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Hangover: Liberty City

"Mallory, it's my last day being a free man!" Roman tried convincing his soon to be wife.

"You say that like it's a bad thing!" Mallory snapped back looking at Roman in an annoyed manner before picking up her cellphone.

"Come on," Roman kept her from walking off, "nothing bad will happen, Niko can beat anyone's ass that tries to mess with me, even the women."

"Even the women?" Mallory asked looking up at Roman.

"Yes, I'll make sure he does," they stood in silence.

Finally, Mallory sighed, "Fine, okay, but this will not end like the last little party you and your buddies decided to have, okay?"

"Yes sweetheart!" Roman said kissing her before walking out.

He began to dial his cousin's number to tell him the exciting news. Once Niko picked up he blasted through the phone exclaiming his joy.

"Cousin! We get the bachelor's party you wanted!"

"Good, I'm over with Brucie if you want to come over, maybe make a few plans," Niko suggested.

"Fuck yeah!" Brucie punched the boxer bag and jogged over to Niko to hear the conversation over the phone.

"Uh, yeah, I'll call the other guys so they can come along too," he hung up and dialed the rest of the numbers.

At Brucie's the guys drank shots, happy that they got the party they deserved for Roman's final day. Bernie wasn't too happy about it so he sat on the couch, still holding the first glass, he hadn't even taking a sip.

"Come on Bernie!" Niko said to Bernie, "It's one against all of us, we would've won anyway."

"I don't see why you even invited me if I'm not even straight, you know women are my best friends, not my sex toys," he explained.

Niko laughed, "We'll figure it out and we'll get you your own stripper and a private dance, no?"

Bernie thought for a second, "Okay."

They clanged their glasses together and Niko left to go with the other men.

"Man, what about Mallory's parents, don't they think you can do better than Mallory?" Packie asked Roman.

"Meh, that's why I didn't give them any important jobs for the wedding, they think Mallory should end up as a drug dealer like them and they think I can do better, they've been trying to ruin the relationship between us ever since we started dating," Roman recalled.

"Let's see if they won't fuck up at the wedding like they did at Mallory's birthday," Packie reminded.

"Don't remind me," Roman rolled his eyes, "at that point I thought I was fucking gay."

"Maybe you are," Niko said to the side.

"Keep it shut cousin, you're the one who hasn't gotten laid with Kate," he pointed out as he drank his final shot of Vodka.

"Hey, Kate's an angel, don't bring her into this," Packie said as he grabbed the Vodka bottle to refill everyone's shot glass.

The night ended and Roman hauled a taxi since they couldn't drive at the time.

Next Day-

"Mallory, we need to go to our fittings!" Kate had arrived very early to meet her soon to be wedded best friend.

Mallory moaned as she began going downstairs, "The fitters don't open until 12."

"So, we can go run some errands and maybe see your parents," Kate smiled.

"No, coffee sounds good, but no, we are not going to visit my parents, you'll probably end up in the hospital and I'll be dead," Mallory explained.

"They're not so bad," Kate said to Mallory.

'Whatever, I'm going to get dressed I'll be back," Kate nodded her head and then sat down on the couch.

A few minutes later Mallory came back.

They headed to the Computer Lab to get coffee and use the computers for a while.

"Look at all these e-mails from my parents Kate," Kate scooted over to Mallory's computer as she clicked on one of the e-mails.

"Don't get married," she exited it out, "We know you check your e-mails, don't get married," she exited out of that one and clicked another, "you're worth nothing, come live with us and be a drug dealer," she clicked the next one, "we won't hesitate to fuck up your wedding."

The e-mails stopped, "You better be on constant lookout on them at the wedding, why did you invite them anyways?"

"I didn't one of their workers got the information and handed it to her so she could find out that my wedding is soon, it's fucked up," Mallory leaned back on the chair.

"Hey, I'll be here with you for whatever reason or things they get you into, Niko is here too," Mallory and Kate hugged.

"Thanks Chica."

Once they finished their day and said their goodbyes Kate dropped Mallory off at her home.

As she drove off Mallory entered the home to find Niko and Roman drunk and sleeping on the ground. She hadn't seen them last night and thought that they had stayed with Brucie or someone for the night.

She crossed her arms, "Are you kidding me?"

She realized the stench of the room, "Dear god," she gagged, "you too need to bathe, come on!"

She threw the pillows at them and they slowly woke up, "Man, what the hell happened last night?"

"I'm guessing hangover cousin," it wasn't a major one though, they could stand on their feet and they began to see clearly.

"You know what, I'll go see one of my friends while you two freshen up," she began to walk off, grabbing her keys and walking to the door.

"Babe, wait," she stopped for Roman.

"What?" she turned around.

"Love you," he smiled with his hangover expression.

They kissed. Mallory patted his cheeks and said, "Don't forget to brush those teeth."

He nodded, "You too Niko!"

She then left.

"You're getting married with a clean freak," Niko said.

"Hey, she's beautiful and I'd clean the whole world for her," he said staring off into a dream.

"Oh, yeah?" Niko asked, "Start by cleaning up the piss and throw up on the ground."

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