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Our only problem was Bella's dress. Every picture we showed her, there was something wrong with it. Finally, Athena and Alice got fed up. "We'll go shopping soon. You need to try these dresses on. Then we can convince you to like one of them."

Bella groaned at the thought of shopping.


The next couple of days passed by in a blur. The girls all whisked me up in wedding planning, which I was loathed to do. I would rather have been next to Aro, but alas, that didn't happen. The kings were all scared of their wives, so they allowed them to do whatever they wanted to me.

During these two days, as the entire family was convened in Father's sitting room, the conversation shifted to me. "So, Bella, after you are changed into a vampire, we need to start giving you lessons," he said.

"Lessons? What lessons?" I asked.

"Lessons on how to lead: laws, languages, etiquette, politics, war strategy, etc."

I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Caius, sensing this, told me, "Not to worry, sorellina. You will have perfect memory, it will not be difficult. I will teach you war strategy, of course, seeing as I am the best," he smirked triumphantly.

Aro frowned playfully but said nothing in response to that statement. "I will teach you laws and politics, Marcus will instruct you in political moves, and I'm assuming that Dora and Didyme will handle etiquette?" They nodded in the affirmative.

Marcus, as an afterthought, added, "Actually, it'd be for the best if Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Emmett take these lessons as well, since none of you are educated in Volturi matters." They all agreed.

This was one of the few conversations that I was with Aro for.


I was strolling around the castle, humming aimlessly to myself, when I bumped into Felix. We grinned at each other and fist bumped. "Yo, Felix, what's up?"

Felix had a playful glint in his eye that I liked. "So, Em, I have a proposition for you."

I cracked my knuckles. "What sort of a proposition?"

"You. Me. Training room. Spar. Now." He smirked a little evilly.

"Oh, you are so on, Felix! " We both sprinted to the wrestling arena, each trying to outdo the other.

The commotion drew the rest of the Elite Guard and the Royal Family to see what was going on. Uncle Caius glared at us after we broke an, apparently, priceless vase in our rush to the second floor. "What is the meaning of this?" he roared.

"Master, Emmett and I were eager to spar," Felix explained. The onlookers - except Uncle Caius, who inclined his head with a half-smile - laughed in anticipation.

Aro, impatient to see the fight, asked, "Demetri, would you judge this fight?"

Demetri went to the middle of the arena and said, "This is a training match between Felix Volturi and Emmett Volturi. The winner will be decided when one party pins the other to the ground for 10 seconds. Begin!"

And so it started. Felix and I circled each other, looking for an opening to pin the other one down. It never came, and I was starting to get a little annoyed, so I rushed at him. We were throwing punches, and soon he had me pinned to the ground. It wasn't a matter of strength; I had just proven I was as strong, if not stronger than him. It was his technique that had me trapped.

"Felix wins this spar!" announced Demetri.

The Elite Guard congratulated Felix and laughed at me in good spirit. They told me that I would do better next time, and that they would be waiting to see it. Then all of the Elite Guard left the room, leaving only the Royal Family.

Jasper snickered at the outcome. "Haven't I told you, Emmett, not to act rashly in a fight? It will be the death of you. There is no technique in your fighting style. It's all brute strength and no finesse."

I smiled sheepishly.


Only too late did I realize my grave mistake. I hadn't let Aro touch my hand for this reason. Aro narrowed his eyes. "Where did you get the fighting experience from?"

There was no way I could tell him in words that I was Mars, the God of War. I couldn't tell him that I was an integral part of Vampire Words. Even if I used my power to project my regret for them to feel, they would think that I had manipulated it. I sighed resignedly, "Let me show you."

I gave Aro my hand and at first he was enraged at seeing what I had done, but the anger in his eyes quelled to understanding. "Jasper, you did what you had to do in order to survive, and you are sorry. That is all I need to forgive you." Caius and Father were not amused that they were being left out of the loop, so Aro told them.

Father comforted me, "Looking at your bonds, Jasper, I can tell you are a changed man. Would an evil person have such strong bonds of love? Don't beat yourself up over it." Unknowingly, I had started to project my self-loathing out.

Caius clapped his hand on my back. "Just because you were that person then, doesn't mean you are that person now. Trust me, if you were remotely a bad person, my power would have told me that you were enemy. You are a good person, Jasper. If you are worried about the repercussions of the law, do not be. You have since changed, which is all the law requires to not charge you. You are safe."

I'm sure my relief could be felt throughout the room, but I was too happy to care. To know that the law couldn't punish me and that my new family trusted me was a huge burden off my shoulders. Everyone came and hugged me. I knew, then, that I was home.


The day after the spar, I decided that it was time for (what else?) shopping! After all, we only had three more days until the wedding. "Bella, dearest, you need a wedding dress and shoes, and accessories. So much to do!" Without even waiting for a reply, I grabbed Didyme, Alice, Rosalie, and Bella and teleported us to the shops. I caught a glimpse of my brothers and Caius chuckling.

As we materialized in a Paris alley, Bella asked me indignantly, "Was that really necessary, Athena?"

Didyme saved me the trouble of answering. "Yes, dear. Yes, it was."

Alice dragged Bella into shops, with Bella vehemently protesting. We searched for hours to find the right dress. Then we found it. It was an empire waist, silk dress with a tight bodice and sweetheart neckline. Crystal-laden lace made up the back of the dress and created a higher neckline, going up to the neck. There was a single ruffle in the back of the dress. It was, in a word, exquisite and even more stunning on Bella herself. Aro would not know what hit him. Even Bella fell in love with it, and that meant that we had a winner.

When she asked for the price, I refused to tell her. She would have refused when she saw that the dress was ten thousand and twelve euros. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Her shoes were navy blue with diamond work on them. We bought small heels just so she wouldn't trip and embarrass herself. It did not do any good to have a clumsy queen. I couldn't wait until she was a vampire, if for the sheer reason that I could get her into 6 inch heels without her complaining about losing her balance. We decided that she would use Didyme's veil, so we had all of the something's covered.

Next, we had to look for bridesmaid dresses. Bella had chosen Rosalie and Jane to be her bridesmaids and Alice to be her maid of honor. The dresses that Bella, herself, chose were above-the-knee, strapless, raw silk dresses with intricate floral embroidery. They were a light lilac, and the embroidery and sash around the waist were navy blue.

After everyone was satisfied with the dresses, and we had bought Bella ample supplies of makeup and jewellery, we headed back to Volterra. We had spent an entire day shopping. It was midnight on Saturday when we returned.


When the women got back, I whisked Bella away to my chambers. I did not have any time to spend with her since we announced our wedding. We talked about everything and nothing, then lapsed into a comfortable silence with her head on my lap. I decided to break it. "What are you thinking about, il mio piccola?"

She appeared startled for a second, not expecting the quiet to end soon. "Just our wedding. We will be getting married in less than 48 hours."

I smiled. "I can not wait to see Marcus walk you up the aisle, amore mio."

Tears appeared unexpectedly in her eyes. "Bella, dear, what's wrong?"

"Charlie should be at my wedding. He should know where I am, at least."

I thought fast. There was no way to let him know without breaking my own rules. "You know that I can't allow him to know about the existence of vampires."

"Can I tell him that there is a supernatural world at least? My friend, a shape shifter, will be able to show him to give him proof. He doesn't have to know specifically what you are, just that I am safe. Technically, does that satisfy your rules?"

I nodded, pleased that my mate had shown herself to be shrewd and cunning. "That will do perfectly. I like the way you think," and to show my appreciation, I kissed her fiercely and passionately.

She melted against me, and her eyelids drooped. I pulled away tenderly and laid her down on my bed. "Sleep, amore mio. We will talk more in the morning."

I gently extricated myself from her grip as she slept and sat with a book in an armchair, facing the bed, content to read until my soon-to-be wife woke up. My family knew not to bother us until that night, because according to Didyme, I wasn't to see my wife the night before and the day of our wedding.

As Bella stirred, I called Heidi to bring her a breakfast of fruit, pastries, and greek yogurt with honey. Bella woke with a yawn and a stretch. It was adorable. She caught me staring and pouted, "What?"

I grinned and pinched her cheek. "Nothing, tesoro. You look so cute with your bed hair. I have breakfast for you, though."

She quipped teasingly, "And which of your minions did you have do it for you this time?"

"Oh, dear, you forget that they are now your 'minions' as well, seeing as you are my queen. And for your information, Heidi kindly agreed to bring you breakfast," I playfully growled.

Bella laughed and ate, euphoric about our upcoming marriage. After she finished, she asked, "So what shall we do today, dear Aro?"

I smirked. "Well, I thought you would want a more in depth tour of my floor, so go get dressed. Don't worry. I won't let any of the girls see you. You can wear jeans or sweats if you want."

She stuck her tongue out and went to the bathroom. I heard the running of the water and her singing in the shower. When she came out, she was outfitted in a loose-fitting off-the-shoulder purple shirt with sleeves up to the elbows and skin-tight black yoga pants. Her shoes were black moccasins. Even in her casual clothes and with no makeup, she looked gorgeous.

"Ready?" I asked.

She shot a smile at me. "So, where to first?"

I grabbed her hand and led her to my favorite place in the castle, my art room. It had a balcony that overlooked the city of Volterra on one side and the sprawling countryside on the other. She looked in awe at my various paintings. "Aro, these are amazing," she breathed.

"I wouldn't call them amazing, mio amore. I've merely had centuries to practice." Her attention turned to one painting. It's subject: her.

"It's beautiful. How did you make me look so wonderful?"

I frowned. "You give yourself no credit, Bella. I've simply painted you as you are. I have not changed anything. You are, naturally, the most stunning person I've met, both inside and out."

She hugged me and whispered, "Thank you." She let go, then perused some of my other paintings. I had painted Marcus and Didyme, Caius and Athena, various landscapes I had come across during my travels, and several abstract works. I was flattered that she thought so highly of my paintings. I had only ever showed them to Marcus and Caius before.

We spent the remainder of the day in the library. I taught her about previous cases and trials that were an integral part of our history. No, it was not my doing. She asked for it. Jane knocked on the door too soon. "Pardon me, Master, Bella, but mistresses Didyme and Athenodora have requested that I bring Bella to Master Marcus' floor. Apparently, you can't see her until tomorrow."

I sighed heavily and turned to my mate. "Until tomorrow, cara. I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow."

She kissed me in return and said, "As am I, Aro. I love you."

"I love you too, tesoro. I will see you tomorrow." With one last longing look, my mate left the room with Jane.


Jane and I were talking animatedly about my wedding. Jane was ecstatic that I would finally be a vampire. When we got to Father's floor, Jane bid me goodbye and told me that she'd be there bright and early the next day to help me get dressed. I was made to sleep in Mom's room that night.

True to her word, Jane, Athena, Mom, Alice, and Rosalie were shaking me awake at 6:00 AM. "Wake up, Bella! You're getting married!" cried a shrill voice that could only have been Alice. I groaned and turned over.

My mother yanked the covers. "Isabella Marie Volturi! Get up this instant! We have work to do!" The demanding tone sent chills down my spine, and I bolted upright.

Mom smirked. "Works every time. Marcus jumps up 10 feet high if I scream at him when he's immersed in his work." I glared at her while everyone else laughed at my misery.

They dragged me into the shower and told me to relax for one hour in a bath scented with oils meant to soften my skin. Of course, I used the time to sleep, after being woken up at an ungodly hour.

Rosalie brought me back into reality by rapping on the door, hard. "Bella! Stop sleeping and get out here!" I got out of the bathtub and put on a dressing gown. Was everything in this castle ridiculously luxurious?

I was shoved into my wedding dress and soon had five women hovering around me, making sure it fit properly. Then, they pulled and prodded my hair to weave it into a manageable do. Finally, it shaped into a half-up half-down hairstyle with a waterfall braid that pulled the hair back from my face with pearls and crystals in my hair. The rest of my hair was curled elegantly. After hair, Alice and Rosalie worked their magic on my face. When they were finished, I truly felt beautiful. Mom hugged me in joy and declared, "There was never a human or vampire as beautiful as you are now." My mom and my sisters got ready in five minutes with their superhuman speed.

Soon, it was time, and Father entered the room. He was speechless for a moment, then looked like he would be crying. "Tesoro, you look like the queen you were meant to be. Come. We shall not keep everyone waiting."

As the doors of the throne room opened, I was overwhelmed by Aro's magnificence. When we locked eyes, I felt like I had when I first laid eyes on him one week ago, and my love and desire for him hit me full force. He, similarly, appeared spellbound and couldn't take his eyes off me. I walked down the aisle, and as I joined hands with his, I grinned broadly. This was it.

Father was the one who performed the ceremony, which went by in a blur. There were archaic traditions that he had to follow, because it was a royal wedding. Aro and I exchanged rings. Aro's was a simple gold band with the Volturi crest embedded in it. Mine was a platinum band. The Volturi crest was embedded in it, but it also had a rose, beautifully crafted with blood-red rubies and emeralds. Aro leaned in to me and said, "It will match the color of your eyes in a few days." I blushed hard.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife, king and queen of the Vampire race. You may now kiss the bride!" That was all Aro needed to hear, and he swept in for an earth-shattering kiss. He poured all his love and devotion for me in that kiss. We broke apart to hear polite clapping from the guests and wolf-whistling from Caius, Emmett, and Jasper. I hid my face in Aro's chest. I hated being the center of attention.

After fielding congratulations from important covens, my family came over and swamped us. Em teased, "Aww... my Bellie Bear is all grown up now!" Dad and Mom hugged me and from the look on Dad's face, he was threatening Aro through his thoughts. I tried to stifle my laughter, but was rather unsuccessful. Alice, Rose, and Athena squeezed the life out of me. Caius ruffled my hair and I pouted. It was messed up now. As I stuck out my tongue at him, I realized that I was strangely becoming like Alice or Athena. That was a scary thought.

Finally, Aro and I were able to take our leave, and we went up to his rooms. He had dinner ready for me, while he had his customary goblet of blood. I was slightly nervous about tonight. After all, it was my last night as a human. "So, amore mio, how does it feel to be my wife and queen?"

I giggled. "It feels marvelous. But you forget that I'm not your queen yet."

He tilted his head in confusion. "Oh, Aro, didn't you know that I can only be a queen of vampires when I am a vampire?" We had finished dinner, and I walked to our bed.

He followed me as I lay down. "Bella, are you sure that you are ready for this?"

I sighed. "Just kiss me, Aro." And kiss me he did. It was fiery, romantic, and red-hot. Slowly, he butterfly-kissed down my neck, until he got to my heart. I took a shaky breath.

"Any last words as a human?"

"I love you."

"As do I, Bella. Always omni aeternitate." Then he bit me.


I was expecting pain. An excruciating, mind-numbing amount of pain. It did not come. What should have been pain was almost a tickling sensation, and the various hot and cool phases were not very much higher. When most people during the change would go icy cold, I was left with a chill, yet comfortable, 60 degrees. The heat was maybe at 90 degrees. I was very confused. I could hear, feel, and smell everything around me. The walking of footsteps in the other wing of the castle, Gianna's hum while she was working, Caius' violin (I smirked because I finally got to hear him play), the turning of pages, and Aro's whisperings in my ear. He was wondering if I was alright, and why I hadn't screamed out in pain. He sounded terrified. If I could move any part of my body, I would to reassure him, but I was paralyzed. Three long days went by slowly. My mind filled with thoughts of waking up and being with Aro forever, who was with me the entire time.

Finally, I felt my heart race, pounding madly against my chest, as if struggling to run away from my body. The speed came to a crescendo, and then slowed dramatically, one thump, two thumps. I waited for the next thump, but it never came.

Carefully, I opened my eyes. I was stunned by my new eyesight. The dust particles in the air were crystal clear to me. I could see the grains in the sofa, minute scratches on the wood floor. Someone shifted in the room, and I was hit with the all-pervading smell of old books and pine. Aro. He was even more beautiful with my new vision. His eyes were a more vibrant red with brown and purple specks in them. His hair was perfectly straight, but I could see that there were tints of midnight blue in his hair. The outline of his muscles were more defined, and they were delicious. I grinned and shot towards him. My speed disconcerted me as I launched myself in his arms, remembering not to crush him with my strength. I realized, though, that Aro was still stronger than me, even with my newborn strength. Aro appeared surprised as he embraced me, then pulled back.

"How do you feel, Bella? What do you remember?" His voice was the last string of a cello, rich, deep, and rumbling.

I laughed, and my voice was like the singing of nightingales; it was surprising. "So you still can't read my mind, then? I remember everything, Aro." My human memories were clearer, in fact, than they had been when I was human.

"And your throat?" He was especially cautious.

I concentrated. "I feel thirsty, but it's manageable. It's like I want water but could survive without it."

He looked even more dumbfounded, if such a thing was possible. "You continue to confound us all. You have remarkable control. How? And you never made a sound during the change!"

"Why would I make a sound when it never hurt?"

"You mean to tell me that you weren't in agony at all?"

"No. Why, I don't know, but I'm not complaining."

He laughed, "You are amazing, amore mio. But look in the mirror. You need to see yourself. You are a goddess."

As I caught sight of myself, I gasped. The women standing before me was just that, a women. She was me, but she wasn't. My lips were fuller and ruby red. I was paler, but I seemed to shine like the moon. My chocolate hair was longer, up to the small of my back. It now had subtle burgundy and caramel highlights. My lashes were longer, thicker. My eyelids looked like they had smoky eye-shadow on them. I held my willowy body with an unearthly grace, and I was filled with hope that maybe I wouldn't be the clumsiest vampire in existence. The biggest difference, however, was my eyes. They weren't brown anymore; they weren't even blood red. They were wide pools of sapphires with flecks of sky blue and ice gray. They were gorgeous, but I couldn't help but be slightly alarmed by them.

"Aro, what the hell is wrong with my eyes?"

He didn't seem too concerned. "I believe that this has to do with your powers. Don't worry, cara, Eleazar is still here. He will tell you why they are like that." I knew that Eleazar had the power of identifying the special abilities of other beings, so I relaxed.

Aro held his hand out to me. "Come, dear. I would feel marginally better if you were to feed. Do you still wish to feed on animals like Carlisle?"

I made a face. "No, not at all. If I am a vampire, I might as well eat like one, but I only want to eat criminals, rapists, and the scum of human society."

He nodded in appreciation. "Fair enough. Athena chooses to do that as well, as do Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice." That explained why their eyes were becoming redder. Why hadn't I noticed that before? "There is a town not far from here where we can hunt. You might want to change out of your wedding dress first."

I looked down to see that I was, indeed, still wearing my wedding dress. In less than a minute, I was changed into a flannel shirt, tight light-wash jeans, and combat boots. "Let's go!" I enthused.

Aro jumped out of his window. I looked down, and I was terrified. "I can't jump that far." It was a good nine stories high, and I froze.

"Come on, Bella! You'll be fine! Or are you scared of breaking you unbreakable bones?"

Well, when he said it that way… In a millisecond, I was on the ground with Aro, not a hair out a place. Holding each other's hands, we ran outside of Volterra to the next town over. There, we crept to an alley, where two drunken men were beating a woman. Aro retrieved her so quickly that the humans had no clue what happened. He was back in a fraction of a second, after he placed the poor woman away from the alley, and stood next to me again. He inclined his head. "After you, m'lady." I giggled, then turned serious.

I stepped out from the shadows. "Well, hello there, gentlemen," I purred.

One of them stepped towards me, slurring, "Ooh, look, a purty lady. What's we gonna do with her?"

"Well, you see, gentlemen, I'd love to play with you, but I didn't quite appreciate what you were doing to that woman."

It was over before they even anticipated it coming. Their necks were snapped, and I sucked the blood out of them, my thirst quenched.

Aro clapped. "Well done, my dear. You look divine when you hunt."

I wanted to blush, but couldn't. "Aren't you thirsty? You haven't fed in three days."

He replied, "I only need to feed once a week, so, no, I'm not. Now, don't you want to see the family and finally know your power?"

I nodded in excitement, and we ran back to the castle. Our family was in Caius' library. I took in an unneeded breath and pushed the double doors open. All eyes fell on me, but they didn't look surprised by my eyes. I guess Athena must have looked and filled everyone in. Mom hugged me so hard. "Oh, my child, you are magnifico!" Likewise, Father did the same.

Alice squealed in joy and tackled me. "You are gorgeous, Bella! And now I can finally put you in 6 inch heels!" I groaned. Of course that would be her first thought. Rose and Athena agreed. What else had I expected?

Caius lifted me in the air and spun me around. I threw my head back and laughed. "So happy for you, sorellina!"

Jaz and Em tousled my hair. "Look at you, little sis! What happened to you eyes?" Em asked. I sent him a look. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention when Athena was telling us," he muttered sheepishly.

Aro decided to answer. "Something with her power. Speaking of, we need to call a meeting with the Elite Guard and Eleazar, so we can find out in the throne room."

Caius yelled, "Jane!" She arrived and on seeing me, she squeezed the life out of me (not that I had any).

"Bella! You were always a different human, but did you have to be a different vampire too?" she laughed. Then she sobered. "Yes, Master."

"Can you assemble the Elite Guard and Eleazar in the throne room for a meeting now?"

"Will do."

We all entered the throne room quickly, having to get there before the guard arrived. Shortly after we arrived, they filed in, along with Eleazar.

There was a general congratulations of my change and wonder at my eyes. And Felix wanted to spar with me to test my strength. Typical.

Shaking his head at Felix's antics, Father said, "We've called you here, so we can find out where Bella's special abilities lay. Eleazar, would you be so kind?"

Eleazar closed his eyes and smiled as he opened them after a moment. "You are a very lucky vampire, Bella, and you as well, Aro."

We looked at him, confused.

"Bella is a physical and mental shield. She blocks mental and physical attacks of any kind. The mental shield is always present on her, but for her to put up the physical shield, she has to do it consciously. She can stretch her shields to include other people in it. These people will also be blocked from physical and mental attacks. The shield acts as an impenetrable wall. She can remove her mental shield should she wish it, but if an unfriendly power comes her way, it will automatically go back up. If a vampire with a power is under her shield, she will be able to use that power as well. She can't use others' powers unless they are under her shield. The shield is sapphire and extremely strong and the reason why her eyes are blue.

When enough venom entered her system, her physical shield began to manifest. As a result, she has kept certain human characteristics. She needs to sleep for one night at least once a month. She can eat human food without it being repulsive to her; the venom in her system will dissolve it soon. Lastly, she has the ability to bear children with her true mate only when she wishes for it. The pregnancy will most likely be accelerated, about three months. Congratulations to the both of you."

Aro and I stared in shock. I was delirious in my euphoria. I could have kids! The physical shield was a surprise, and the mental shield we had all expected. But I could have kids! My husband and I were elated when everyone wished us. There was one word that described my life in that moment. Perfect.

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