Only You

Dark!Klaroline smut for Krissy 3 (P.S. Not sure how dark this actually ended up being, I apologize).

Title (and drabble) inspired by Only You by Ellie Goulding

The best part about the rain was that she could use it as an excuse. An excuse for shelter, to see him, to be with him. It was ridiculous, horrible, and he would see right through her. But she could hide behind the meager defense, and could fill the longing to see him.

Caroline had been in New Orleans for two years. Things had happened in Mystic Falls, and even though she would always love her friends, it was time for her to move on. To be her own person.

And then she realized that drama was everywhere. That bad things could happen in any town, and even when it seemed that it was only her hometown, she knew now that that wasn't the case. Klaus having a child though? That was beyond belief, beyond drama.

She had laughed when she found out.

It had to be a joke right? She couldn't have finally decided to give him an actual chance only to have that happen right?

But it was true, cruelly true. Still, she couldn't leave, though she rarely saw Klaus. She went to Tulane, she studied and she worked toward a degree, all the while still pretending that she had to go through these normal human life experiences, and she avoided him. She avoided Rebekah and Elijah. And she especially avoided Hayley.

She couldn't ignore the longing glances Klaus shot her though when they were in the same room. His searching gaze burning into her, breaking down the walls of her resistance inch by inch. It was a slow burn, a long process, a process of healing and admitting that she wanted him.


Fighting him in the first place had always been a futile effort. She couldn't fight him, couldn't fight the feelings he stirred in her, no matter how much she felt that she should. Caroline didn't want to fight them though, not anymore.

So maybe the rain wasn't such a bad excuse after all.

It wasn't like he had approached her either, and maybe it was time that she took the first step.

Was it embarrassment that kept him from her? Regret? Guilt? Fear of rejection? Or had he simply gotten over her? Was his gaze not longing as she thought, but a desperate plea for her to leave so he could be happy with the one new member of his family?

She hurt. Her heart hurt to know that even with Hayley dead and gone, her usefulness, Klaus' need to protect her, leaving her unprotected and alone as soon as Desdemona (a last revenge on Hayley's part, given that the name meant of the devil) was born and named.

Hayley was dead in an hour, killed by Marcel's henchmen.

Caroline wasn't entirely sure how she had survived. She knew that Marcel must suspect that she was important to Klaus. And yet she lived on.

In any case, she missed talking to Klaus. She missed seeing him and really being able to appreciate spending time with him. She missed the way he made her feel, the way he looked at her, and she wanted it back.

Child or no. She had to know if he still cared for her, if he could love her again. Because she was pretty sure that she loved him.

She wasn't really sure when that had happened, but she couldn't ignore the truth of it. She loved Klaus Mikaelson. More than she had ever loved anyone before, and she was scared to know that simple truth. Because she knew she could fall more in love with him. He would be it for her.

If he still wanted her, that was.

It was her... it was her demon. She couldn't believe that whatever feelings he had for her were very strong. And his treatment of her, his staunch avoidal of any contact with her, did nothing to help her beliefs.

Caroline had to know though. She had to be sure, absolutely sure. She wouldn't be that person again, the insecure girl that she hated.

So she acted like she used to. She walked into Klaus' house looking for all the world like she owned the place.

Only to be pressed against a wall by her throat, a gasping breath leaving her.

She'd barely regained her senses, when she heard his voice. Clearly, spoken directly to her, for the first time in two years. "Caroline?" The hand on her throat lessened it's hold before a new pressure was on her skin.

His lips on hers. All the pent up passion of nearly three years escaping him. And with a soft sigh, she kissed him back, her arms looping around his neck.

She didn't care about talking anymore. She didn't care about his feelings, her feelings, all that mattered was the feeling of his lips moving on hers, his tongue moving out tentatively, so tentatively, and she marveled that he could be tentative still with her, to meet hers. And then his confidence seemed to return, his tongue plunging into her mouth, and their sweet kiss became all tongues and teeth. A fight for dominance, neither caring who won.

Caroline gasped in surprise when she felt a sharp sting on her lip, recognized the feel of a bite, and slowly realized that it wasn't a horrible feeling, if the wet heat spreading between her thighs was any indication. Her fangs instinctively dropped in response, and she returned the favor, nipping his lip, drawing his blood. She had missed this too; she liked drinking his blood. Blood was food for her. It was as simple as that. But his blood was... euphoric. An aphrodisiac.

When she had had her fill- for now- she realized that his claws were digging into her hips. Again, it wasn't painful, though it should have been. It brought her only more pleasure.

With a few simple movements of her hands, his shirt was torn from his body. She was poised, ready to shed her own shirt, to get them undressed as quickly as possible, move this along, feel their bodies moving together toward ecstasy, when the baby monitor on the table crackled. Soft cries coming through, evidence of the dreams of Klaus' child.

With a shove, she pushed him away from her. All her anger and hurt returning in one sudden, breathless moment.

Pain and rejection flashed in his eyes, but she didn't give it a chance to register before she was on him again, pinning him to the wall this time, heard the plaster crack in protest. She kissed him. She needed to kiss him. Needed to forget that she could have lost him because of her foolish pride, her misguided sense of right and wrong. She pressed her body harder into his.

Klaus seemed to regain his senses, flipping them back around, ever having the need to remain in control. Their kisses were hard, demanding, and their nails dug into the others skin.

It wasn't about love anymore. It was claiming, raw and primal, an animal desire to show the other that there would be no other but them ever again. Only them, together, possibly until the end of time.

The wall crumbled behind her, the loss of its support sending them both tumbling town on top of the wreckage. Caroline didn't care. Klaus didn't care. They were too lost in each other, to care. The world could be ending, and she didn't think they would ever give a shit.

Some things, some feelings, were more important than a little wreckage.

He moved his lips off of hers, lips traveling down even as she tried to catch her breath while burying her hands into his hair. One of his hands traveled down between her thighs, cupping her through the material of her jeans, and she arched into his touch, wanting the barrier gone. Wanting to feel his hands on her. His mouth found her pulse point, sucking at her skin, before she felt the prick of his fangs again. Klaus drank her blood in long draughts, leaving her breathless, aching, thirsty.

As if he sensed her need, and she found herself questioning if that was indeed one of his many talents, he took his fangs out of her skin, baring his neck to her. That wasn't enough for her though. She wanted him powerless beneath her, breathless, wanting more of her. So she wrapped her legs around his waist, and with a sharp twist, he was on his back under her. She smirked at his groan when she shifted her hips over his hardening length. Tutted in displeasure at him when he tried to turn them back over. "You had your turn, Klaus. Give me a chance to be in charge." She leaned down, licking a path down his neck. "Who knows, you might enjoy it."

"That's doubtful love." He breathed out, only to stop with another groan when she undid his pants, hand sliding in to find his member, gripping him in her hand.

She lifted her head to look him in the eye, pleased to see that his lids were heavy, his breath quickening. "You were saying?"

Klaus glared at her for a moment, before pressing the back of her head back to his neck. She rolled her eyes, but took the hint anyway. It wasn't like she wouldn't enjoy drinking from him as he had from her, even if she sensed that the combination of her hand on him and her mouth sucking the blood from him would push him over the edge. It was very likely that he would return the favor.

So she returned her lips to their earlier position, finding the pulse point, concentrating on the blood flowing under his skin, felt her fangs drop as the veins under her eyes protruded.

It was better like this, Caroline realized, when she could take long gulps of his blood, when she wasn't limited to the paltry amount that came out of the small bite she had made in his lip.

And then she realized the game he had been playing when she felt the world shift, the rubble at her back once more. It didn't matter much to her though when he removed her hand from his pants, gripping both of her wrists suddenly in one hand, placing them above her head. She knew without being told that he wanted her to keep them there. So she would acquiesce, for now.

He moved, pushing her face gently away from his throat, resting on his heels between her legs, looking down at her hungrily. And yet his touch contrasted with the fire in his eyes. He pulled her shoes off slowly, never breaking eye contact with her, before moving his hands to her pants, tugging them down inch by inch. And again, she realized what he was doing. He wanted her to beg, and she was about ready to give in, but his patience only lasted so long, a fact for which she was glad. He tore her pants the rest of the way off, ripped the sheer fabric of her panties. Caroline lay bare before his gaze.

Klaus looked at her face one final time before his eyes moved down. She fought the urge to cover herself up, to blush. No one had ever looked at her like that though, like she was utterly and completely- "Beautiful." He murmured, voicing her thoughts, placing a kiss against her folds. Before his lips moved away, the opposite of where she wanted them, and she fought the urge to tug his head back, to show his malcontent in some way. Then his teeth pressed into the skin of her thigh, and she couldn't find it in her to care, especially when two of his fingers separated her folds, finding her clit. She arched her back again; she understood now, in a way she had never thought she would be able to before, the pleasure of blood sharing.

And she wondered if it was because of the combination of him drinking down her blood, the pull of his lips sending shockwaves of pleasure straight to her core, and his fingers on and in her that sent her over the edge so quickly, or if it was just him. If he was really just that good.

She had a strong suspicion that it was the latter.

Caroline saw him smirk down at her through her own now heavy lids, finding that while one part of her longed to slap the smirk from his face, the other would much rather pull him down to her, have their lips connect again. Rid them both of their constricting clothing and finally be joined together.

Her suspicions about him being able to read her mind were all but confirmed when he lifted her gently, tugging her shirt off and over her head, unclasping her bra and flinging it across the room.

The broken pieces of wall, getting more broken up by the second as Klaus pushed her against it, dig into her back; a pleasurable kind of pain once more. Caroline tugged Klaus down to her, biting into the skin of his shoulder, loving his hiss of pleasure (all for her), the hands that dug back into her hips once more (because of her).

Blood. Wonderful, life-giving blood. By the time she regained her senses, he was as naked as she was, and though she longed to know how he had managed that without her knowledge, there were more important issues at hand.

Like Klaus spreading her legs wide, positioning himself at her entrance. Pushing his hips forward, entering her slowly, inch by inch.

It was the last time they moved slow, becoming desperate after that. Caroline's nails dug into his back, shredding the skin, only for the skin to heal and her to repeat the process. Klaus nipped at her skin, leaving tiny bites, licking the blood away. His tongue moved to her breast, swirling the nipple with his tongue, biting down, drawing blood away, repeating the same action on her other breast. She cried out, moaned his name, begged him to never, ever stop, her nails digging in deeper, harsher, trying to get him closer to her. Closer, ever closer, and it would never be close enough.

A new addiction then. Blood, human blood that was, Klaus' blood, Klaus biting into her skin, and Klaus moving his hips against hers, pounding into her, setting a furious pace that left her both breathless and screaming, back arched, pulling his closer against her body.

Exactly what she had been so afraid of, in what seemed like a lifetime ago in Mystic Falls. Except now, she didn't care if she was addicted. She would gladly be addicted to this, and she suspected that he felt the same about her.

She had no time for thinking after that; his thrusts became quicker, less precise. And then they fell.

Ecstasy. Together.

Caroline woke in tangle sheets, bones and muscles sore, and she smiled, stretching in his bed, inhaling his scent. It was a first for her as a vampire to wake up sore after a night of passionate, albeit continually violent (she counted a wall, a couch, two windows, four tables, and a very old desk, not to mention the various precious artifacts that had been destroyed in their hasty combination of lovemaking and fucking) sex.

Blood was speckled on her skin still, hers and his. On the sheets around her. On the hard planes of his chest when she turned in his embrace. She knew too that some of he blood was of the women he had called in when they had taken a break from their activities, both hungry, both needing the energy. And though they could have fed from each other again, Klaus insisted that she needed human blood. She relented; she relented to him, to the vampire side she had repressed for so long. She liked it, she liked the power that came with holding someone's life in her hands. She liked feeding from the source.

She especially like how turned on Klaus looked when she was done, her fangs still protruding from her lips. Caroline purred in delight when he kissed the blood from her lips, the blood from their victims mixing in their mouths before they fell back to his bed, resuming their activities, one quick thrust having him buried inside of her once more, moving. And then she took control again, riding him; and even Klaus admitted then that sometimes giving up control was a good thing...

And waking up in his arms, she had no regrets. They were each other's, forever. Through the good and the bad. Compromise was not only inevitable, it was necessary.

So maybe giving into her nature wouldn't be all that bad. If it meant finally being with him, was it worth it?