"We got one stashed in the hold. Stowaway. Pretty morsel if ya ask me, should we hand her over to the boys-"

"No, I want to see the little thing."

"Yes ma'am."

Ysabeau D., better known as Ysabeau the Deathly, was sauntering across the deck of her ship when her first mate, Trickster, had gotten her attention. She had moved idly towards the bow and had a smile creeping over her lips as she heard of their little... problem.

Sending the man away, she looked around as she fully exposed her smile. They were sailing the high seas and, if the charter maps they had bought were accurate, they were roughly around Glasgow; she didn't need any bullfuckery aboard due to an appetizing stowaway. The men hadn't stepped a foot on land for over eight months and it was only their undying respect and loyalty to Ysabeau that kept them in line.

And the fact they hadn't met anyone to bribe them higher than the woman could.

Passing by the quartermaster, she dipped her head slightly to him, and he responded with a bow his own. She liked the scruffy man, Ysabeau thought as she passed him, if she hadn't there would have been no way Dyson would have ever gotten on board of her fine ship. He had a nice bum too. That always helped.

Quickly entering the hold, her boots smacking against the wood, she looked around sharply.

A small form was huddled against the far back wall, the farthest point from the iron gates, and her blonde hair stood out like a sour thumb from her dark and mucky clothing.

"What 'ave we here? Come on, darlin', let us see your pretty face," Ysabeau cooed as she stepped toward the bars.

The blonde turned slightly, showing only half of her face, and as she saw the captain's brown eyes she turned fully. The woman was tall, Ysabeau thought, but she couldn't have been any taller than herself.

"There's a pretty lass. You know, I could throw you to the boys for sneaking aboard."

"Pirate code forbids it," The woman said, almost nonchalantly. The captain admired her for her spunk.

"What do you know of the pirate code?"


Ysabeau smiled but said, "The code dictates a little thing like you be comin' on board because one of my crew wanted ya, that's against the code. You stowing away is fair game to all of us." Her eyes glinted as she saw the horror in the blonde's eyes and the recognition that Ysabeau had said us, not them. "Did one of my crew bring you aboard? It's punishable by death, you know."

"I know the code, you can't lie to me. You're not allowed to touch me. You are to appoint me a sentinel."

The woman had her there.

"Well I guess ye do know of the code, dearie. Interesting." Ysabeau breathed in deeply and said, "Ye know, if I weren't mistaken, you've got a certain air of nobility to ya. The thrown on muck is dampening it just a smidgen, but I've got a nose for these sorts."

The blonde moved away from the gate and sat back down in the corner. Ysabeau admired her blatant disregard for her authority and eyed the woman determinedly.

"Come on then. I'll send down some clothes for you. You can bathe and change and you will meet me in my cabin at noon."

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here." The blonde eyed the captain furiously. It would have been a little more furious if the blonde's stomach didn't growl immensely.

"Are ya sure? I've got a great assortment of food. Just raided a ship of her cargo not two days ago." Ysabeau smiled wickedly as the blonde looked up in horror. "I'll send down some clothes," She said, before going to the small door.

"Wait!" The blonde called after her. Ysabeau turned and eyed the woman mildly. "What's your name?"

The woman considered, and then reconsidered her response but said, "Beau, darlin. Just Beau to you."

"Beau. M-my name's Lauren Lewis."

"Pleasure to meet you, sweet Lauren Lewis." Ysabeau moved to the bar, as the blonde had done, and reached int to take her hand. Kissing it softly, her eyes never left the blonde's, she turned and walked back out of the room.

Pretty and smart, Ysabeau thought as she walked back up to the deck of her ship. Spotting Trickster, she gave him the order to send down water, cloth, and clothes for the woman in the hold. Ysabeau, despite herself, couldn't wait for the meal they would share later. Couldn't wait to see what this Lauren Lewis had to offer her, she had a nose for people wanting to sell her things, and Lauren Lewis reeked of saleswoman.

Scrunching her nose as she placed a healed boot onto the banister as she looked out into the beautiful sea, she couldn't help but smile.

Pretty and smart.