World Travellers Reunited…

Chapter 1: Explaining.
West Shinjuku – Matsuki Bakery/ Household.

"Mum… You're crushing me… Mum…" Takato managed to gasp from his mother's hug that both he and his father preferred to call a 'Death Grip'.

"Honey… I think he might pass out if you don't let him breathe…" Takehiro warned as his son tried frantically to escape the clutch.

"I'm just so glad to see my baby boy again. I was so happy to see you and then those Digimon appeared and you had to go and fight them." She said as she released the struggling boy who attempted to catch his breath as quick as he could so he could tell his mother about what had happened.

"It's great to see you Guilmon. How about some day-old bread?" Takehiro asked the little red saurian that had been watching on in horror at how hard Mie had held Takato. At the mention of bread however, he instantly forgot about all else that had occurred and followed Takehiro into the other room where he would be able to eat bread after so long.

"So, Takato, how did the battle go? No one was hurt were they?" Mie questioned her son.

"Well, to my knowledge the battle went well despite Yamaru taking a bit of a beating." He replied. Guilmon could be heard scarfing down bread from the other room like there was no tomorrow.

'If he's not careful his stomach might actually explode.' Takato thought with a smile after remembering that Guilmon had mentioned having a party where they could 'play games and eat bread till our tummies explode'.

"Well is he okay, and what do you mean 'to my knowledge'?" Mie asked, relatively concerned for her son's new friend.

"Yeah, he's fine now. Well only Ryo and Yamaru got to fight. I mean, when the two Digimon appeared they only wanted to fight Ryo and Yamaru, the rest of us were ignored." He replied, still contemplating the reason why they had not been attacked as a group.

'Maybe they wanted to try and take us out one by one? But then why would Renamon stop us? She seemed so intent on not getting involved yet she let Yamaru go and help Ryo. And why did Ryo willingly walk away with that Stingmon? What happened to Stingmon? Was he even deleted? Ugh. So many questions with no hint of finding an answer any time soon.' Takato contemplated briefly.

"That's strange. Do you know why?" Mie asked baffled as to why they were not all attacked. Not that she wanted all the children to be attacked.

"I haven't got a clue at all." Takato replied as he reached up and scratched his head.

"So, what happened on your little adventure back to the Digital World then?" Mie probed.

"Well, we landed and found Terriermon, Lopmon and Impmon. We travelled a little bit and we were attacked by a Digimon called MasterTyrannomon. I dodged out of the way of one of his attacks and broke my arm, Impmon then took him down. We travelled some more and found Yamaru unconscious so we helped him and he decided to come with us. Yamaru then took us to Machine City where we defeated a rouge MetalGarurumon. Then we came back and yeah…" Takato said as he watched his mother's face as she took all the information in.

He watched the concern, the blank look when he mentioned some names that were unknown to her. But one look held his attention, at first it was a look of sudden realization that twisted into a deep frown as tears welled up in her eyes.

"YOU BROKE YOUR ARM!?" She screamed as she took a hold of his arms and examined them over but finding no signs of them being broken at all.

"Mum," Takato started as he pulled his arms away and put them back to his side. "Wounds heal a lot faster in the Digital World than they do in the real world. I also biomerged after it had broken and biomerging heals most wounds completely." He finished, flexing his arm that had broken so that she knew he was perfectly fine."

"I don't care; you have to be more careful in the future!" She exclaimed worriedly.

"Okay, I will mum." He sighed.

Takehiro walked into the room with the small, grey handheld phone in his hands. "Takato, its Henry." He said as he handed the phone over to his son.

"Thanks dad." Takato mouthed as he raised the phone to his ear and walked upstairs to his room. "Thanks Henry, I owe you one." He said.

(No problem, but what did I do?)

"I accidentally told mum that I broke my arm back in the Digital World. I didn't mean to, it just slipped out." He explained. Takato thought he heard Terriermon singing on the other end of the line before Henry spoke again.

(So, do you want to explain to me why Terriermon is walking around our house singing 'Princess Matsuki'?)

'Oh god…' "I don't know?" He lied.

(Hang on; he wants to talk to you…)

Takato heard murmuring from the other side of the phone and thought he heard Henry berate Terriermon in the usual manner before the sound of a phone being passed around was all he heard.

(Hey, Takatomon! So, uh, what happened to sleep over at Henry's house?)

"Well, I kinda forgot about that and then Guilmon suggested we get together at my house and I figured it was a good idea. Besides, Henry's house is too small for all of us anyways." Takato explained.

(You have a point, but it doesn't mean you're getting out of the Princess Pretty Pants situation. I'm getting Suzie to bring it over with her, and as extra punishment, she's bringing makeup as well.)

"Hey! That wasn't part of the deal bunny rabbit!" Takato almost shouted.

(Is now.)

"Awww man."


"Hang on Terriermon, I've got another call coming through. I'm adding the other phone on the line so please be quiet." Takato pleaded in the event that it turned out to be a customer.

(I'm not promising anything…)

[Hello? Is this the Matsuki Bakery?]

'Oh god, Terriermon, please be quiet…' Takato thought. "Yes it is, this is Takato speaking, how may I help you?" He asked politely.

[Oh good. It's Yamaru; I need to tell you something.]

(I just realized that I can call both Yamaru and Yamaki YamYam!)

[Is that Terriermon?]

"The one and only. Anyway, what did you need to tell me?" Takato inquired. 'What could be so important for him to call? Maybe it's about the fight…' He thought.

[Well, I don't know how to put it so I'm just gonna say it outright.]

(Spit it out already…)

[Well my brother is a Tamer now. On the way home he found a BlackGabumon and he received a D-Arc.]

(That was quick.)

[That's not what your mother said...]

(Jokes on you, I don't have a mother.)

"Just stop before this gets way to out of hand... Why didn't we get a bio emergence reading from our D-Arcs? Oh well. You should bring your brother over on Saturday as well then, which reminds me, I still have to ask my mum." He explained.

[Cool, I will. I have to go and find a way to tell mum about our Digimon now. See ya.]

"See you Saturday."

(Smell ya later, alligator.)

A click could be heard through both phones as Yamaru hung up the phone.

(Well that's weird. Another Tamer… Oohhh, dinner's on! See you Princess Matsuki!) Terriermon said as he hung up the phone before Takato could reply.

'Well that's probably the most interesting phone call I've ever had... I should go and ask mum now.' Takato thought as he walked downstairs. 'What am I going to do about Rika? I keep chickening out… I have to do it, and not just because I promised Terriermon, I'm doing it now for me. Right after the party, that's when I'll ask her. Just so we aren't all awkward and stuff during the party.' He walked through the hallway and hung the phone back up on its mantle and walked into the living room where his parents were sitting on the couch watching a show that Takato had no interest in.

"Uh, hey mum?" He asked.

"Yeah sweetie?" She replied as she craned her head so she could see her son.

"I was wondering if I could have a Tamer-Digimon sleepover this Saturday."

He watched as his mother turned to his father and they discussed his question in private. His father looked up and opened his mouth to say something before Mie turned around and spoke first.

"Where were you planning on keeping everyone?" She asked sternly.

"I-I actually didn't think about that…" He admitted.

"Well you can use the downstairs storage room. We've never actually stored anything down there." She said to him.

"Heh, except dust…" Takehiro mumbled.

"Cool, thanks mum!" Takato called as he turned away to walk back to his room.

"Hold on young man. Do you even know when next Saturday is?" His mother questioned.

"Uhh…" Takato droned as he thought about what day it was.

"It's tomorrow, so you better get down there and start sweeping and setting up sleeping arrangements now." She said as Takato groaned at not getting the chance to relax.

"I'll have to go to everyone's house tomorrow and tell them that it's Saturday. We lost track of time in the Digital World." He grumbled as he thought of the long trek to each and every person's house.

"No need, son. We have e-mails for all the parents." Takehiro said without taking his eyes away from the screen.

"What? How?" Takato asked.

"I deliver regularly to all of their houses. We exchanged e-mails so they don't have to call and it's more convenient for them and us." He explained still with his eyes glued to the TV.

"I'll still have to get in contact with Yamaru somehow. He's moving into this area soon. Or he already has, I'm not sure. Either way, I don't have his number." Takato clarified.

"The phone has a call-back feature. Just press the hash key followed by a one and a zero, and then just press the call button." Mie educated to her son.

"Oh, thanks mum." He said as he walked into the hallway and pulled the phone off of the mantle.

West Shinjuku – Tadanoka Household.

"So how do we break it to mum?" Tahu asked his older brother as they sat in their new backyard, watching BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon scoffing down the food that the brothers brought for them.

"I guess we could surprise her…" Yamaru suggested.

"She'd be surprised all right. They just cleaned out half the fridge in a matter of minutes…" Tahu noted.

"Well, I'll go get her. You two stay right there, uh, Tahu, you might wanna throw all that rubbish away, if mum sees our new backyard trashed she'll be so mad." He said as he pretended to cut off his own head by moving his thumb across his throat.

"Will do." Tahu replied as he flicked his hair out of his eyes.

Yamaru walked in through the back door of the house and into the laundry that connected to the kitchen, passing through the kitchen and into the lounge room where his mum was sitting on the blue couch tying her long chocolate brown hair up into a bun.

"Mum, Tahu and I have something to show you outside. You'll be…surprised." He said.

"Oh, okay. You boys better not have destroyed that lawn…" She warned in a calm voice.

"No, nothing like that. Just close your eyes and I'll guide you outside." He said as he took hold of his mothers' hand.

She did as she was told and closed her eyes as she let her son guide her through the kitchen and the laundry until they were outside. Yamaru led her to the middle of the yard where BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon were standing. The latter standing next to Tahu while Yamaru moved to stand next to the former.

"Okay, mum. Open up…" Tahu said.

Maria opened her eyes to see her two sons standing near two of those monsters that she had seen on the news every now and again. They were the things involved with that giant pink mass of goo that started absorbing everything three years ago. There were two of them in her yard, standing right there, looking at her as if they expected something.

"B-Boys, is-is this some kind of j-joke?" She stuttered.

"No mum. Tahu and I are Tamers and these are our partners." Yamaru explained.

"W-What are Tamers?" She asked wearily.

"A Tamer is a human that is partnered with a Digimon." Tahu explained to his mother who seemed to be calming down a little more.

"So they aren't here to hurt us or hold us hostage or anything?" She asked.

"No ma'am. We aren't here to hurt you; your sons just didn't want to keep us a secret from you." BlackGabumon explained to the woman, who jumped slightly at hearing him talk.

"Oh god… They talk…I wasn't expecting that." She stuttered.

"You weren't expecting us to talk?" BlackAgumon asked.

"Dude. That's my mum, be nice." Yamaru berated his partner.

"Yeah, sorry." He apologized.


"I'll get it." Tahu called as he ran inside to answer the phone.

"This is all so much to take in…" Maria said mainly to herself.

"I know mum but we just couldn't keep something like this a secret from you." Yamaru explained to his still slightly shaken mother.

"I know, thank you Yamaru." She replied.

"Hey Yamaru," Tahu called as he ran back outside. "You knew that tomorrow is Saturday, right?"

"Crap, no I didn't." He mumbled.

"It was Takato on the phone. He said that he didn't realize either and he also invited me." Tahu explained to his older brother as he brushed hair out of his eyes.

"Who's Takato? Where did he invite you two?" Maria asked her two sons.

"Yeah, I was supposed to ask. Takato is one of my new friends, he's a Tamer as well and he is having a sleepover tomorrow night with the other Tamers and wants to know if Tahu and I can go." Yamaru elucidated to his mother.

"I don't know. Yamaru you just went to a sleepover…" She said unawares to her son's actual location and recent adventure.

"But mum, this is a chance to get to know the other kids like us!" Tahu exclaimed.

"Oh, alright then. What do I do about your friends though?" She asked, gesturing towards the two Digimon.

"It's fine mum, they'll be coming with us." Yamaru said, noticing the relief on his mother's face.

"Okay, now it's a little late, you two should get some sleep since I doubt you'll be sleeping at Takato's house." She told her two boys who both groaned in unison as they marched inside while BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon started to chuckle.

"That means you two as well." She commanded the two Digimon who stopped chuckling and followed their Tamers.

"Yes ma'am." They replied glumly.

West Shinjuku – Matsuki Bakery/ Household.

Takato trudged downstairs into the bakery's storage room with a dustpan and broom in hand and Guilmon in tow. His dad was indeed right; there was nothing but dust and a small brown box in the corner.

"Well, at least it's big enough to hold all of us and some of the Digimon. Terriermon and Lopmon won't take up much space but it's mainly you and Guardromon we have to worry about…" Takato said to his one of his best friends and partner, Guilmon.

"Maybe I could sleep inside Guardromon?" Guilmon suggested, making Takato chuckle at the thought of Guilmon hiding inside of Kazu's partner.

"No, no bud. That won't be necessary… Worst can scenario we'll have to find a way to get you to your in-training form." Takato sweatdropped while he scratched the back of his head. "I suppose we better start cleaning then. Guilmon take that box to the dumpster outside please." Takato commanded.

"Okay Takato." Guilmon said with a childish giggle as he put the box over his head and ran upstairs.

'That reminds me of the time when I had to keep Guilmon hidden. That didn't work out too well.' Takato ruminated.

Takato made his way over to the corner and started to sweep the dust into a pile in the apex of the room. He had started to hum the tune to a song for a few seconds before he started to sing the part he was up to. "The ice we skate is getting pretty thin, the waters getting warm so you might as well swim. My world's on fire, how 'bout yours? That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored." He sang, trying to impersonate the vocalists' voice while also trying to hit the right note and succeeding for the most part.

Guilmon had bounded downstairs but stopped before he reached the bottom as he wanted to hear Takato sing instead of interrupting him. 'Ha-ha, Takato is really good!' He thought happily.

Guilmon decided to take the last few steps down into the storage room after Takato had stopped singing. The goggled Tamer looked up to see Guilmon there, waiting for something to do, or maybe even some bread. "Hey buddy, hold this pan here please." He told the red saurian who gladly did as he was asked to and held the pan still while Takato brushed the dust into it.

"Now can you throw that in the bin upstairs? Make sure you don't throw out the pan though."

"Okay Takato. Be right back!" Guilmon called as he walked up the stairs, on his second bin-run.

'Uhh…what now… I could get a pile of blankets and sleeping bags I guess.' Takato thought as he walked up the stairs and into the hallway.

"How's it going Takato?" He heard his dad call from the lounge room, eyes still probably glued to the TV.

"Fine dad!" He yelled back as he made his way to the linen cupboard that was opposite the mantle on which the phone sat on. He opened the cupboard and pulled out a few blankets and made his way back to the storage room. He put the blankets down in the far corner and, once again, made his way back upstairs.

"Dad! Where did you put the sleeping bags?" He called to his father as Guilmon walked up to him.

"I think they're under your bed!" He called back.

"Okay, let's go Guilmon." Takato said to his partner as they trudged up, yet another, set of stairs.

"I'm gonna need a lot of bread to make up for the weight I've lost climbing up all these stairs, Takato." Guilmon whined to his goggled partner.

"You can have all of the day old, day old bread when we're done." Takato told him, making him super excited to get things done.

They made it to Takato's room and made their way over to the boy's bed.

"Can you see them Takato?" Guilmon asked his Tamer.

"Yeah…Got 'em." Takato replied as he slid out from under the bed with three sleeping bags inside their covers. Guilmon looked over the small cylindrical items and decided to ask Takato how his friends were going to fit in there.

"Takato, I don't think everyone will be able to fit in those little things. I can't even fit in them…"

"You'll see," Takato chuckled. He moved over to his desk and grabbed his iPod and speakers. He smiled at his partner as they walked out to the dreaded staircases, then the hallway, then the last set of stairs.

"I swear we've worn a groove in the floor with the amount of times we've had to back-track." Takato noted as he undid one of the sleeping bag cases and rolled it across the floor.

"See Guilmon, that's just what you stuff it into so it takes up less space." He said with a smile.

Guilmon moved his hand to his mouth while he thought over what Takato had just told him. "So the other two are like that then?" He asked.

"Exactly," Takato replied as he rolled the sleeping bag back up and put it into the case, proceeding to throw it at the blankets. He'd get it from the corner again when his friends were ready to go to sleep. He moved over and picked up his speakers from where he had set them down.

"Where should I put these?" He wondered aloud.

Guilmon ran upstairs without a word and Takato heard some commotion from upstairs and a mumbled sorry before Guilmon shakily came downstairs with a table above his head.

"We can set it on this!" He exclaimed in an upbeat tone.

"Good thinking," Takato praised as he took the table from Guilmon and set it down against the left wall. He placed a speaker at each side of the table facing outwards. He placed his iPod in the middle and plugged the cord into it.

"What does that thing do?" Guilmon inquired, gesturing towards the iPod.

"Oh, it plays music and games and you can go on the internet with it." He explained.

"Can I play games on it?" Guilmon asked happily.

"Aw, sorry Guilmon. But your claws would destroy it. You can blame me for giving you claws, okay?" He apologized.

"It's okay Takato. I'll just play with Terriermon or Calumon." He said in his usual childish tone.

"Well, that's if Calumon actually turns up. Who knows with that little guy…?" Takato mumbled.

"Well, there's just one more thing to do before I go to sleep." Takato explained with a smile.

"What's that?" Guilmon asked curiously. What could Takato possibly have left to do?

"You'll see," He said with a wink as he led his partner up the stairs for hopefully the last time that night.

West Shinjuku – Wong Household.

"Why do you want me to bring that old thing for?" Suzie asked.

"Because I have something prepared for Takato." Replied our favourite little dog-bunny, Terriermon, with a devilish smile.

"Oh, the angry kid?" Suzie asked, remembering what she had resorted to calling Takato when she was younger.

"Yeah, him." Terriermon explained.

"I haven't used the Princess Pretty Pants outfit since you and Lopmon were taken away. Remind me why you want to use it again?"

"Well as an apology for us going away, I was going to willingly dress up as Princess Pretty Pants for you. But Takato kindly offered to do it instead; he'll even let you put makeup on him." Terriermon giggled.

"Oh… really?" Suzie asked excitedly.

"Really, really."

End Chapter 1.

I hope this chapter was as good as expected. It turned out fine in my eyes with the way it was set out. I didn't include many of the other Tamers as I thought they just weren't as exciting in this part. I originally had something planned for Ken but scratched that idea as I realized I should save it for the next chapter instead.

With the start of this book, I hope you all enjoy reading it and that it lives up to your expectations and there may be a few little surprises to come. Whether they are good or bad, you'll just have to wait. ;)

(I also don't own All Star by Smash Mouth. The song Takato sung a part from in this chapter.)