If the reviews for this are good I may make it a story but if not, it remains a one-shot.

The room was dark. But then again, the room was always dark. Night or day, didn't matter. The room was, and always would be, dark.

He was blind.

Natsu groaned, wiping the sleep from his sightless eyes with one hand, running his fingers over the clock near his bed. He always struggled with brail so he had to run his fingers over the clock a few times before getting the time.

3:45, great. Getting back to sleep would be a problem, so he got up and stumbled down the hall to the room of the only other person he knew would be awake. He knew the way be heart and everyone here knew not to get in his way, not that he was aggressive in that sense, he just couldn't see them to avoid them.

Her door was one of few that was outfitted with a special doorbell that flashed lights inside when he rang it. Tonight, however, her door was wide open. As if she knew he'd be stopping by and left it that way just for him.

Cautiously, he entered. He knew her room like the back of his hand but she had a reputation for redecorating every now and again, always keeping him on his toes. Today he was spared from that nightmare as everything seemed to be the same as earlier that day.

He strode softly towards the light switch near the door and flicked it on and off a few times, alerting her to his presence. He heard her shift from her position on her bed, no doubt that she was reading. "Natsu," She said softly. He smiled. She couldn't hear her voice and it strained her to talk a lot, but he loved the sound.

"Hey, Lucy," He said softly, "I couldn't sleep."

She read his lips and laughed, a lovely sound, and replied easily, "I was wondering why I left my door open. Come sit, my throat hurts." She coughed lightly to prove her point and Natsu felt his way to her bed, running his hand along the comforter as not to sit on her feet as he had done many a time.

He crossed his legs and she did the same, their knees barely touching between the blankets. He wasn't going to lie, it was hard to communicate in the beginning. Back then his eyes weren't fully blind so at least he knew what she looked like. Blonde hair, brown eyes, and any time he found himself forgetting her facial structure she'd let him run a hand along her soft face.

They'd developed a method of communication, multiple actually. Whenever Lucy felt up to it, she'd speak with him and read his lips. When she was feeling tired, they'd sit like they were now and she'd write her words on his chest and read his lips. When she felt really drained, she'd sit with her back to his chest. They'd put their hands in this large pair of gloves, his over hers, and sign to each other.

They'd fallen asleep like this countless times and their nurses loved to tease them for it. But he never saw Lucy as anything more than a good friend.

He felt her set something down, most likely her stuffed toy Plue, and reach over to him. Her warm fingers traced letter after letter on his chest, 'Are you alright?' she wrote. He nodded.

'Don't lie to me, Natsu.' She wrote furiously, almost scratching him with her nails at one point. 'You had the dream again, didn't you?'

He couldn't lie to her and didn't trust himself to answer. Nodding slowly he felt water pool at his milky, obsidian eyes. He made a move to brush them away, but Lucy's cool fingers were already there. When they were finished at his eyes they reached for his hand, pulling it to her own face. She rested the back of his hand against her cheek and he felt the muscles in her cheek contract into a small smile.

"Tell me, Natsu." She said, her voice still strained from fatigue. "Tell me about the dream."

He drew a shaky breath and did as told. "Well, Lucy, as you know, I wasn't always blind." She nodded in understanding. She wasn't always deaf, either. "When I was still living with my family my eyes were everything. I played every sport you could think of. Soccer, football, tennis, basketball, you name it, I probably played it. Anyway, I was also a major pyro. Secretly, of course, no one ever knew. I held weekly bonfires on Saturday s and always carried a lighter."

"Well, one day in chemistry class we were making fires with chemicals. Really cool no matter who you were, but it was like a shot of cocaine for me. At one point I got a little crazy and accidently set the proportions wrong in the formula. My lab partner, Lisanna, told me not to put the magnesium in the fire, but I didn't listen and the light blinded me. I stumbled into another team's experiment and it toppled, making a big fire."

"I hit my head on the corner of a table and was knocked out. I don't know what happened next. I was told the experiments all mixed together and exploded but not a lot of people were injured, the blast was more of a concussive sound wave than an explosion, they told me."

"The dream is just a repeat of that day. Over and over and over again." He lifted the hand not pressed to Lucy's face into his hair, ruffling it in frustration. He felt the cool warmth of tears in his eyes followed by the smooth skin of Lucy's fingers on his face, easing the tears away.

"How do you know when I have that dream, Lucy? How do you always know?" His voice quivered with the tears and wavered with his deep set grief and regret. "How do you always know?"

Her cheek twitched with a bittersweet smile as she brought his hand to her lips, placing a quick kiss on his knuckles before dropping his hand and cupping his face with her palms, smoothing the tears away with her thumbs.

He always had the nightmare the night after she did.

Only her dream was of the explosion . . . that made her deaf.

If the reviews for this are good I may make it a story but if not, it remains a one-shot. Your choice.