Give Me A Reason, A Victorious Fanfic

Sypnosis: Going to the coffee shop was planned, but meeting an attractive brunette and exchanging numbers definitely wasn't planned. A Jori Fanfic.

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Marty's coffee shop was one of my favourite coffee shops ever. I went there every day before school, to get a coffee for mek. So, on the 25th October, when I walked in, half asleep, my eyes drooping, I didn't know that that day would change my life. Forever.

I'm going to tell you the story of how I met Tori Vega, the girl who changed my life, for better. I had convinced myself that I didn't love her, but after a month of denial, of broken hearts and confused feelings, I admitted it. I loved her.

I didn't even know who she was; she was a girl who went to a school on the outskirts of Hollywood. It must have been her first day in the coffee shop; I had never seen her before. I would have noticed her.

She was perched on the edge of her seat, her perky eyes wide open, her hands clasped tightly around her cup. When I first walked in, her lips were sipping carefully on her coffee, her eyes glued to her mobile that was lying on the table. I remember my eyes darting across the shop, and landing on her.

If you think that I fell in love instantly, and my heart starting beating and I ran out in embarrassment, you don't know me. I did nothing like that. I might have been young, but I wasn't stupid. No, I looked her up and down, taking in the dimples, the cute smile and the tanned arms.

I know this sounds strange now, but I thought she looked irritating, annoying. I thought she reminded me of a Barbie doll, perfectly perfect, and therefore extremely annoying.

I then marched to the front, where the usual waiter was stood behind the counter, a bored expression on her face. If I think back, the shop was pretty busy, I just didn't notice. I didn't care.

"Hey again Jade, a coffee?" Lucy, the waiter, smiled at me. I saw her every day, she had gotten used to the same order every day.

I nodded, tracing patterns on the counter impatiently, "Yeah hurry up ok, I really need a coffee."

Lucy laughed, an annoying friendly laugh, "Somebody got out of the wrong side of bed this morning." She poured some hot water into the plastic cup, mouthing the words to 'Call me maybe'.

"Yeah, something like that, or it might be that annoyingly perfect girl sat in the corner over there." I said bluntly, my eyes pointing over to where the girl was sat. She now had her phone to her ear.

Lucy smirked, picking up the milk, "Oh she's a new regular, she used to turn up about an hour after you left, and I have no idea why she's here at this time." She looked at me seriously, "She's nice Jade, you should talk to her."

I looked at her in pure amazement, "Like that's ever going to happen."

Lucy winked at me, flicking her long blonde hair behind her shoulders, "I think you'd be surprised."


For the next couple of days, the mysterious girl, who I nicknamed Barbie, was sat at the same table, sometimes with her headphones plugged in, sometimes she was just sat staring into space. I usually avoided her, and stayed away. She wasn't someone that I wanted to meet, she was too…Perky.

I couldn't help but feel intrigued though, I sometimes watched her flick her long hair behind her shoulders, or when she licked her cherry coloured lips. I wasn't stalking her, I was just interested in who she was.

I sometimes wondered how old she was. She looked older than me, a lot older. Maybe she was 18?

Then, one day, exactly a week later, I turned up before she did. She didn't turn up to the shop until I had finished ordering and was sat on a table for two, gulping down my coffee.

She walked in hurriedly, she looked really rushed, and obviously she was running late. She didn't bother going to the counter, Lucy already realised and had started to make her a coffee. It was the girl's usual routine.

Her eyes then darted around the shop, desperately trying to find an empty seat. I remember how guilty I felt when we both realised that there were now spare seats available.

She looked over at me, and I glared at her, warning her to move over to me. She beamed, and ran over to me, her eyes shining happily. When she reached my seat, I had placed my bag on the empty seat, trying my hardest to scare her away.

"Hey!" She breathed out, sounding exhausted, "Can I sit here? There are no other seats!" She explained, slipping into the seat cheerily.

I remember wanting to say that the seat was saved, but I found myself nodding, letting her sit down opposite me.

"Sure," I said unenthusiastically, picking up my coffee and sipping on it, trying to avoid eye contact when she spoke again.

"Thanks," her voice was soft, raspy, "What's your name? I'm Tori!"

I remember thinking what a perfect name for her, she looked exactly like a Tori. Perfectly perfect.

"Jade West." I said bluntly.

She grinned, "Cool name! What school do you go to? I go to BrickMere!"

BrickMere was one of the newer schools on the edge of Hollywood, it had a bit of a reputation for having snobs and posh knobs attending there. She didn't look like a posh knob, she just looked normal.

"Cool." I was trying to end the conversation, to stop this forced, awkward conversation. If you could call it that.

Lucy then walked over to our table, smirking at my annoyed expression, and handing a coffee to Tori, who smiled again, "Thanks!"

I waited until Lucy had walked away before leaning over towards Tori, "Listen Barbie, I don't like you and you don't like me, so why don't you just leave me alone and stop acting like we're friends!"

Tori was silent for one long second, before she started to laugh softly, "How do you know I won't like you?"

"I know."

She winked at me, and leant into her bag, and took out a notepad, "Jade, I accept your challenge!"

I frowned, "What challenge?"

She scribbled down random letters on her notepad, before tearing out the page and handed it to me, "Here's my number, call me. If you don't like me after a week of texting, then I'll leave you alone, but you will like me."

And with that, she stood up, and marched out, a determined expression on her face.

I looked down wearily at the piece of paper, which had random numbers scribbled down, and a message, written in swirly neat writing:

You can't deny a new friend, call me. Tori Vega xoxoox

And after that moment, I knew that this girl would change my life.


When I got to school, I still hadn't sent her a text. I don't know if I was just annoyed at the thought of texting her, or just plain stubborn.

I didn't tell my friends Andre and Cat when I met them at lunch, I kept it a secret. After all, it wasn't even that big of a deal. I had met a girl at the coffee shop and she had given me her number. That's it.

It was when I got home, and was sat in my bed when I finally saved her number onto my phone, and sent her one simple message.

Hi Tori, it's Jade.

And then I put my phone on charge, and fell asleep with thoughts of Tori running through my head.

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