A/N: Here's a little one-shot I wrote a while back.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Soul Eater or its characters.

Maka sat curled up in the corner of the couch, her knees tucked against her body and her nose stuck in a book. It had been a quiet evening since Blair was at work and Soul had gone out with BlackStar and Kid to play basketball earlier that afternoon.
She glanced at the digital clock on the end table. 9:34. Blair's shift wasn't over until 10 then she usually stayed out later and wasn't expected back until early morning. Soul said he'd be back later that evening, but she didn't know what time.
Maka turned her attention back to her book and silently read, the sound of the pages being flipped every few minutes was the only break in the silence. 10:45 came around, finding Maka asleep with the book lying beside her, still curled in her hand.

Soul returned around midnight, quietly sneaking in the front door. He shut it behind him and locked up for the night before padding softly towards his room. He paused, noticing Maka on the couch. Soul smirked; again she had fallen asleep reading. He walked over and stared at her sleeping form for a moment, listening to her rhythmic breathing. She was so cute when she slept, the way her mouth hung open a bit and her eyelashes lay delicately against her cheek. He smiled to himself then proceeded to gently remove the book from her hand, marking her page by bending the corner. Soul slid his arms underneath her body, lifting her thin figure off the couch in one fluid motion, being careful not to jostle her too much. She was really light, not weighing much more than 100 pounds, so he carried her with ease to her room.

Soul shouldered open the door and walked over to her bed, shuffling cautiously in the dark. He set her down, cradling her head delicately as he lowered it onto a pillow. She shifted in her sleep, kicking out her leg and rolling to her side a bit.
Soul smiled and leaned over to pull the covers around Maka's body. After tucking the sheets around her slender shoulders, he silently exited the room and clicked the door shut as he shuffled off to bed himself.