World Travellers Reunited…

Chapter 14: Afternoon: Part 3.
Digital World – Tri State Echo – DigiSaloon.

'All this damned searching and still nothing.'

A demon like Samurai Digimon sat in the corner of one of the most famous pub's in Tri State Echo of the Digital World that was formerly known as the Northern Quadrant, Ebonwumon's territory. His large faded blue tattered cape lay over the back of his chair. His long clawed arms folded across his chest, his clawed feet helping him keep his balance as he tilted his chair.

'What am I supposed to do with myself? Every other Digimon just goes about life as normal. Why does everything have to be so peaceful? I just want some excitement!'

"Are you okay buddy?" A voice asked from behind.

The demon man craned his head around to see a tall warrior clad in red armour with piercing blue eyes looking at his cold grey ones. "And what makes you think something is wrong?" The demon man questioned.

"I don't know exactly, you just seemed troubled is all. Thought I could help." The warrior explained.

"Nothing's wrong at all." The Digimon lied.

"Mind if I sit with you then?"

"Go for your life."

The demon man stared at his new 'friend' through the grey hair that had fallen in front of his scarred face. He reached up with a one long arm and pushed his hair away with his claws, adjusting a small black cap so it kept his hair out of his face.

"Those are some pretty cool skulls you have there. Can I see them?" His 'friend' asked, reaching towards the small nine skulls that sat around his thin but muscled gut.

"NO!" The Digimon hit the others hand away and moved his chair away.

"Gee, sorry dude." He apologized.

"No, it's just that if someone touches them or if I lose one then I'll turn into a horrible monster and just destroy things." He sounded afraid as he said this, clutching his Kouyouhoujou tighter. He dug it's crescent shaped blade into the floor a little more, the revolver like cannon quivering a bit from unsteadiness.

"I see."

"What do you see?"

"Something is definitely troubling you. You can deny it all you want but if you need help, then tell me now, because I'll help you." The warrior elaborated.

"No offence to you and all, but I'm just looking for something to do that will keep me occupied day by day." The samurai demon replied.

"You're lying."

"Oh really?"

"I had this friend, he was only young and pretended to be brave at times when we all knew it was perfectly okay to be scared, as I got to know him more, I was able to tell when he wasn't fully okay. By the time I had lost contact with him, we had been working together for quite some time, we even stopped a large threat, and he had developed a realsense of bravery."

"And how does this relate to me in any way?"

"It's okay to tell people when something is wrong."

"I'm looking for myself."

"Come again?"

"I'm looking for my purpose in life but no matter what I do, I just feel empty inside. This area is just too peaceful for someone of my calibre."

"May I suggest you talk to Ebonwumon then? He may be slow, but he's very wise. You'll find him if you travel a fair way south."

"Maybe he could help." The Digimon muttered standing up from his spot.

"I never caught your name?"

"I'm Sagomon." He introduced himself, bowing slightly over his staff.

"Cool! I'm…"

"Save it. You helped me and that's all I care for. Thank you." Sagomon said, walking out of the saloon's doors, surprising a Lalamon.

"…Agunimon...Well, strange Digimon…"

Highton View Terrace.

"So why are we here?" Asked a tall blonde haired teen.

"Yeah Izzy. The others are probably already in Odaiba by now and we're still here." Another tall teen asked, although some would say he was tall only because of the size of his hair.

"Relax; I just have a tonne of questions." A read haired boy named Izzy replied, he was significantly shorter than his two friends but was catching up fast.

"Well we aren't going to find the answers standing on some stupid overpass…" Matt grumbled.

"This isn't just any old overpass Matt." Izzy replied.

"Oh, yeah! This is where Greymon fought Parrotmon!" Tai exclaimed, remembering the battle from his early childhood.

"Don't forget it's also where Garudamon fought Mammothmon when we were looking for Kari." Matt added.

"How long has it been since we just stopped and remembered all our battles?" Tai wondered.

"I try not to, I just get reminded of all the sacrifices that were made by our friends just so we could defeat the Dark Masters…" Izzy noted.

"Yeah, and we wouldn't have made it without TK." Tai chuckled.

"What about when we thought we were safe and then Apocalymon appeared?" Matt laughed.

"Yeah, we should've known something else was going to happen. It always does." Izzy looked up and into the sky, the blue, cloudless sky.

"Remember during VenomMyotismon's attack when the Digital World appeared in the sky?" He asked, his two friends murmuring their agreement as they too, looked up to the heavens.

"Still can't believe he was behind the whole thing with the newer DigiDestined. I never saw that coming." Tai sighed.

"How do you think the other kids were partnered with their Digimon? Like, were they chosen, as we were?" Izzy asked.

"From what I've heard it's just about creating a strong enough bond with that Digimon. When you are both on the same wavelength, a D-Arc just appears and voila." Tai stated.

"Strange, does that mean anyone can become a Tamer then?" Izzy probed.

"Guess so…" Matt shrugged, enjoying the empty scenery of the sky.

"One other thing, how did you two get your crests back? I never had the chance to ask Azulongmon." Izzy took the crests when the two boys handed them to him, turning them over and expecting to find some answer to his question.

"Takato was looking at Davis's D3 and D-Terminal when they just merged together. They turned into his D-Arc and shot lights out, one turned into my crest while the other traversed universes to turn into Matt's." Tai explained.

"So, Takato had something to do with it? Do you think if he did the same with Yolei's and Cody's it would bring back our crests?" He wondered mainly to himself.

"It's a possibility." Matt stated. The three boys stood there in silence, reminiscing, wondering, observing. A murmur from Tai broke the silence as he clutched his goggles in his hands.

"What's up?" Matt questioned.

"I- I realized something." He sighed.

"What?" The blonde asked again.

"The Tamers are better than us." He admitted.

"What do you mean?" Izzy asked shocked at what Tai had said.

"Think about it, we just sit back and let our Digimon do all the fighting. Granted, we do get involved every now and again, but the Tamers. They're always there, right in the front lines with their Digimon. Especially in a Biomerge form."

"I'd be lying if I had said that thought had never crossed my mind before." Matt sighed, knowing that his best friend was right. "But now that we're Tamers too we can get in there and do some more to help Gabumon and Agumon." He said.

"Yeah, watching you in a biomerge was amazing Tai. But Omnimon though…" Izzy whistled in amazement at the appearance of Omnimon during the fight with ChaosGallantmon.

"Yeah, it feels so great to become one with your Digimon." Tai chuckled lightly.

"I never expected to see Omnimon again though. Hey Tai, do you think that we could be able to bring Omnimon back again sometime?" Matt asked his friend who brought his hand to his chin while he thought.

"Unless something like ChaosGallantmon or Diaboromon appears again then I don't think so. Maybe…" Tai sighed, no longer having the energy to think straight.

"Or Milleniummon…" Izzy gulped.

"I don't think we'll honestly be seeing Milleniummon again Izzy." Matt reassured.

"I'm with Izzy, Matt. If he's come back so many times before then he could do it again. If what Azulongmon said about Monodramon merging his data with Milleniummon's then what's to stop them from separating? And Izzy, before you say that's impossible, it's been done before." Tai said, once again to the red head's shock.

"A Digimon called Impmon killed a Leomon and absorbed his data, later on he hated himself for it and decided to bring Leomon back with the help of a company called HYPNOS. They specialize in controlling Digimon that appear in the real world." Matt stated.

"The Leomon was that girl's partner, the one we saw at the meeting." Tai said, Izzy nodding in remembrance.

"She must have been really happy to have him back; I couldn't imagine having Tentomon taken away from me." Izzy said softly.

"She was. Until Matt over here crashed the reunion party." Tai joked, all three boys erupting into laughter.

"So Tai?" Izzy asked, stopping his laughter to lean on the railing.


"You and Sora, eh?" He smirked, Matt laughing slightly harder at his best friends' blush.

"Well… Uh… WHAT ABOUT YOU AND MIMI!?" He yelled, catching Izzy off guard as he too grew red in the cheeks, Matt in hysterics now.

"I was the only one she's ever able to get through to on the video call! That's all!" He exclaimed, trying to defend himself.

"See Izzy, it'd be harder for Tai to deny it since everyone knows about his crush on Sora. But the way you just reacted… The tables have now turned." Matt laughed.

"How about we just go home before it gets dark?" Izzy suggested.

"Don't you try to change the subject mister!" Tai exclaimed, grabbing Izzy by the collar as he tried to walk off.

"Yeah, do you like her?" Matt asked, an evil smile on his face as well as Tai's.

"Maybe!" Izzy shrieked, breaking free of Tai's grip and running off.

"Hey! Get back here!" Tai called, him and Matt chasing the boy as fast as they could. Under any other circumstances, the two boys would've caught their friend in no time but he had had a head start and they wanted to milk this for as long as they could.

"You'll give up running sometime!" Matt yelled from behind Tai as they raced around a corner. He rounded the bend and bumped into a girl roughly his age. They both toppled to the ground, Matt stood up and held out his hand for the girl.

"I'm so sorry, here let me help you up." He said, hauling the girl to her feet. She was a little shorter than he was with chocolate hair tied up into a ponytail. She had a creamy complexion that you normally wouldn't see around Japan so she was obviously from another country. She straightened out her blue mid-riff shirt and looked him in his blue eyes with her own. Matt would've looked at more of her body but he didn't want her to think that he was some sort of pervert.

"It's okay. I just wasn't expecting to be barrelled over on my way home." She replied.

"Again, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?" He offered.

"No, it's okay thank you." She replied. "See ya."

"Uh…yeah. See ya later…" Matt said awkwardly.

"Looks like Matt haves a crush now!" Tai teased, dragging a reluctant Izzy behind him.


"Sure you were…" Izzy smirked, Tai rolling his eyes.

"C'mon lover boy, we gotta go." Tai said, the three boys walking to the train station.

End Chapter 14.

A lot more reminiscence for this chapter with some great and memorable moments from the first two series. Our mysterious new Digimon turned out to be a Sagomon who had a little chat with Ta… Agunimon…

Here's also a clarification on everyone's ages;
Yamaru: 17
Tahu: 15
Takato: 16
Rika: 16
Henry: 16
Suzie: 10
Ryo: 17
Jeri: 16
Kazu: 16
Kenta: 16
Ken: 16
Davis: 16
Tai: 18
Matt: 18
Sora: 18
Takeru: 16
Kari: 16
Koushiro: 18
Mimi: 18
Yolei: 16
Cody: 12
Joe: 20 (Joe was the oldest DigiDestined when they first travelled to the Digital World. He was 14 while the others were 12 I believe.)

That marks the end of this book! :D When we next meet, the Digimon will be having their first ever Halloween. Will it be a quiet night or will a Digimon attack?

Join me next time in 'Life as a Tamer: Book 3: Release of an old enemy'!