This is my first story ever, so please be nice to me. All things from this are pulled from the Belua Sanguinare Revisited mod. Enjoy ;)

Thonnir couldn't believe his luck. Guard duty at Ivarstead, the most boring town in almost the entire hold. An worse still, he wasn't even told until five o'clock! He was just expected to walk through the snow and darkness to protect some stupid town. He grumbled as he walked along the road, rubbing his hands to keep them warm. At least the snow was finally letting up, though he was still freezing. It didn't even feel like it was worth it to serve the Stormcloaks anymore, even if he was a nord.

"I could go for a nice bowl of Hulda's meat stew", he said to himself.

All of a sudden he felt as if he was being watched from further up the road.

"Excuse me sir," a Vigilant of Stendaar called from a little ahead. "We could use some help Stormcloak!"

Thonnir checked his map. He was halfway to Ivarstead. If he helped the vigilants and hurried, he could make it to Ivarstead by dawn.

"How can I help you?' he asked.

"Oh, we just need something from you," the vigilant said.

"And that is?"

"Oh, just your blood."

Thonnir looked at the vigilant in surprise, then in fear as the vampires' fangs grew. He backed away and drew drew his sword. The vampires laughed and stalked him, fangs glinting in the full moon. All of a sudden, a vampire was on top of him. He screamed and stabbed the vampire in the stomach with his hidden dagger. The vampire screamed, and in his moment of pain he forgot about Thonnir. With a little less than a flinch the vampire's head rolled away, and Thonnir's sword was bloody. He was proud of himself, and then remembered the other two vampires. The head vampire glared at him, then got on his hands and feet, hissing the whole way. He pounced on top of Thonnir and bared his fangs. He bit Thonnir in the arm. Thonnir screamed in pain as the vampire began to suck his blood out. Red and black flashed before his eyes. The vampire also began tearing into his stomach and neck with his fingernails. The last thing Thonnir remembered before blacking out was a black figure tearing the vampire off of him.

Thonnir slowly came to. He tried to sit up but extreme pain shot through his entire body. A cool hand pushed him back to the ground.

"Shh... Don't try to get up," a quiet voice said to him.

"What... What's going on..." Thonnir said in a weak voice.

"Some low level vampires attacked you. I killed them, but you will die now. Maybe," the voice said.


"I'm also a vampire, but a very strong one. I can allow you to die, or I can transform you into one of us. Take your pick," the unknown vampire said.

"I guess... I guess... Turn me..." Thonnir whispered.

The vampire lowered himself to Thonnir's neck at gently bit him. Thonnir gasped as the vampire began to suck out most of his blood. Than the vampire slit his wrist with his knife and held it to Thonnir's mouth, allowing the blood to flow into him. Thonnir drank the cold blood then fell back onto the floor.

"Welcome to the dark world of ours," the vampire murmured as he covered Thonnir with a blanket.

Thonnir slipped out of consciousness once again and drifted into the inky blackness.

Thonnir began to slip back into consciousness, wondering what was happening to him. All of a sudden a searing pain ruptured in his gums. He screamed in pain as his fangs ripped their way into his mouth. Finally the pain stopped, and he could stop screaming. He opened his eyes, than slammed them shut again, hissing, as a bright light entered his vision. His eyes finally adjusted to the light, although it was still much to bright.

"You're awake," a voice from the corner said.

Thonnir looked over in surprise at the figure in the corner. The figure stepped into view, revealing his vampire creator. He was a tall, thin, pale nord with short black hair. The figure wore black Nordic Carved Armor, with no helmet, had a Nordic Sword at his side, and a Nordic Shield on his arm. The thing that struck Thonnir was his eyes. They were rich and gold, like honey, although they had no pupils.

"Put on that armor in the corner, you need it to be stealthy. When you have it on meet me in the next room," the vampire said, leaving the room.

Thonnir looked down, surprised. His stormcloak armor was ripped to shreds. He slipped out of the torn armor and into the new armor, surprised because for heavy armor, is was very light. He looked at the weapon choices in front of him. He grabbed the bow and arrows and walked into the next room. All of a sudden a smell entered his nostrils, a excellent, delicious smell, that he couldn't stand. He blindly launched himself at the source of the smell and bit down hard, draining a delicious liquid from it. He finally finished it, happy with himself, when a chuckle erupted from the corner. He turned around and looked at the laughing vampire.

"Sorry, it's always funny to see a newborn feed for the first time," the vampire said.

Thonnir looked down horrified to see a wine skin with two holes punctured in it. But there was no wine in this wine skin, there was-

"Yes. Blood. You have joined the undead now, and you must live on, well, the living," the vampire said.

"Did you... Kill someone for this?" Thonnir breathed.

"Of course not. When I killed the low level vampires they had blood skins on them, so I took one," the vampire replied.

"Well, I guess, thank you...?" Thonnir said.

" Baldur. My name is Baldur. What's yours?" Baldur asked.

"Thonnir," he replied.

"Well Thonnir, let me welcome you to this evil life personally. From now on you will live in the shadows, surviving on the blood of the living. Whether you wish to take the blood by force, or by cunning, that is up to you," Baldur said.

"I have some questions for you first," Thonnir said.

"Of course. What are they?"

"Can I ever see the sun again?"

"No. The sun will burn you alive, cooking you from the outside until you turn into ash. It's one of the most painful ways to die."

"How can we die?"

"Three ways. The first is the sun. The second is having your head cut off. The third is if anyone stabs you in the stomach with a wooden stake. You can also take large amounts of damage and still live now. You can be cut multiple times by swords and shot by arrows and still survive, although it's extremely painful. Your body will heal itself quickly, but will use extreme amounts of blood to do so. The hungrier you get, the harder it will be to control yourself."

"How often do I need to feed?"

"Well, it's always different, but usually about two weeks. I assume you're still hungry?"


"Good. I have excellent news for you. A Imperial Scout is on his way with news about the recent battle. Too bad he won't arrive," Baldur said with a mischievous wink.

"He'll have a guard with him. I'll take care of the guard and you can have the scout."

"Let's do this."

Baldur led him out of the cave and onto the road. Judging by the moon it was about nine o'clock. Thonnir breathed deeply and inhaled the scent of blood. Baldur led him along the road and jumped into a tree. Thonnir was taken aback by the huge leap.

"You're a predator now. You can do things that humans can't," Baldur said.

Thonnir jumped up into the neighboring tree. He looked at the road and saw to figures coming up the road. He could hear the men's conversations even though they were about half a mile away.

"I just don't understand why we need to deliver these reports right now," the larger figure said.

"I told you, they need to know how many people we lost to those damn Stormcloaks. Just make sure to protect me," the smaller figure said.

So the smaller figure was the scout. That was his target. The men approached. A growl escaped Thonnir's throat, he could almost taste the blood. The two figures looked up into the tree.

"What in oblivion was that?" the guard said.

"Unimportant. Let's continue," the scout said.

The scout continued along, but the guard kept looking up into the tree. When he finally turned around, Baldur jumped on top of him, slamming him into the ground. He bit the guards neck, and ripped it out, silencing the guard. The scout turned around, saw what was happening, and drew his sword, approaching slowly. When he got close enough, Thonnir jumped down, slamming him into the ground. The scout struggled, and turned around. Thonnir grew his fangs and bared them at the scout. The scout's eyes widened in fear and he opened his mouth the scream. Thonnir bit down forcefully and crushed his windpipe. The blood flowed freely into his mouth, and he drank it gratefully. Finally the blood ran out, and Thonnir felt stronger.

"Well done. Your first kill. But there is still much to learn," Baldur whispered into his ear.