The silver-haired albino woke up to the smell of pancakes and maple syrup. The scent was inviting and without second though he quickly pulled on a shirt. He headed for the kitchen, the blonde he slept with last night was making them, what was his name again? Oh, that's right, Matthew. Oh did they have fun last night. Gilbert hugged him from behind and kissed his ear, he blushed. "Pancakes huh?"

"Yeah, I make some mean pancakes." He smiled as he flipped the pancake over. Gilbert smiled back and checked on Ludwig, he's still asleep. He quietly closed the door as he left. Matthew set down a plate of pancakes and maple syrup on the table. Gil smiled and picked up a few and set them down on his plate. God, those look good. "You have, uh, very nice apartment Gilbert.."

"Hm? Oh, thanks, I make a lot here, so I can afford to support my little brother and this apartment" He nodded.

"Do you like your pancakes?" Gilbert nodded, as he shoved another forkful of pancakes in his mouth.

"Uh..." Matthews voice shook a little, was something bothering him? "Is everything okay?" Gilbert asked.

"Y-yes, I... I just remembered last night... Do you think your little brother head us?" The small blonde walked into the dining room.

"Heard you saying what?" Ludwig said yawning, Gilbert choked on his food "N-nothing! It's nothing for you to be concerned about!" Gilbert rubbed his little brothers head and handed him a plate with pancakes. "Oh, okay." Matthews face was tinted red. "Ludwig, do have school today?" Ludwig nodded, he was still in his pajamas, "Who made these? They're really good." He asked. Matt smiled, "I did, a lot of people like my pancakes!"

"You should start a business, you could get a lot of money with them."

"Oh, well I don't know about that..." He shrugged. Ludwig got up and carried his plate to the sink. "Did anyone do the dishes last night?" Gilbert shook his head, Ludwig frowned, "Well I'm not doing them, yesterday was your day, what were you doing last night?" Gilbert and Matthew looked at each other, Ludwig blushed "That's gross guys..." He left to his room. "How old is he?" Matthew cheeks were a darker red now, "He's six, but he's pretty mature for some reason. I wasn't expecting that, I'm sorry..."

"Oh don't be, it isn't your fault, I was quiet loud..." He rubbed the back of his neck, Gilbert sighed and kissed Matthew on the forehead. "No, I'm pretty sure our reaction's gave it away, it's not your fault." Matthew smiled, oh how lovely his smile was. It made Gilbert feel all warm inside, he loved making him smile, his smile was so heart warming and sweet. Gil smiled back and pecked him on the lips before going to check on his younger brother. "Ludwig?" He knocked on the door. Ludwig answered it, "Hey, can I come in?" He nodded. Gilbert sat on his bed next to him, "Look, I'm sorry you had to find out what happened last night like this, did you hear us?"

"How would I hear you guys kissing, I think it's just gross because kissing is gross." Gilbert laughed, "Oh, okay, as long as you didn't hear us, I'm sure you would've puke at the sound of kissing huh?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I would." Ludwig smiled, ah, another welcoming smile. This world is filled with perfect people. Gil left the room, Matthew was cleaning the dishes. Why is he cleaning? He does know that he is the guest here? But how could one get angry at the little cutie? It's next to impossible. Gil walked over to Matthew and butted him out of the way, "There is no way I'm letting you clean up, it's my house and you're the guest." Matt apologized, what is he doing apologizing? He didn't do anything wrong, man this guy has issues. But, of course Gilbert would be the one to help him through his issues, that's the point of this story anyway. Whoops, breaking the fourth wall, sorry about that, let's get back to the story already. "Don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong." Matthew nodded. He sat down at the table, his hands clenched together sitting up straight and tense. Gilbert noticed and hurried finishing the dishes. He dried his hands off, he picked up Matthew and carried him into his bedroom. He set him down on his bed. Gil looked at his gorgeous friend, he ran his fingers through his golden hair, the little curl that popped out of his hair caught itself in between Gilberts fingers, Matthew arched his back and let out a small moan, "Is that your sweet spot Matty?" Matty? Are you fucking serious? Gilbert tugged on it a little more, Matt held onto his wrist and tugged on the sheets. Ludwig walked into the room, "W-what are you guys doing?" Gilbert and Matthew froze. God damn, does this kid knock? Gilbert turned his head to Ludwig. "N-nothing, are you ready to go?" Ludwig nodded, Gil turned back to Matthew, "Do you wanna come with me to walk Luddy to school" Matthew hesitated, "U-uh, sure.."

"Hey I told you not to call me that!" Ludwig put his hands on his tiny hips. Gilbert laughed. "Fine I'll try to stop calling you that."

"What do you mean 'try'?" Matthew and Gilbert laughed, Ludwig sighed and fixed his backpack.

Gilbert and Matthew walked Ludwig to school, as Matthew waved goodbye, Gilbert grabbed his hand. Matthew smiled, what a fucking cutie. They walked back to Gil's apartment. "When do you want to go home?" Gilbert asked as they walked in. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe never?" Gilbert smiled. He put his hands on his friends small, fragile face, oh how soft he is, like a baby's ass. Gilbert took Matthews glasses off, longing to kiss his peachy, soft lips. He pressed their mouths together, their tongues danced, saliva trickled down Matthews chin. Gilbert grabbed Matthews ass, once again, he lifted him up and carried him to his bedroom where he threw him on the bed. Gil took off his shirt and he worked on getting Matts off too. Matthew unbuttoned Gilberts pants while he played with his ever-growing boner. Gilbert was so sexy, everything he did turned him on. He really liked him.

Matthew unfolded Gilberts cock out of his pants and started to suck on the head. Gilbert let out a small moan. Playing with his own throbbing dick, Matthew nibbled on the side of Gilberts member. Gilbert place his hands on Matthews head. The corners of Matthews lips were being overflowed with pre-cum. He shoved the entire thing in his mouth, Gilberts watched as Matt bobbed his head back-and-forth. Gil came inside of Matts mouth, he spit the cum out into his hands. Matthew then took off his pants and underwear, and got on his hands and knees, he pushed his petite ass onto Gils cock. "Please" Matthew whispered. Gilbert smiled and took a hold of Matthews hips. He placed his member on Matthews asshole. "Please Gilbert... Don't tease... me" Matt said as he rubbed his ass on Gils cock more. Gilbert stuck it in, Matthew let out a loud moan, "I-I..I-it wont go... In all the w-way..." Gilbert tried forcing it in. "S-stop, Gilbert it hurts..." He stopped forcing it, but he continued slowly putting it in. Matthew grabbed a hold of a pillow and bit it. H could hear Gilbert moan and sigh from time to time. "A-alright... I'm ready, put i-it all the way i-in... G-gilbert.." Gil grabbed Matthews shoulder and forced it all the way in. Matthew yet again, let out a long, loud moan. "I-i-is it a-all the... way in? Your b-big..." Matthew held the pillow tightly. "Yeah, mm you're so good Matty.." Gilbert answered as he grabbed Matthews member and slowly started to jerk it as his hips rocked back-and-forth. Gilbert pull Matthew up so he was sitting up straight, He played with his little curl, which made him thrust from time to time. He was so tight, was he a virgin? Feels like it. Matthew came in Gilberts hand, he took his hand and shoved all of his cum in his mouth, Wow, what a sexy move there. Matthew continued to suck on Gils fingers, Gilbert pulled his cock out of Matthew and turned him over, he lifted his legs. He rested his right leg comfortably on his shoulder. He shoved it in all the way. Matthew was so fragile. He let out a loud moan again, hopefully Gilberts neighbors can't hear them. Harder this time Gilbert rocked his hips, they way he made love, it was so angelic. Matthew rested his hand on his forehead, and covered his mouth with the other. "Faster"He ordered, "Harder! Faster! Fuck me, fuck me!" Obeying his orders, Gilbert moved harder and faster. He thought of that song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Why his he thinking of that now? Gilbert finally came inside Matthew, it glided down Matts ass. It was so warm, Matt liked this feeling, this was his first time, and it was done very well. Gilbert fell on top of Matt. "Was this your first time Matt?" Gil whispered in Matts ear. Matthew laughed. "Yes, yes it was." Gilbert smiled. "Was it awesome?"

Matthew smiled, "It was, yes it was..."