Semi- plotless smut for Krissy ;)

Caroline had never thought that she would be in this position. Being seduced by the original hybrid? Well, that was a stretch, but her seducing him? That was a little much for her to even begin to comprehend. And yet here she was, planning and plotting how exactly to get the man she had feelings for, the man she hoped still had feelings for her, into her bed. Or take her to his bed, she wasn't going to be picky.

And yeah, maybe his... hesitance to even so much as look at her let alone touch her or kiss her or make sweet, slow love to her was in part her fault. She had kind of told Klaus to never talk to her again when she found out about the baby. And when she blamed Tyler's abandonment of her on him. But he was an equally guilty party, right? He had slept with the werewolf and he had been the reason Tyler had left in the first place. He was the easiest person to blame and be angry at and shut out of her life. For about three months.

Stubbornly, or maybe out of a cruel, vindictive desire to hurt Klaus as she had been hurting at the time, she stayed in New Orleans. Befriended Marcel of all people. Hell, she even got close to Rebekah and Elijah. All to be close and yet removed from the person that deep down she really wanted to be with. And then one day, she looked across the bar and looked at him, really looked for the first time in ages. What she saw made her realize that maybe she wasn't the only one in pain.

He looked so tired and sad, and the only thing she wanted to do was cross the room and talk to him. So she did, she got up out of her seat and strode toward him, only for Klaus to look up at the last second and nearly caused his chair to fall to the floor in his haste to exit the bar.

She chose, instead of focusing on the hurt she got from his scorn, to focus on winning him back. Not that she thought she'd really lost him, though a part of her worried about it; she blamed herself for his hasty retreat. The cruel words she had said in the heat of anger. He probably thought she was coming over to tear into him again, and what had she done to prove differently? So, she'd show him how serious she was, that no matter how hard she tried she would always feel something for him. Right or wrong ceased to matter.

Added to that that she hadn't had sex since she'd left Mystic Falls, and that time didn't count since she was almost killed (she had a new rule: date only inside your own species, or half of your species as the case would be; in any case, she felt oddly safe with Klaus so she didn't think she had anything to worry about), and she'd gotten a little desperate.

But she'd reached a bit of a conundrum. How exactly did one go about seducing Klaus? He'd never even tried anything with her, except for that one time in the woods. Did he even want her in that way? Because she'd tried her usual seduction tricks with him in the past when she was sent in to distract him. Low cut shirts, tight fitting jeans, and all he even seemed to care about was talking to her. Short of laying naked on his bed and waiting for him to come home, she wasn't sure what to do.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. What did she have to lose anyway? Aside from her pride and dignity that was.

A twenty minute walk (purposefully going slowly to prolong this) and a glance at his colossus home had her questioning her decision. There had to be another way, a different alternative. What if he... what if he didn't want her?

She squared her shoulders and marched up to the door. If he didn't want her, she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. For now she was going to at least try and not let her insecurities get in the way. She pushed the front door open, she did have an open invitation. From Elijah, but those were just details.

It was easy to find Klaus' room... mostly because she had been in it before when Elijah had given her the grand tour of the place, but again details. She slipped out of her shoes, setting them by the now closed door, shrugged out of her coat and placed it on the chair in front of the fireplace. Her shirt and pants soon joined the pile. Caroline reached her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra when calloused hands stilled her movements. She tensed, prepared to whirl around and fight, but the hands that clasped hers moved, running down her arms.

"What are you doing Caroline?" Klaus' confused voice whispered in her ear, and she let out a sigh of relief before leaning back into him.

"Apologizing." She whispered in return, tilting her head back to kiss his stubbled jaw. He groaned in response and unclasped her bra for her, sliding the straps over her shoulders, leaving her breasts exposed. Not for long though; his large hands moved to palm them. She pressed her hips desperately back into his, felt his erection pressed against her. "I thought you weren't home." She managed to gasp out.

He chuckled, moving his lips down to suck at her neck. "I was showering." Klaus returned to his ministrations, fingers tweaking and pinching at her nipples while his tongue and teeth found her neck one more. "If this is how you intend to apologize to me, I might have to make it a practice of upsetting you."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll do that without trying-ahhhhhhh." She was cut off from teasing him when one of his hands left her breast to slid down her stomach and into her, now soaking, panties. It seemed to be the breaking point for both of them. Klaus' hands gripped her hips, though she whined at the loss of contact, and whirled her around. Their lips collided, tongue and teeth and passion all mixing and fueling together as they stumbled back to the bed. And yet when her back was pressed into his mattress, he broke their contact to tenderly and slowly push down the final barrier between them, leaving her unclothed before his lustful gaze. She took the opportunity to really look at him; muscles that she had refused to look at when he was injured before her, she traced her fingers over a tattoo she hadn't known, or thought, that he would have had.

They seemed to mutually and silently agree that they could learn and appreciate each other later. Almost two years of sexual tension had finally reached the breaking point and they wouldn't be satisfied until they had at least sated their lust. Their lips connected once more, hands roved over the others body. Hips ground against hips. Hot breath mixed together. Bodies intertwined. Finally becoming one.