Chapter 4: The Field Exam

Naruto yawned along with Pikachu as he waited in Training Ground 7 for his teammates and their Sensei at the crack of dawn. "Why did Kakashi-Sensei ask for us to meet him this early?" Naruto muttered in exhaustion.

"I don't know." Pikachu shrugged. "But you need to wake up quickly."

"Electrocute me."


"It'll wake me up."

After a few seconds Pikachu relented and electrocuted Naruto effectively waking him up and cooking him a bit.

"You do realize that you could've used the stream down there right?" Pikachu asked gesturing to the stream of cold water that was only a few feet away.

Naruto's eyes twitched and he did a face palm because he didn't even notice the stream only to hear footsteps and he turned to see Sakura and Sasuke walking to the training grounds. Sakura was yawning and attempting to stay awake while Sasuke looked the same as ever.

"Morning Sakura-Chan. Teme."

Sakura was too tired to yell at Naruto for calling Sasuke that while emo boy himself just grunted as they waited for Kakashi to show up.

"Man he's taking his time." Pikachu commented after ten minutes passed.

"He could be just as late as yesterday Pikachu." Naruto told his friend before hearing two stomachs growl and he turned to see Sakura holding her stomach while Sasuke was too proud to show it. "You guys didn't eat this morning?"

"Of course not baka." Sakura glared at him. "Kakashi-Sensei told us not to."

"Actually he said that it was a suggestion." Naruto chuckled at seeing their faces and was thankful that Pikachu pointed that out before he left but he reached into his bag and pulled out some ration bars. "Here." He held them out to both of them.

"Hmph." Sasuke was too proud to try until his stomach growled very audibly making Naruto chuckle.

"Come on we'll need to be at our full strength for this assignment." Naruto urged and it didn't take any more convincing as Sasuke took one muttering a quick, incoherent thanks while Sakura said thank you after taking the other.

"You're too nice for your own good Naruto." Pikachu said as they ate the ration bars.

"I know buddy." Naruto rubbed the spot on Pikachu's head between the ears causing him to sigh in bliss.

With that they just waited for an hour before Naruto had to get up and pace a bit while Pikachu chuckled at his impatience. "You do realize he could be testing your patience right?"

Naruto froze as Pikachu said that. "You mean this whole being late thing could be testing our patience?" He asked his partner catching Sasuke and Sakura's attention.


"Hey Dobe how strong is that rat?" Sasuke asked getting a look from Pikachu.

"I'M NOT A DAMN RAT, DUCK BUTT!" Pikachu shouted getting a confused look from Sakura and Sasuke since they couldn't understand him. "AND MY PARTNER IS NOT A DOBE!"

Holding in his laughter from what Pikachu called Sasuke, Naruto thought about the question. "Well I don't really know yet, we trained since we met but we haven't really tested our skills against anyone, so we'll find out someday right buddy?"

"You said it." Pikachu agreed with a clenched fist.

Another hour passed as Sakura groaned. "How long is he going to keep us waiting?"

"Oh I'm sorry do you have somewhere to be?" Pikachu asked snidely. "Maybe you would like to rape emo-boy and birth his babies."

Naruto gave Pikachu a weird look. "Should I ask?"

Pikachu sighed. "Probably not. The Pink Banshee is shallower than a Glameow."

Naruto was about to tell Pikachu that Sakura wasn't a pink banshee before he stopped thinking how she would react if he said that. 'I should probably keep my mouth shut.'

Yet another hour passed before they heard Kakashi. "Hey guys, good morning."

"YOU'RE LATE!" Naruto and Sakura yelled out while Sasuke just glared and Pikachu yawned.

"About time." Pikachu muttered.

Kakashi pulled a clock out and sat it on a tree stump causing Pikachu's eye to twitch.

'He had a clock and he was still three hours late?'

"It's set for noon and your task is to get these bells." Kakashi said as he held up to silver bells. "Those who can't get a bell by noon get no lunch and I'll eat mine in front of you."

After a few seconds Kakashi realized that no stomachs were growling.

"Didn't I say not to eat lunch?" He asked dangerously.

Naruto smirked. "Actually you suggested it; if you didn't want us to eat you would've said not to."

'Hm? So they're looking underneath the beneath?' Kakashi thought as he tied the bells to his waist. "You only need to get one bell. There are only two so one of you will be tied to s stump." Kakashi explained. "And that person will be sent back to the academy."

Naruto gulped nervously. 'Kuso… I need to get a bell.'

"You can even use Shurikens." Kakashi nodded. "If you aren't prepared to kill me then you won't succeed."

"But you'll be in danger." Sakura protested.

'… She's an idiot.' Pikachu thought with a face palm while Naruto laughed.

"Yeah, you're so slow you can't even dodge a blackboard eraser." He boasted forgetting about the matrix move with the Kunai's. "We'll kill you."

'And sadly my partner is one as well.'

"In the real world those without talent often bark the loudest." Kakashi deadpanned not even looking at Naruto. "Well, ignore Mr. Dead last and start when I say."

'D-D-DEAD LAST?!' Naruto thought in pure anger before Pikachu spoke.

"He's baiting you." He said giving Kakashi a glare. "Don't fall for it."

Naruto took a deep breath and calmed down. "I may have been a dead last but I can still kick your ass."

'Hm. He didn't take my bait.' Kakashi knew that Pikachu said something to calm Naruto down but he didn't know what. 'This will be interesting.' "Okay then… START!"

As they took off Naruto was hiding in the foliage with Pikachu on his shoulder. "So what's the plan?" Naruto asked Pikachu. "Do we use the Raiton Kage Bushin combo?"

"…" Pikachu was silent for a bit before he asked. "How many people are on Genin teams normally? And I mean Genin and Jounin."

Naruto thought about that. "Four, why?"

"If that's true, why did he say that one will be sent back to the Academy?" Pikachu asked curiously.

Naruto shrugged before looking at Kakashi who was in the middle of the clearing looking around. "I don't know but I'm not letting Sasuke-Teme beat me."

As Naruto muttered that, Pikachu's eyes widened. "Of course." He chuckled. "Your Sensei is a sneaky bastard."

Blinking in confusion, Naruto looked at Pikachu with a raised eyebrow. "Care to share what's funny?"

"Don't you see? Three people, two bells." Pikachu elaborated. "We both know that a fresh Genin stands no chance against a trained Jounin, that's like putting a newly hatched Pokémon against a Charizard."

At that point, Naruto caught on. "Divided we fall."

"Together we conquer." Pikachu finished with a smirk that his partner caught on before he frowned. "But we need to get Emo Boy and the Pink Banshee to see this."

"I have just the thing." Naruto smirked as he shot out before Pikachu could stop him. "You and me, right here, right now!" He called out to Kakashi.

Pikachu sweat-dropped on Naruto's shoulder wondering what the hell that the blonde was planning.

Sasuke did a face palm in his hiding spot. 'Idiot.'

Kakashi's eye twitched. "You know, compared to the others, you're a little weird."

"Weird or not I think that with Pikachu and I 'working together'." Naruto put some emphasis on those two words. "We can accomplish anything."

'So he caught on.' Kakashi was impressed since Naruto was putting a hint out there for Sasuke and Sakura to see but they weren't moving to help the blonde out.

"They didn't show?" Pikachu muttered knowing that many people would've got it at that point. "Screw this, combo?"

"Combo." Naruto dashed forward as Kakashi pulled out an orange book making Naruto and Pikachu face vault in shock. "What the hell?!"

"Hm?" Kakashi wasn't even looking at them as he read the book. "Aren't you going to attack me?"

"Y-Yeah, but why are you reading a book?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Why? Well to find out what happens in the story of course." Kakashi answered without batting an eye.

"… You pretty much walked into that one partner." Pikachu muttered feeling annoyed at the Jounin not taking them seriously.

"Don't worry about it, it won't make a difference." As Kakashi said that Naruto did the Ram Seal.

"Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" He made twelve clones each with their own Pikachu causing Kakashi to look up. "Raiton Style: Thunder Ballistic No Jutsu!" Eleven of them became encased with Electricity, via Thundershock, as they shot at Kakashi making him jump back.

'What?' Sasuke was surprised that Naruto could make twelve clones when a few days ago he couldn't even make one before he noticed one small detail. 'Solid clones?'

'I-Is this the same Naruto?' Sakura thought in shock as Naruto's clones dispersed into smoke which he used to his advantage to hit Kakashi. 'Nice plan.'

"Creating your own combos huh?" Kakashi asked feeling impressed before he put up a hand to block the real Naruto's punch while Pikachu tried an Iron Tail but Kakashi just used a Kunai to block Pikachu and direct him flying into Naruto.

"Oof!" Naruto went rolling on the ground.

"This guy's good." Pikachu muttered feeling impressed despite his annoyance.

"But he's going down." Naruto went for a kick but as Kakashi ducked and disappeared, Naruto looked around frantically not seeing him at all.

"Never let your opponent get behind you." Kakashi said coldly behind Naruto making him pale.

'No way, that's a tiger seal.' Sasuke thought shocked that their Jounin would go that far.

"PARTNER!" Pikachu ran forward using his Quick Attack as Sakura's voice could be heard.

"Naruto, get out of there! You're going to be killed!"

"Wha?" As Naruto turned around he saw a glint in Kakashi's eyes.

"Too late. Konohagakure Hidden Taijutsu Ōgi: 1000 Years of Death!"

Pikachu stopped running and stared awkwardly. '…What…The…Fuck?' Those were his only thoughts.

Kakashi rammed his finger right up Naruto's butt sending him flying as he clutched his bottom in horror before he landed in the nearby stream.

'Complete Baka's.' Sasuke thought shaking his head. 'Both of them.'

'What kind of technique is that?' Sakura felt her eye twitch.

Pikachu was still staring. 'Did he just violate my partner?' He didn't know whether to electrocute Kakashi for that or to just wonder if that was an actual technique or something.

Naruto came out of the water coughing. "Anything else?" Kakashi asked in amusement.

"Damn it." Naruto called out. "Sakura-Chan! Sasuke! Come on guys we need to work as a team!"

'Pft. As if.' Sasuke left to plan an ambush.

'I'm only teaming up with Sasuke-Kun.' Sakura left as well.

Kakashi felt the other two Genin's leave through their Chakra Signatures as Naruto's face fell when he realized that his supposed teammates abandoned him.

'Oh when I see them again I'm frying them.' Pikachu thought in anger so bad that one would mistake him for a Primeape.

As Naruto looked down Kakashi thought to himself. 'Regardless what happens or not I'm going to talk to Hokage-Sama about an apprenticeship with Naruto.' He thought to himself as he disappeared. 'Those other two just abandoned a comrade in need and they're about to find out why they shouldn't do that and Naruto figured out the true purpose of this exercise.'

"Naruto?" Pikachu approached the blonde carefully.

"Why?" Naruto asked his friend with some tears down his face. "Why couldn't they see that the only way to pass is to work together?"

"Because their idiots." Pikachu crossed his paws knowing that if this was a real mission rather than a team exercise the others would've condemned Naruto to death. "Naruto, you gave enough hints to them, for Arceus sake you flat out told them while they could hear you and they ignored you!"

"But Sakura-Chan-."

"But nothing!" Pikachu interrupted angrily. "Your 'Sakura-Chan' chose to leave you to fend for yourself! All she cares about is helping her precious 'Sasuke-Kun' to not notice a person who cared for her even if it came out and slapped her with a Magikarp!"

Naruto looked down as he realized that but he shook his head. "But I'm not giving up." He said surprising Pikachu. "Even if they abandoned me I'm not going to abandon them. I will become Hokage and I will pass this test, even if I have to force them to cooperate."

Pikachu smirked hoping that he could fry his teammates for leaving his partner.


Sakura stopped moving as she saw Kakashi in the distance reading his book. 'Phew. He didn't notice me.' She thought as she went to plan her attack.

Then a voice spoke up behind her. "Sakura, behind you."

Sakura spun around to see Kakashi as the one with the book disappeared into smoke before he did a hand seal as leaves whirled around Sakura causing her to have that far-off look in her eyes.


"Man where are they?" Naruto muttered in annoyance as he and Pikachu were searching everywhere before a hysterical scream made him jump.

"I'd say we follow the screams." Pikachu suggested.

Naruto nodded as he picked Pikachu up and took off towards the scream only to find Sakura unconscious. "Man, I don't even want to know what Kakashi-Sensei did."

"I do." Pikachu said with a smirk that the Sensei taught her a lesson.

"… Are you sadistic?" Naruto slowly asked his partner.

Pikachu stopped to think about it as he shrugged. "Most likely."

"…" Naruto sweat-dropped. "Great."

"You're going to wake her up aren't you?" Pikachu asked in a tone pleading that he was wrong.

"We need her to pass this exam as well as Sasuke." Naruto said as he shook Sakura's shoulder.

"I hate it when you're right." Pikachu muttered before brightening up. "I'll wake her."

Naruto was confused but he stepped back only to shout in shock as Pikachu let out a low powered Thundershock causing Sakura to spasm as she woke up.

"Huh? Wha?" Sakura looked around as her hair was everywhere with electricity in it.

"Did you have to shock her Pikachu?" Naruto looked at his partner gaining her attention.

"She pissed me off a lot lately." Pikachu answered honestly.

"Wait, where's Sasuke?" Sakura looked around. "He's injured-."

"Uh we didn't see Sasuke." Naruto told his crush. "But we all need to work together to pass this exam, Kakashi-Sensei is using a Divide and Conquer technique."

Sakura was about to tell him to be quiet when she thought about what he said and then she felt embarrassed that she didn't realize it sooner.

"So how about we find Sasuke, work together and then pass?" Naruto suggested with a smile.

"Then you can go back to wanting to birth Emo Boy's babies." Pikachu muttered making Naruto's eyes twitch.

"… Alright." Sakura agreed shocking Pikachu that she was acting sensible. "But you better not be lying, Baka."

'I guess there's hope for her yet.' Pikachu thought as they went to get Sasuke in time to see him fighting Sasuke.

"Sasuke you need a hand?" Naruto asked as he and Sakura made it to the clearing.

"You'll only get in my way Dobe." Sasuke answered arrogantly as he managed to keep Kakashi from reading his book. "You had your chance and you failed."

"But we need to work together!" Naruto called out. "Sakura knows it as well! None of us can beat a Jounin right now!"

"Says you." Sasuke did some hand signs shocking Kakashi. "Goukakyoo No Jutsu!"

As Sasuke shot a fireball at Kakashi the Jounin disappeared. "Oh Emo Boy is in trouble." Pikachu wanted to see this.

'He's gone?!' Sasuke looked everywhere. 'To the side? Above?'

Then a hand shot out of the Earth and pulled Sasuke into the ground. "Doton Shinjuu Zanshu No Jutsu!"

As only Sasuke's head remained above ground, Pikachu fell off of Naruto's shoulder laughing at the arrogant boy as the Uchiha glared at the yellow mouse knowing what he was doing.

"Sakura-Chan we need to get Sasuke out, Pikachu and I will distract Kakashi-Sensei-." As Naruto began his plan the alarm signifying the end of the Test making Pikachu groan.

"Right when it was about to get good."


Sasuke was tied up to the tree stump ten minutes later, while Naruto and Sakura were sitting next to it while Kakashi had his eye closed. "I made my decision… Naruto and Sakura are going back to the Academy."

"WHAT?!" Pikachu snarled in anger as he glared at Kakashi while Naruto's head was down and Sakura had tears in her eyes for being separated from Sasuke. "THAT IS BULLCRAP!"

Sasuke just smirked until Kakashi finished. "Sasuke, you should just stop being a Ninja entirely."

"What?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes but he stopped when he saw Kakashi's glare.

"Not one word." Kakashi said in a dangerous voice. "Naruto was the first one to understand the true purpose of this exercise! I purposely pitted you against each other to see if you could overcome that and become a team but you are too prideful to even consider working with someone and your pride can get you killed!"

"I think I may have misjudged him." Pikachu whispered to Naruto who nodded in agreement.

"Sakura, you abandoned Naruto to find Sasuke when you could've helped him out in the fight against me." Kakashi turned his glare at Sakura who flinched underneath it. "If this was real combat you would've had Naruto's death on your hands for abandoning a comrade."

Sakura looked horrified before Kakashi looked at Naruto. "You on the other hand knew you were outmatched and tried to signal your 'teammates' to help you, even going as far as shouting the true purpose of the exercise and they still didn't help you… But despite that you went to help them, why?"

"Because even if they abandon me they're my teammates." Naruto answered without hesitation. "Even if they hate me during our duration as a team I have their backs no matter what."

"You are too nice for your own good." Pikachu repeated with a smile. "But that's the best part about you."

Sasuke turned away from Naruto to hide the small amount of respect that showed in his eyes at that moment which Kakashi saw while Sakura looked ashamed of herself so he sighed. "Alright." He said gaining their attention. "I'll give you guy's one last chance."

"R-Really?" Sakura asked hoping to correct her mistakes.

"YES!" Naruto cheered with Pikachu.

"Hmph." Sasuke turned away.

"After lunch I'll make it harder to get the bells." Kakashi told them as he went to walk away. "But Sasuke doesn't get any." They all started as he said that. "It's punishment for thinking of himself above the others, and if anyone is caught feeding him, then everyone fails."

Ten minutes after he disappeared Naruto, Sakura and Pikachu were eating when Naruto heard Sasuke's stomach growled and he knew how it felt to be hungry so he held out some food. "Here."

"Tch. I don't need any food Dobe." Sasuke turned his head away stubbornly. "And if you try to feed me you'll fail."

"D-Did he just point something out that didn't concern him?" Pikachu asked in confusion.

"If you don't eat you won't be at your full strength when we fight Kakashi-Sensei." Naruto argued with him. "So you're eating this regardless of your pride and of what he says!"

"…" Sakura held out some food as well before she and Naruto looked at Pikachu who was clutching his packed lunch in defiance before he sighed knowing that Naruto was guilt-tripping him so he held out his lunch as well.

"Naruto I want an extra helping at home." Pikachu muttered to which the blonde boy agreed.

"What are you doing?" Freezing up all of them turned to see Kakashi looking at them coldly with his arms crossed. "Didn't I say not to feed him?"

"Uh, well you see-." Naruto was sweating bullets at what was happening as the air felt darker around them.

"You throw away my second chance?" Kakashi ran at them with speeds faster than Pikachu's Quick Attack. "You guys…" He stopped with his face right in front of theirs with an eye smile. "Pass!"

"Huh?" Naruto had a confused expression while Sasuke blinked and Sakura looked like she was about to go under cardiac arrest.

"Crazy man says what?" Pikachu asked agreeing with Naruto.

"Pass?" Sakura stood up. "What do you mean?"

"You guys are the first." Kakashi admitted as he untied Sasuke. "Everyone just did as I said… They were all morons; a ninja must learn to see beneath the underneath."

Pikachu and Naruto just looked at each other not getting what he was saying.

"In the Ninja world those who break the rules are trash." Kakashi said making their faces fall. "But you know what? Those who abandon their comrades are WORSE than trash."

"H-He's pretty cool." Naruto whispered to Pikachu.

"YES!" Sakura was cheering while Sasuke didn't say anything but the small smirk meant that he may as well be shouting, pride be damned.

"Tomorrow Team #7 will start missions." Kakashi said as he turned to leave. "Report to the Mission Hall tomorrow at six."

Sasuke left to go home for training and Sakura ran off to bug him about a date while Naruto and Pikachu were grinning. "YES! WE'RE NINJA'S!" Naruto shouted in joy. "BELIEVE IT!"

"Calm down." Pikachu said but he had amusement in his eyes. "Can't wait for your first mission?"

"You know it!" Naruto said with his wide grin before he looked up. "What the?"

Following his gaze, Pikachu froze as he saw a giant bird phoenix and a peacock. Its feathers are predominantly gold and red, with yellow tail-feathers, a white underside, and green feathers at the tip of its wings. The bird also has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a feathered, yellow crest on its head flying through the sky. "No way." Pikachu said in awe.

"What?" Naruto asked his partner.

"That's Ho-Oh."

"WHAT?!" Naruto asked again, but this time in shock, as he looked up only to see the bird gone. "That was Ho-Oh? The Phoenix Pokémon?! The Pokémon of fortune and friendship?!"

Pikachu just nodded dumbly. "She only reveals herself to people with pure hearts." Pikachu said in awe. "Ho-Oh is not one to do this to anyone and it is said that anyone who sees her is blessed with eternal happiness."

"Whoa." Naruto looked up to where Ho-Oh was a few seconds ago. "This just proves that you were right."

"Huh?" Pikachu gave Naruto a confused look.

"If Ho-Oh is still around then the other Legendaries are too." Naruto grinned as he looked at Pikachu. "And we're going to see them all!"

In a second, Pikachu mirrored his grin. "You said it Partner."

To Be Continued…

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