Yes I know I need to do my other one (Russian Fox) but I have a lot of ideas that will not go away tell I get them out. After I get these all out I will update that story. If I start a story I will continue it one way or another. I would like to dedicate this to the really weird people out there that will read this and like it. This is for you.

Mai – 21

John – 24

Bou – 32

Ayako – 31

Yasu – 23

Masako - 21

Lin – 35

Naru – 22

Daichi (OC) – 24

'Every time that my eyes close I see the same thing… Death. I watch as everyone close to me is slaughtered. Won't any one help me? Please someone help me...'

"It has been 5 years since they left. Everything was surprisingly enough going well. Everyone: Ayako, Bou, John, Yasu, hell even Masako still worked at the office. You see after they left I went out of my way and got the office reopened. The gang agreed to work again. Over the years we have all grown, Masako finally got over him and got engaged to this lovely man named Daichi Tanaka. John, well to all of our surprises he actually quit priest hood but got cleared to keep doing what he does best, he also admitted to have fallen in love with some mysterious women. Yasu is still a lonely fellow, but hey not everyone can change. But the biggest change is Ayako and Bou; they got married a year after they left and are expecting their first child. As for me, well you will just have to read to find out, now won't you?

Our adventure and your quest start now, on October 14, 2003. It is a cool fall day in Tokyo Japan and KPR was about to meet some old friends, good and bad ones, shall we join?

"Uh, boss?"


"Umm, you may want to come out here and see for yourself."

"What could it possibly be Yasu?" I asked as I walked out of the room.

"Hello, are you Taniyama?" An elderly women asked as she walked to the center of the room.

"Yes, how may I help you?" I grabbed her arm and gently lead her to the couch.

"Could we possibly wait for the others?" she asked. 'Others?'

"Sure, Masako, tea please." As Masako went to get the tea I asked her a few questions.

"Ma'am what is your name?"

"Oh Olivia Davis." Everyone in the room froze we were all thinking the same thing, and to confirm it his voice soon sounded like a warning bell.

"Aunt Olivia I think you have the wrong place." He finished walking in. Him and Lin froze in there spots.

"Oh Olive, be quiet and sit will you?" We all looked at each other and broke.

"Oli…Ol…Olive." Yasu wheezed threw his laughter. John being the first to calm down spoke.

"Guys, laughing is not very nice." But he still had a smile on his face.

"John is right, please forgive our rudeness Dr. Davis." He just glared and sat down.

"Now let's start shall we?" Mrs. Davis announced.

"You see Taniyama-san; I live in an old fashion Japanese home. It was quiet up 'till about a year ago. At first just objects came up missing and so on, but soon after it started. I have a total of 14 helpers. 7 are females the other 7 are males. Well the other week two of them came up missing. They were soon found two days later skinned, dismembered, and dissected. Upon the wall written in their blood was 'Ο όποιος έρχεται κοντά θα πέσει σ 'αυτόν, ο Κύριός μας, όπως όλα τα άλλα μέλη.' But no one knows what it is." I took the picture out of her hands and looked at it. That's when it clicked.

"Greek, John" he walked over and took the picture.

"Thy, whoever comes close shall fall to him, our Lord like all others shall." I nodded in approval. Dr. Davis was raising his brow.

"Over the years things changed, we all learned a different language to help with cases. John learned Greek, I learned Latin, Ayako learned France, Bou learned Chinese, Masako learned Arabic, and Yasu learned Dutch." That seemed to satisfy him for now.

"Well Olivia we will take your case please leave all information with Yasu there." Getting up I walked back to my office. I listened as they escorted them out, sighing as I heard the door shut I walked to my desk and grabbed my things. Soon a knock sounded at my door.

"Come in." John entered.

"Mai are you sure you will be ok?" Turning to look at my co-boss I nodded.

"I will be fine John, it will be like any other case but with a few bugs in the way." He didn't seem convinced. Over the years he had grown and put a stop to every one pushing him over and things. He has really grown these years and we are all quite proud when he first stood up to us.

"Mai." Sighing in defeat I gave. Did I also mention he had grown a back bone?

"Ok, ok I may have trouble but you all will be there and it isn't like we will have to share a base." He walked closer to me.

"Mai just be careful, I have a feeling something will happen on this case." He looked hesitant but just shook his head and walked out.

"What the hell was that about?" I asked to no one. I gathered my things and left for the night. We had a long time ahead of us tomorrow.

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