Chapter IV

After gathering the needed things for his new home, Shizuo walked by Izaya hand in hand, to Izaya's new home. They opened the door to be greeted by all three family members. He was so shocked; Izaya pried his hand away from Shizuo's warm ones.

The mother spoke first. "We heard about it you poor boy and we are happy to have you here. You can just call me mom."

The father next. "Welcome, welcome my son! Call me dad!"

Kasuka spoke last. "Hey. Don't destroy stuff."

"You will have to share a room with Shizuo but he said he didn't mind," mom said.

"Come on, Izaya." Shizuo held his hand out. They made it up the stairs and to the room.

"Okairi, Izaya." Shizuo said warmly.

"Are you…sure?" Izaya pondered.

"Why else would I tell them about you?" he had a point.

"It's pretty late," Shizuo continued. "You'll have to share the bed with me until we can get another one."

"That's alright," he replied.

After changing, Shizuo crawled into bed with the raven that was already fast asleep. His lips were parted and his hands were under his ear. It seemed as if an angel had blessed him with eternal beauty. Stroking his hair gently, he planted a kiss onto the brunette's head.

"Oyasuminasai, Izaya."