Hangover: Liberty City

Roman waited near the theatre for his cousin, Niko Bellic. They were going bowling, since Roman was soon to be married and he wanted to enjoy his time being a free man.

Niko arrived soon enough and Roman got in.

"Cousin!" he exclaimed as he got in and strapped on his seatbelt. Roman was always worried about the safety hazards of the road and keeping clean and being neat.

Niko really couldn't care less. So he would usually just get in the car and drive off without a care for the seatbelt.

"So, how about the bachelor's party, have you decided where it'll be?" Niko asked his cousin as they made their way to the bowling alley.

"I have actually," Roman smiled, feeling quite pleased with the decision he had made for the bachelor party.

"Well, let me hear it," Niko said taking his eyes off the road, almost hitting a cop car.

"Niko! Watch out!" Roman grabbed the steering wheel and turned it.

"Oh, sorry," he laughed a bit before Roman sighed in relief that he didn't have to end up in a cop chase that night. He knew if police were trying to arrest Niko he wouldn't go without a fight.

Roman came back to his smile, "It will be held at."

There was a pause, "A gay strip club!"

Niko stepped on the brake, halting at an intersection. He didn't care if he was keeping up traffic he was having a talk with Roman.

"What the actual hell is wrong with you Roman!?" he said starting the car up again.

"It's a great idea if you ask me! Imagine getting danced on by an American man's ass!" Roman laughed.

"Roman, let me ask you a few questions," Niko said as they pulled up to the bowling alley parking lot.

"Okay," he said turning to face him.

"You're getting married, right?" Niko used his hand gestures to make it seem a bit sterner.


"With a woman, am I right?" Roman nodded.

"Did you suddenly assume me and the other men are gay?" he asked taking the first logical question he could think of.

"No, it's just that Mallory thinks if we go to a normal strip club I'll bail on her and you know how she is," he explained.

"Well Mallory needs to understand that it's your last day being a free man in the bachelor party, and I'm not going to let her ruin it," Niko said to him.

"Look, let's go bowling and then we'll talk, no?" Niko gave him the stink eye before he got out of the car, "and, you know that's only your opinion, maybe Bernie will back me up on this!"

"Bernie is gay Roman, of course he would back you up on this, but Packie, Brucie, Jacob, nor I are gay," Niko reminded his cousin through the open window of the car.

Roman sighed and began to get out of the car. The night was good, a few other people had gone bowling and some were just walking by the shore, even though it was pretty late.

"Oh, come on cousin, you play as if you've never played this!" Roman explained as he looked up to the score.

Niko was far behind from Roman. He almost had his victory.

"I'm bummed that my idiotic cousin thought it'd be okay to have our bachelor's party at fucking gay strip club," Niko reminded his cousin as he threw the ball across to the pins. He scored a strike.

Roman snapped as he went up for his turn. He concentrated on the aim but soon enough Niko yelled making him loose balance and causing the ball to swerve to the gutter.

"Niko!" he whined as he saw the small score screen show a thumbs down for getting a gutter, "I had a perfect streak, but you had to come and ruin it."

"Relax, you've almost won anyways," Niko said throwing the ball and hitting three pins down.

Once the game finished they headed back to the car.

"Now, about your brilliant idea," Niko said as he turned on the car.

"It's brilliant, see I knew you would understand!" Roman smiled as he did not see Niko's sarcasm.

Niko smacked Roman's head, "Dumb fuck, I'm being sarcastic."

"Well it wasn't too obvious, I needed more sarcasm in that sentence," he explained.

"What you need is a good smack on your head so you can open up your eyes and see what the hell you're doing," Niko replied.

The car moved silently through the streets as they made their way back to the apartment.

"Mallory, she doesn't want me to leave her, and I mean I'm an amazingly hot guy, all the ladies want me! I'd be crawling with American tits when we get to the Honkers strip club, they would be waiting for me, Roman, Roman, Roman," Roman looked into the dark sky thinking about how unrealistic he was at the moment.

"Yes, I can see that coming," he sarcastically replied.

"Sarcasm?" Roman asked.

"Yes, Roman, I'm being sarcastic," Niko drove up to the apartment.

They got out of the car and headed to the front door, "Hey, I'll talk to Mallory, see what I can do."

Niko eyed Roman, "You better."

Niko entered the house leaving Roman to open the door for himself.

Next Day~

Roman danced in the kitchen as Niko woke up, slowly. He smelled Roman's cooking. Burnt toast and burnt eggs.

"You can't cook Roman!" Niko shouted from his sleeping area.

"Hey, these are nutritious, unlike those hot dogs you always eat by the Comrade's Bar," Roman said back from the kitchen.

"Since when were you concerned about weight?"

"Since I saw that my suit can shrink on me if I get any fatter," Roman turned off the stove and grabbed some plates from the sink.

He set down some plates with the burnt food, "I'll pass," Niko said as he walked out of the room.

He peeked his head back into the door, "Don't forget to tell Mallory."

Roman nodded.

Hey guys, I hope you guys enjoyed the story, and hopefully I'll continue it if school doesn't drown me in homework. Anyways, thanks for reading and bye.