Give Me A Reason, Chapter Seven

By LovingLizForever

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The party was in full swing. My parents had found me and told me that they were going to stay the night in a nearby hotel, and that they trusted me to keep the party alive. I'm not even sure if that was a good idea, considering the fact that more and more people were turning up, and I think someone has provided alcohol, which I have stayed well clear of.

My eyes darted around the living room that was full of people, either dancing to the loud music, or kissing, or both. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, yet here I was, standing here, alone.

I felt a sharp hand on my shoulder, and I turn around in surprise. I see Trina standing, arm in arm with some dude that I didn't recognise. He looked a lot older than me…A lot older than Trina as well. He seemed in a whole different league.

His arms were wrapped around her waist, in a way that scared the life out of me. He had floppy brown hair, and a confident smirk resting on his face. I wondered who he was; maybe he was that guy Trina had told me about earlier? Maybe this was the guy that Trina was dating?

Please let them be dating, I silently begged inside, I don't want to be forced to date this guy.

Trina had a smile plastered on her face, and she looked at me with an expression that said Say-something-you-awkward-idiot.

I forced a smile on my face, "Hey, I'm Tori!"

If the guy had an opinion on me, he didn't show it. Quite honestly, his expression didn't change at all. Trina however, snuggled up inside of his chest. Ugh, I thought, this was disgusting.

"Yeah, whatever, I just wanted to know where mom was," Trina said quickly, sending me an angry glare. Hang on what? Why was she angry at me? All I'd done is say hi to whoever that creep was.

I sent her a glare back, "Mom and dad have gone to stay in a hotel for the night, they trusted me to keep everyone in order…" My eyes flick onto the guy coldly, "Which means that I have to make sure that nothing inappropriate happens."

Trina groaned dramatically, "Seriously?" I nodded, "The parents have left the building!" Trina yelled, and everyone went silent. All heads turned towards us, before everyone started to cheer.

After that, the music was turned up way more than it was before, more alcohol was produced and people kept coming through the front door.

If I was honest, I'd admit that I was getting a bit scared. Everyone friendly who had been at the party had now left, and now everyone looked older, scarier…and as midnight struck, I debated whether I should just call it a night and go to bed.

No, I told myself stubbornly, Mom had trusted me to keep the party in order, and I am going to have to tell everyone to go home.

However tired I was, I managed to drag myself to the music player. The songs that were playing were mostly rap songs, and I quickly turned them off. Once again, that caused many people to notice, and they turned to me in frustration.

"Uh hey?" I said nervously, turning towards everyone, "I just want to say that parties over, can everyone go home now?"

The reaction I was expecting definitely wasn't the reaction I got. Someone leapt forwards towards me in anger, and someone yelled out, "What's that girl saying? This is our party!"

I was about to make a run for it, and hide in my room all night, when a loud, scary voice barked above everyone else's, "You heard Vega, get out. C'mon, GET OUT!"

Everyone, including me, turned to where the voice had come from, and a beam spread across my face. She had come to rescue me! Finally! Jade was standing at the front door, and angry expression on her face, her eyes sparkling evilly.

Some people sighed, and started gathering their things to leave, but some just glared at Jade and carried on dancing. I felt a little pity for them, I didn't know Jade very well, but I knew her well enough to know that she would kill those people.

I was right- A few seconds later, she was marching towards the twenty year olds who were still daring to dance, and a huge slap echoed across the room.

"Jade, stop!" I shouted, trying to run over to her, but my legs felt so heavy, and I fell to the ground. A flicker of pain sparked through my legs, and I cried out in pain. People started surrounding me, asking me if I was okay, but I could only focus on the pain.

It felt like it was dragging me down, down, down, until I was at the depths of the bottom.


"Vega, wake up." I woke up to a loud voice above me. I flinched slightly, trying to figure out where I was and what had happened. I remember the loud music, the sneering glances of everyone who was watching. I then remember Jade, standing by the doorway…The slapping.

My eyes flickered open, and I looked up tiredly above me. I was inside a room, full of people looking down over me. I thought I was in hospital. My mom was sat beside me, dried tear stains covering her face. My father had his arm around her protectively, as if he'd never let go of her. Jade was standing at the other side of my bed, looking tired, but determined. Everyone looked so dead…What had happened to me?

I tried to speak, but my mouth just didn't want to move. I tried again, and my mouth moved slightly, enough for me to squeak out, "What's happening?"

My eyes were placed firmly on Jade, who looked over at my mom, as if she was asking permission to tell me. My mom nodded slowly, and Jade looked back at me, "Uh, basically, you've broken your leg somehow, and Trina has gone missing." She said.




Why was Trina missing? What had happened to her? At that point I didn't even care about my broken leg, all I wanted was Trina back, with us. I tried to think back to the last time I saw her- she was at the party, with that guy…

I burst into sobs. My heart knew immediately what had happened. That boy…That monster had taken my sister. Oh my god, oh my god…I wondered what was happening to her. Was she dead, was she alive?

With shaking hands, my mom passed me a piece of paper from her handbag. I took it slowly, squinting my eyes to read it properly.

Dear mom, and dad, and whoever wants to read this,

I'm a failure. I know what you all think of me- That I'm some talentless, selfish, pathetic girl, who has a dream that will never come true. I've always shrugged off the insults from my classmates, but now I've started to believe them. I am irritating, I've failed everyone.

But I've found someone that I truly love, someone who likes me, the real me. I've tried to change, and yet I find it so hard. So I need to leave, I need to find myself, and staying here- that just won't happen. Don't be upset, you won't miss me.

You can't send out a search party, please, I'm fine. I'm 18 now, which means that I'm legally allowed to move out. Don't look for me, I'm fine.

If you ever loved me, please let me go.

Lots of love,

Trina Vega.

"She left before we found you-"My mom said, tears falling down her eyes, "She didn't want to cause a scene." I wasn't listening though. I wasn't listening to her excuses. It all came down to one thing that I really, really, didn't want to admit. Yet it was true, it was all true.

My sister, my beautiful, amazing, sister, has left me.


The next day, I got told that when I had tripped over I had crushed my leg against the side of the piano, and it had broken it. However, there was still hope that I could walk again. I didn't care though; everything was going into one ear and out the other. All I cared about was finding Trina.

Mom has decided against calling the cops, she didn't want any fuss. She wanted Trina to come back when she felt ready. I told mom everything about this guy who was with her, and although mom was disapproving, she understood about true love.

Jade visited every day, laughing about how I hadn't even been at Hollywood Arts for a day and I had already injured myself. She told me about her crush on this new boy, Beck Oliver, and although I told her I was happy for her, I felt a pang of jealously. I shoved that to the back of my mind, and instead quizzed Jade on Beck.

She told me he was an actor, and new to the school. That she had never fallen for a boy before, yet here she was, falling in love. She told me how it frustrated her how arrogant he was about his love life, yet how she still loved him.

Jade then told me about her friendships, and how Andre was her best friend, and how he wanted to meet me, and become friends. He even sent me get-well-soon flowers, which was really kind.

After a long week, my doctor told me that I was making a marvellous recovery, and that I would be let out of hospital at the weekend. That was three days to go.

Three more days, three more days until I get to start Hollywood Arts. I felt a pang of guilt creep through me as I thought of starting Hollywood Arts without Trina, but I tried to push it out of my mind. Trina had moved on, and I should too.


"You ready?"

It was the day that I was finally leaving the hospital, and I felt a lot better than before. I could walk with crutches, and it no longer was painful to move my legs. I felt a little more hopeful about starting Hollywood Arts, which would now be on Monday.

I nodded, a determined smile on my face, "Let's do this." I said to Jade, as we made our way slowly outside to the car park, where Jade's black car was parked right beside the entrance- so that I didn't have to walk too far.

Jade ran over to the passenger's door and opened it for me, and I took off my crutches and slipped inside. I looked around Jade's car curiously. It was nothing like I expected- it was just normal. Not that I expected guns or anything, because over that last few week I saw a different side to Jade.

She slipped beside me, and turned on the engine, "Do you want me to turn on the radio?" She asked simply, and I shook my head. I preferred talking to Jade than listening to the radio.

"So how's Beck?" I asked, turning my head towards her.

Jade smiled slowly, "He's good, I think. He asked me out on a date on Saturday." She said, and I could hear the excited expression in her tone.

I grinned, "What did you say?"

Jade smirked suddenly, as we turned the corner sharply, "I refused him."

"Why?" I was genuinely shocked, I thought she liked him?

"I don't know, I just didn't feel like it." Jade licked her lips, "And I felt no spark with him when he tried to kiss me, so I just rejected him. But there's still hope."

My heart started thumping at that. I felt terrible. Why was I so happy that she had rejected him? And why were my hopes crushed when she told me there was still hope? Before I could ask anything else, she reversed into my driveway, and my parents, who were waiting by the doorway for me ran over to greet me.

Whatever I felt for Jade would have to wait.


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