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"I wonder what's taking her so long to answer. She knew we were coming to pick her up before heading over to the bath house…right?" Tenten questioned.

Ino gave an irritated growl and banged on the door to the Haruno house with more gusto than previously, "FOREHEAD! I SWEAR, IF YOU DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR IN THE NEXT TEN SECONDS, I'M GONNA BREAK IT DOWN AND DRAG YOUR ASS OUTTA THERE!"

Tenten sweat dropped at the blonde's threat, "I don't think that will make her any more inclined to answer, Ino,"

Ino ignored Tenten before she muttered curses under her breath as she searched her keys for the one to Sakura's house. She slid it into the lock and opened the door, a dark scowl on her face at having to this…again.

"I swear, she just does it to irritate me. I mean, how many times in the last month have I had t-" Ino stopped short at the sight and smell that greeted her, "Oh god…"

Hearing Ino's voice turn from irritated to horrified, Tenten looked over the blonde's shoulder from behind, her eyes going wide and her hand came up to cover her mouth in shock and horrification.

"What the hell hap…SAKURA!? SAKURA? ANSWER ME!" Ino frantically called from the doorway. When no reply came Ino took a deep breath to steady herself and proceeded in, slowly, with trepidation.

Blood covered every wall, floor and furniture in every room they passed. The furniture was scattered and demolished. The place was a warzone. There was nothing that wasn't left untouched and as she entered the living room she nearly burst out crying. There were Sakura's parents, beaten, bloody and broken. Mutilated. Dead.

"I'm going to get Tsunade and I'm sending whoever I find on the way over," Tenten said quietly.

Ino didn't respond. Her eyes glued to her aunt and uncle. She felt bile rising but she swallowed it back down. She had to find Sakura.

She made her way back out to the hall and proceeded up the stairs. The scene was much the same as downstairs only less furniture. The carpet was saturated with blood in the hall, every step she took a squelch issued. The smell made her want to turn away and go back outside. No, she had to find Sakura.

She glanced in the bathroom, finding nothing but red stained walls and floor she quickly moved on. The master bedroom was empty. Ino gulped as she turned towards the last door on the landing. She could see it was partially opened. Sakura's bedroom.

She slowly made her way to the door, took a deep breath and pushed it open. This room was by far the worst in the house. Everything was red. It smelled of metal. The furniture…well, it was soo badly destroyed that you couldn't even make out what half the things used to be. Debris was everywhere. Feathers littered the place from the ripped pillows and duvet. Foam from the mattress was everywhere. Planks of wood crossed every which way. Glass could be seen everywhere on the blood-soaked floor, having come from the broken window and mirror. It was utter chaos.

"My god." Ino breathed out. Her eyes took it all in but her brain was having a hard time processing the information. She swallowed as her eyes moved around the room, taking everything in through the tears building up.

Then she spotted a hand, "SAKURA!" and she was running towards it and then started to move the rubble and debris off of her. And when she did the sight that greeted her did have her crying out and bursting into floods of tears.

"Sakura! Come on!" she cried desperately as her hand made her way from her wrist to her neck feeling for a pulse. When she felt it the very weak beat she nearly cried for joy but didn't. Sakura wasn't breathing. Her body was even worse off than her dead parents downstairs. Ino's hands began to glow green as she tried to assess the damage done to her best friend and what she found had her in utter despair. There was no way Sakura was going to survive. Even Tsunade didn't have that kind of power or skill. Sakura's bones were shattered, her internal organs all but non-existent and the internal bleeding was so severe that even trying to get it under any sort of control would take every ounce of chakra of all the medic-nin in Konoha.

So Ino did the only thing she could think of, the only thing that her brain could comprehend: she broke down.

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