Well I just want to start out by thanking everyone who has taken time out of there day to sit and read my first ever fanfiction. I got the idea for this story when I found a spider in my bed and, because I too hate spiders, slept on the couch in my family room. But, unlike Rose, I do not have a dreamy hunk who lives in the room next to me. I hope you all enjoy this story and please comment if you can!

Disclaimer. I am in no way, shape or form the author/creator of the Harry Potter books or movies.

Chapter 1

On most lazy weekend afternoons, Rose Weasley (head girl and gryffindor extraordinaire) could be found lounging on her bed in the head dormitory. This Saturday afternoon was no different than those before it. However on this day something out of the ordinary happened.

As Rose lay on her bed reading an old muggle book her mom had let her borrow before the previous summer, she felt something crawl up her arm. Looking down, Rose discovered a creepy 8 legged creature was crawling up and down her arm that lay at rest next to the her body. Now Rose considered herself a relatively brave girl. She was not afraid of heights (she was, after all, the keeper of the Gryffindor quidditch team) and she was most definitely not afraid of the "friendly" creatures that Hagrid had taken into his care. But one of the things happened to scare her was spiders.

People were always comparing her to her mother. They would say "You are practically a carbon copy of your mother! But you have your fathers eyes". (She could totally relate to her Uncle Harry whenever someone said that.) And in this statement they would be completely correct. She did look scarely like her mother, right down to the teeth that she had finally convinced her mom to let her get fixed with magic before the start of her 4th year (much to her Granger grandparents displeasure). And with those looks, she had luckily, according to her father, also inherited her brains.

However, one thing that she had inherited from her father was his bright blue eyes. As well as his blue eyes, she had inherited his deathly fear of spiders. So that may be why, after Rose encountered the creepy crawly she ran screaming from her room to take shelter on the couch in the heads common room. And that is where her fellow head, Scorpius Malfoy, found her two hours later sitting, reading the same muggle book from before.

Now, most would think that Rose and Scorpius would hate each others guts, and while they didn't get along all of the time, they had grown to be best friends (against the wills of their fathers). You see, when Ron had told Rose that she was to "stay away from that Malfoy kid" Rose took that as a personal challenge to befriend the poor, unfortunate soul.

So when Rose and her cousin Albus, or Al as he liked to be called, looked for a compartment to sit in on their first train ride to Hogwarts, Rose didn't even blink when she found the nearly empty one towards the end of the train. And when Scorpius looked up in surprise (for he thought no one in their right mind, much less a Weasley and a Potter, would ever want to sit with him) Rose smiled sweetly at the boy. And when he started to say that he was a Malfoy and that their parents and the majority of the wizarding community would be quite angry if they were to see Al and Rose sitting in this compartment with him, Rose rolled her eyes and said "I don't really care what my parents think is good for me or not, if I want to befriend a Malfoy I very well will do so." "Of course if you want to be friends with us," Al added quickly. "Of course I'll be friends with you!" Scorpius said quickly.

After a short, awkward silence Rose said, "Well good, 'cuz that's what's gonna happen." Scorpius smiled, he liked this strange girl, he was very glad he wouldn't be entering Hogwarts alone.

And here they were, years later. No one would have thought that they would be fellow Gryffindor heads, or that they could stand to be in the same room as each other for more than 3 minutes. But it would have even shocked those that were aware of the teenagers friendship how closer they had gotten over the corse of their 7th year. And that was why Scorpius didn't feel bad at all when he walked into the common room at 9:30 at night smelling horribly after a 15 mile run around the school grounds and sat down on top of Rose.

Rose cried out in protest as Scorpius sat on her hands that had been holding her book. "Scor!" Rose cried, " You smell horrible! Where you rolling in mud for the past hour and a half?!" "Not an hour and a half," Scorpius replied with a trademark smirk that Rose had come to know so well.

"So what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be in your room reading about now?"

"What... Are you stalking my every action now? "

Scorpius rolled his eyes at Rose's question. Rose ignored that and said, "Well if you must know, I saw a spider in my room and I freaked out. So I have been sitting out here for the past couple of hours." Scor stared at her for a couple of seconds before roaring with laughter. "It's not funny!" Rose yelled, "Oh just go and take a shower."

"Okay, okay. I'll go and take a shower, your highness"

"That's 'your head girl-ship' to you young man," Rose said. Scor just rolled his eyes and laughed some more before getting of Rose and heading to the bathroom that separated the two head bedrooms.

Rose sighed and rested her head on the back of her chair. Even when Scor was smelly and sweaty, he still managed to look unbelievably sexy. That boy was gonna be the end of her. She had been so busy thinking about him that she didn't even think twice as her book slipped from her slacked grip and fell to the floor. She hardly noticed that she was laying on the couch on her side instead of sitting up. She definitely didn't notice that the bathroom door that was facing the common room opened a crack and she didn't realize that the boy that was previously invading her thoughts was staring at her with a loving look. And she would never know that he thought that she would be the end of him.