You Brought Me Back

4x22 AU of the Rebekah/Caroline scene. Klaroline. I'm pretty sure it ended up being semi-fluffy

Keep cutting. Need to bleed. She wanted to stop, she knew that she had to stop, all logic pointed to that, her survival instinct pointed to that, but she couldn't stop, no matter how much she wanted to. Need to bleed.

The worst part was that Caroline could hear everything, she could hear the panic in Matt and Rebekah's voices, she could hear them telling her to stop, and she wanted to, but she couldn't. Silas was too powerful for her. She had thought, foolishly perhaps, that being a vampire would remove all her weakness, and she was still just... collateral damage.

She couldn't fight this, so she kept carving into her wrist, the pain making her want to stop every time, and she couldn't. She hadn't felt this helpless... she hadn't even felt this helpless with Klaus in the Gilbert house. And she had thought she would die then. No, but this was far worse. Losing her free will, her power to stop herself from doing this was horrible.

Then she felt it, the unmistakable feel of her phone pressed against her ear, and the familiar accented voice that she... that she missed. And he was telling her the same things that Matt and Rebekah had, that she needed to stop, but it was different.

Don't do this to yourself Caroline.

You're stronger than him.

You can fight this, love, I know you can.

Come back to me.

And the feeling, the feeling that she had to hurt herself disappeared with those last four words. With a gasp she threw away the sharp object in her hand, griping the phone to her ear as her skin knit itself back together and her breathing calmed to his voice. That's it Caroline, you're alright now love. You're safe.

"You brought me back. Thank you." She whispered, an echo of his words to her, and through the panic that she could now discern in his voice, she could sense he was smiling with his next words.

"Anything for you."