Chapter One

"It looks like it's gonna rain..." I murmured to myself as I looked out the window. I sighed and pulled on my coat. My phone started to ring, it was Ludwig, my little brother, he was home alone, usually he waits until I get home. I wondered what he needed, I answered it. "Hey, Luddy."

"It's gonna rain. Do you think you'll get home in time?"

"Yeah, but I wouldn't be too sure Luddy."

"Can you stop calling me that?"

"What? Luddy? No, never! I like calling you that!"

"I don't, can you just stop?"

"What's so bad about it?"

"It makes me sound like a little kid, Gilbert..."

"You are, Ludwig."

"Whatever, just stop."

"Ah, fine. I'll see you when you get home."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye." I'm still calling him Luddy though, he's my little brother, and I'm just awesome like that. I walked out of my work building, and into the busy streets. I zipped my jacket up, It's cold, I stuck my hands in my pockets and put my headphones on, my music blocked the noise of the city. Ah, this song, Love Zombie by Chris Garneau, I love this song, it's so relaxing. I closed my eyes, and trotted my feet to the rhythm. I accidentally bumped into a blonde boy with glasses and blue eyes, I smiled and apologized. He apologized more than I did and continued along his way ahead of me. I closed my eyes again, I felt a few drops on my face, Shit, I hope it's not going to- rain poured down on me. Of course, of course it had to rain. I put my hoodie up over my white hair and continued to walk. It wasn't raining too hard, not enough for me to find someplace to stay until it clears. It started to get heavier, and heavier until I had to find someplace to stay, I looked around, the café nearest to me was already packed, can't go in there. I ran down the street until I came to a diner, it wasn't packed-yet. I walked in, a waiter greeted me, "Hi, uh, can I just stay here until it clears up?" He smiled and nodded, "But you're gonna have to order something." I nodded and smiled. I sat down at a booth and shook my hair dry, I heard a soft "Yip" I looked up and in front of me was that little blonde boy I bumped into. I smiled, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't notice you there, do you want me to move to another booth?" he shook his head, "No, it's fine, people don't usually notice me, I'm used to it..." I frowned and got up, he looked at me, I sat down next to him. "Well in that case, I'm going to pay attention to you until it clears up, so, what's your name?" He looked shocked, but he calmed down and cleared his throat, "Matthew" He took a sip of his cocoa. I smiled "Mine's Gilbert, nice to meet you Matthew." I put my arm around the back of the booth-seat, he blushed a little. Aw, he's so cute. A waitress asked me for anything, "No, just a coffee, that's all" I smiled and she came back with my coffee. It was still pouring out, I decided to call Ludwig, he must be freaking out by now. I dialed the number, "Hey! Ludwig-"

"Where are you!?"

"H-Hey calm down Ludwig, it's pouring out here, I don't wanna come home sick, so just lock the doors and feed birdie okay? I'll be home as soon as the rain stops okay?"


"I'll be home soon, don't worry, okay? Bye."

"Bye" I hung up and looked at Matthew, I noticed that his eyes were more of a lavender than a blue. "Was that your boyfriend?" He asked softly, I laughed and shook my head "No, no, that's my little brother."

"Oh, sorry, do you take care of him?"

"Yeah, well, he kinda takes care of me, but I love him."

"Aw that's sweet. I have an older brother, he's a bit of an asshole, a lot of people don't like him, sometimes they mistaken me from him, and they kinda take it out on me..."

"Is he really that bad?"

"Yeah kind of, but he's really nice and caring once you start to understand him. I love my older brother though, Alfred helps me out." He took another sip of his cocoa, I took a sip of my coffee. It's still raining out, we looked out the window. "The rain is kind of cold."

"Yeah, hope it dies down soon..." I frowned,

"Aw, you don't like talking to me?"

"No, no, no! I really like talking to you, I mean not like I've known you for years and I've learned to enjoy it, I just like hearing your voice, not like that's creepy!" He sighed and looked down at his cocoa "That was kind of a creepy thing to say, huh?" I laughed, "Yeah, kinda, that was funny, but don't get so freaked out, I was just messing with you!"


"So where you heading after the rain dies down?"

"Back home to help my brother move things. You?"

"Same, to my brother." He smiled and looked out the window, I watched him watch the rain, his big lavender eyes glisten in the pale light, I blushed. All of a sudden my phone was spazzing, Ludwig was sending me texts at the speed of light; it read:

Hey get home, I don't care if it's raining just get home!

While you're on your way, can you pick up some food? I'm starving.



Hey, Gilbert, you need to get home, the people beneath us are arguing again... I'm afraid they're going to fight...

I answered his texts; It's alright, I'll try to catch a cab okay? Just stay in your room until I get there okay?

I put my phone in my pocket and paid for the coffee, and Matthew's cocoa, "Oh thank you, Gilbert, you didn't have to..." I smiled and put my arm around his shoulder, "Nah, it's no problem, especially when you have an awesome friend like me" He smiled and blushed, aw, he's so cute. "So you're leaving? It's still pouring out..."

"I know, but my brother really need me home right now."

"Oh? Is there something wrong?"

"The couple who lives underneath us fights a lot, he doesn't like it..." He nodded, I pulled my hood up and headed out for the door, I walked out and called a cab, thank god I got one on the first try, I looked over at Matthew, he looked so lonely... I walked into the Diner to him and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the cab with me. "Wha-! What are you doing!?" I smiled, "Getting you a ride." He blushed and tried to wipe his embarrassment off of his face. Adorable.

I arrived at my Apartment. "Uhm... D-do.. do you mind if... if I-I stay the night?" I looked over to him, his face was still flushed, "Uh, sure." We got out of the cab, he paid for it "What was that for!?"

"The cocoa." I smiled and thanked him. We rushed in, I could hear the couple fighting from the first floor, damn, I hope Luddy is okay. Matthew followed me into the elevator. I looked over at Matthew, he looked so nervous and tense... "Hey, are you okay? You seem a little nervous..." He nodded

"Yes, I-I just feel like I'm be-becoming a burden to you, just barely meeting you and all..." I smiled and patted him on the back, "It's okay, you're not a burden, trust me." He smiled and rubbed his back. When we got to my floor, the couple sounded like cannons firing at each other. I unlocked my apartment room, and threw my things on the coat-rack. I opened the door to Ludwigs room, he looked at me, "Make them shut up." Ilaughed and picked him up. "I can't, they'll get over it soon, like they usually do." He looked over my shoulder, "Who's that?" I looked behind me, the still-blushing blonde man was standing there, smiling. I smiled at how cute he is. I put my little brother down, "Let me get you some clothes to sleep in." I headed for my room "Y-You don't need to do that! I can j-jus-st sleep in my clothes..."

"Nonsense! You're my guest, I have to be hospitable." He smiled and blushed even more. I pulled out a drawer from my dresser, hm, what should I give him... I pulled out a big white shirt and a pair of boxers. I threw it to him, "Ar-Are these yours?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Nothi-ing, tha-nk you..." He seems pretty nervous...

"Why are you so nervous? Is something bothering you?"

"No, no, I'm fine" He sighed and tried to calm down, he wasn't blushing as much as he was before. I heard a door slam, must be the couple below. "I don't have a spare bedroom, do you wanna take my brothers for the night?"

"No, no, I can just sleep on the sofa, I'll be fine...'

"Nah, I think I'll sleep on the sofa, you can sleep in my bed tonight."

"What? No this is your home, I don't want to take over your things!"

"You're not, I'm trying to be nice, I mean, you can sleep with me if you want to..." I blushed a little, "Um..."

"Then it's settled, we'll sleep together." he blushed even more, "D-do you know where I can change into these?" I pointed into my room, he quietly got up and walked into my room. I turned on the television. I decided to take a shower, I got up and walked into my room. Matthew was in the middle of dressing, "Oh I'm sorry, I'll just squeeze through here..." I pulled off my shirt and threw it into the dirty laundry basket. I turned on the shower and started to unbutton my pants, ah, I forgot to close the door, I looked out the door, Matthew what cleaning his glasses. He looked so cute, his frail body in my big clothes, I smiled. He noticed me and smiled back, he was still blushing slightly, I walked over to him and grabbed his waist, his face flushed completely, I pushed his chin up with my free hand and kissed him ever so sweetly. I could taste the cocoa he drank at the diner, so sweet... We broke for air, I looked deeply into his big lavender eyes, I kissed him again and lifted him up onto the bed. I looked over him, fragile body he has, he sat up as I climbed over him, I pushed him back down, I laced my finger through his soft blonde hair. I kissed him again, more forcefully this time, I swept my tongue over his teeth, he whimpered as we exchanged saliva. "Gi-Gilbert..." I took off my pants and socks, I reached under his shirt and played with nipple as I kissed him, "Ah! Gil-bert..." He gasped as I groped his obvious erection, I pulled the boxers off of him and stroked his lightly, he moaned and gripped the sheets. I licked the head and slowly got the whole shaft in my mouth, he was loud, I hope we aren't waking up Ludwig. I played with him until he finally came to his climax. He came in my mouth, I couldn't decide whether to swallow it or spit it out, I ended up spitting it out onto his softening shaft. I looked up at him, his face was still flushed, he looked down at me and smiled, well, tried to. He started to laugh, "We only just met..." I laughed as well. "Yeah, but I couldn't resist you, you're so adorable and sexy." he smiled, I helped him clean up, I was careful not to erect him again. After my show, I went into Luddy's room to check if he wasn't awake at our little incident", he was still fast-asleep. I knelt down beside him and kissed his forehead. I walked back into my room, where Matthew was asleep as well. I curled up beside him, I like my new little friend. Could today be any more awesome?