13. Innocent

Summary: The Ringmaster isn't happy that her entire stash of potato chips got taken away suddenly. So, she decides to figure out who the culprit is.

Characters: Everyone

"Doll? Miss Fortune?"

Both twin carnies looked up at her from once. Apparently they were in the middle of giving each other a makeover-the Doll's hair was braided while Miss Fortune's was in tight, low ponytail and they had just started applying makeup to each other's faces when the Ringmaster walked in.

"What is it?" Both of them asked in unison. The Ringmaster let out a breath, before speaking.

"Did either of you take my entire stash of potato chips?" She crossed her arms, giving them both a hard stare. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

The Doll looked confused. "I've been in the tent all day-" He promptly sneezed, and Miss Fortune gave him a handkerchief to wipe himself with. "And Miss Fortune's been keeping me company."

"Oh, right..." The Ringmaster face-palmed herself, remembering earlier in the day when she asked the Acrobat Tsuki to go bring breakfast to the Doll and Miss Fortune. "Well, if it isn't you two, who do you think it is?"

Before the Doll could speak up again, Miss Fortune did-almost too excitedly for accusing someone.

"Maybe it was the Acrobats! They could have taken your entire stash, considering that they have more than one pair of hands to take everything! Right? Right? Right!?"

The Ringmaster and the Doll both promptly stared at Miss Fortune blankly. Miss Fortune just smiled back at them with a childish, innocent smile. The Ringmaster paused, before speaking.

"Alright, I suppose I'll go ask them..." She then directed a glare towards Miss Fortune. "Though if it turns out that you were the one that took my potato chip stash, you will be sorry..."

Both Miss Fortune and the Doll nodded quickly, fear lighting up in their eyes.

"Of course!"

"It's not us, it's not us!"

The Ringmaster facepalmed herself. "I'm not saying it's either of you being the culprit yet..."

"You seriously think so?"

"Why do you think it's us?"

"Chips make you fat-why would I want to steal them?"

The Ringmaster glared at Yuki, who had said the last response, before she put her hands on her hips. The Acrobats Tsuki, Mizu and Yuki had been in the middle of practicing for their act when the Ringmaster came along and questioned them.

"Alright then..." The Ringmaster paused, before speaking. "Who do you think did it?"

"Uh..." Mizu paused, before guessing. "Maybe the Lion Tamer?"

Tsuki nodded quietly. "Yeah, that would make sense...he does eat junk food once in a while, after all..."

"What? What secret chip stash?"

"Don't play dumb. You took my chips, didn't you?"

The Lion Tamer shook his head after downing a sip of alcohol from an opened bottle. "Nope. The horses were being a bit antsy today, so I've been stuck here the whole time..."

The Ringmaster paused, letting out a groan. "How many people am I going to have to question about this...?"


The black-haired man turned to see the orange-haired Ringmaster. The Magician had just started taking a break from his practice when she came over to him.


"Did you take my stash of potato chips?"

The Magician let out a sigh, face-palming himself after throwing the stuffed rabbit over of his head (he'd just taken it out of a hat).

"No, Ringmaster, I did not, I assure you."

"Then who do you think did it?"

"Knife Thrower, obviously. He would definitely be daring enough to steal chips from even you."

The Ringmaster nodded slowly, her facial expression staying calm. The Magician, knew, though, that she was boiling inside at such an outrageous crime as this.

"...Just don't kill him. He's our only Knife Thrower, you know...and probably the only Knife Thrower in existence who would actually be willing to stick with us."

Monica nodded, walking out of the tent.

"I won't kill him at least..."

The Knife Thrower grinned, glancing at the bags of chips that he stored under his bed.

Now I can have access to them any time I want! And the best thing about this...I didn't even get found out!

"KNIFE THROWER!?" The Ringmaster screamed. "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!"

The Knife Thrower sweatdropped.

Oh crap. I'm screwed...




The Ticket Keeper, Firebreather and Strongman all cringed as they watched the Knife Thrower being chased by the Ringmaster.

The Ticket Keeper paused, before speaking up. "He's going to do die, isn't he?"

The Firebreather nodded. "Yup."

The Strongman shrugged at this. "I kind of doubt it-he always finds some way to survive..."