edward, turned to look at me, our eyes met. In that moment, I felt completely, utterly, blissfully happy and complete. A spark jolted through me and without registering what I was doing, I stepped towards him as if in a trance. Aro looked surprised and overjoyed. Why? Marcus swiftly grabbed Aro's hand, and Aro beamed like a kid at the candy store. Aro started to glide towards me, when Edward went berserk. He struggled futilely against Felix and Demetri, snapping and growling in vain. With a look from Jane, he was tortured.

My attention returned to Aro when he stalked towards me, a predator stalking his prey. His shark-like grin only widened when I stayed frozen like a deer frozen in headlights. My breathing came in shallow pants and my heart rate shot up as he circled around me. He purred, "Isabella. Così bella. Sei mio!" and pulled me against him. His voice was smooth, masculine, asserted his dominance, and was wholly sexy. I melted into the hard, sculpted contours of his chest, feeling safe and protected against all odds. His scent was overwhelming and calming, of old books and pine.

Edward reacted violently, presumably to something Aro thought, and roared, "No! You can't! You bastard, she belongs with me! Bella, don't listen to anything anyone says! They're all lying, even Alice! Just come home with me, and we can be happy, and I will keep you isolated from everyone else!"

Once again, Edward found himself enduring Jane's torture. That stopped when I yelled, "What the hell is going on? Alice? Edward? Anyone? Just tell me!"

Alice shook her head and looked like she was about to cry. "Like I said, Bella. It isn't my place to tell you. Just trust yourself and Master Aro."

Aro licked the shell of my ear with his icy tongue, sending pleasurable shivers through my body. He snickered darkly, and whispered, "The answer, il mio piccola, is quite simple. It seems that you and I are soul mates. You are mine."

I promptly felt the world darken around me, and the last thing I registered was a pair of strong, muscular arms catch me before I drifted into unconsciousness.


La suo cantante - his singer

Così bella. Sei mio. - So beautiful. You're mine.

Il mio piccola - My little one.

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