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Of Princess, Queens, and Goddesses or How Klaus Got the Bracelet

So drabble for this post

Klaus held her in his arms as their breathing calmed, her head pillowed on his naked chest. One of his hand's traced paters up her back while the other toyed with the bracelet firmly attached to her wrist since the night she had gone to him five years before. "Where'd you get it anyway?" She murmured softly, sleepily, her eyes still firmly shut.

He chuckled softly, remembering when and where, and why he felt the need to give it to her after their first actual conversation. "I told you the truth all that time ago sweet Caroline. I got it from a princess almost as—"

"Beautiful as me. I know, I know, but I want the story behind it Klaus." She paused then, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Please."

He sighed softly, still smiling though, before he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to her temple. "You know I can't deny you anything. I was in Denmark at the time, and it was 1786 I believe. The young princess, Louise, was about to be married. Her mother, Caroline," the Caroline at his side gasped before giggling quietly and he waited for her to quiet before continuing, "her mother had just given her a horse for her Christmas. The girl had never felt the need to learn before then, she had been afraid of them. Anyway, she was riding and the horse threw her, and I happend to be nearby. I was able to catch her before she received any permanent damage."

"So you're capable of being nice then?" She asked, raised brow and all. He glowered at her playfully for a moment, poking her side in consternation.

"You know that better than anyone love. Louise felt the need to reward my kindness in any case, and she gave me that bracelet in payment. It was a beautiful thing, so I accepted it, feeling it might be worth something to someone else someday."

"Oh." She said when he seemed to be done, her brow scrunching. "You said she was beautiful though, so I assumed—"

He cut her off with another laugh. "She was fourteen then, Caroline. Not even I would stoop that low, though she was to be married four months later. No, I had an affair with her later, when she was older."

"You slept with a queen?" She choked out, indignation clear in her tone.

"Umhmm," he murmured, hearing the jealousy in her voice, flipping her over and trailing soft kisses over her chest. "But I happen to be sleeping with a goddess now, so she can't compare."

Caroline swatted his shoulder playfully before pulling him in, kissing his lips deeply, before pulling away. "Thank you for telling me."

And after that, well, they didn't have time for talking.