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Earth had been strangely peaceful for the Planeteers. They were supposed to be resting and relaxing, but they could not. It was just too quiet. Dr. Blight hadn't made any attempt on their lives. Looten Plunder was in the courtrooms after some videos came across some policeman's desk. Sly Sludge was still sorting out the huge garbage dump he made the last time and Duke Nukem was laying low somewhere.

" I don't like it. It's too quiet." Gaia said.

" I agree. Someone must be planning something and laying low doing it." Kwame said.

" You guys are too uptight. I think the eco-villains finally got the message and decided to leave Earth alone." Wheeler said shrugging.

" That could be a possibility. But I don't think it's quite that simple Wheeler. I believe Kwame is right. There is something going on that has them staying away from the planetvision." Gaia said.

" Right. Like one of them could be waiting for the perfect time to attack us!" Linka said.

" With what?" He asked skeptically.

The planetvision went off like a bat shrill and immediately brought up the disaster. There was a giant mecha monster in the form of a bull ripping through a town. Smoke was coming from the snout and polluting the air. The mouth would open spray fire over the area burning everything. The horns shot lasers out at the opposing forces that dared to stand against it.

" With that." Gaia said.

" Wow! You were right Gaia! That thing is huge!" Wheeler said.

" We have to stop it before it destroys the whole town!" Ma-ti said.

" To the Geo-Cruiser!" Gi cried.


Inside the giant bull was none other than Dr. Blight and her computerized sidekick, MAL. She had designed this thing to have the toughest hide and had it coated in sludge so if any eco-super heroes decided to try and stop her, he couldn't touch her. The other weapons would be more than enough to handle a weakened Captain Planet.

" Well MAL baby, I think we've outdone ourselves this time. Captain Plant- head doesn't stand a chance against my super bovine." She said leaning on the main console.

" I don't know. You say that every time and he always sends us to the scrap pile." He said.

" Well not this time!!" She said slamming her fist on the controls.

" We have lasers, smog, fire, toxic coating and nuclear horns if we need them. We'll make Planet into mincemeat!" She said; starting her evil laugh.


The Geo-Cruiser was making it's way to the city that was peril because of the attack from Dr. Blight. They could not let the mad scientist hurt any more people than she already had. It was their job.

" There it is!" Ma-ti cried; spotting the large bull machine in the city.

" Oh my! That ugly thing is going to hurt those people!!" Linka cried.

" Not if I can help it! Earth!!" Kwame cried; pointing his ring in the direction of the bull.

The ground shook violently as it bended to Kwame's demand. The bull swayed and fell down. But it caught sight of the Geo-Cruiser and immediately began to snort alot of smoke. It clogged its engines and the metallic yellow bird went down.

Gi made an emergency landing. They crashed into a fountain just in front of the bull. Moaning and checking to see if everyone was okay, they crawled out. The bull monster stood in front of them snorting more smoke.

" Wind!" Linka cried; blowing the smoke away.

" We can't fight this thing like this! It's too big!" Gi cried.

" Then let our powers combine! Earth!" Kwame cried.

" Fire!"

" Wind!"

" Water!"

" Heart!"

As they pointed their rings skyward, their powers converged into a humanoid form. As the body finished forming, a familiar voice said:

" By your powers combine, I am Captain Planet!"

" Go Planet!!" The Planeteers cried.

The red-clad eco-hero hovered above the Planeteers. He could see the bull was going to be trouble. He could smell the oil on it's armor from where he was. And the smoke was no help either.

" Whoa! Smokey the bull!" He said coughing.

" You're not going to stop me this time Planet!! Activate the lasers MAL." Dr. Blight said.

" You got it." He said.

Outside, the bull's horns lit up and they fired a few beams at Captain Planet. He moved out of the way, effortlessly.

" This is too easy! C'mon Blight! You can do better than that!" He yelled from above.

" Jerk. Keep firing MAL!!" She yelled.

" Time for me to brand this bull!" Planet said dematerializing in front of them.

" Where did he go?" Kwame asked.

He rematerialized in the back of the bull. He ignited his fist and punched the bull in the hide. It lit up like a Christmas tree. The metallic bull bucked widely; trying to put itself out.

" Don't go BULListic Blight! It's just fire!" Planet said laughing.

The bull stumbled into the ocean on the side of the city. It smoked as it cooled down. Dr. Blight was furious.

" MAL!! Get him!!" She said.

The robot bull shook off and went after Captain Planet. It came barraging down the street and head butted him into and through 8 buildings.

" Talk about being bull-headed." He said holding his head as the world spun around him.

" Finish him!!" Dr. Blight ordered.

The bull ran at Captain Planet and its horns kept him stuck against the side of the building while smoke choked him.

" I think this bull's got me by the horns." He coughed out.

" Activate the reactors MAL! We're going to get rid of him for good!" Dr. Blight said.

Captain Planet cried out in pain as the nuclear power surged through him. That and the smoke were going to kill him if he didn't do something quick. But he was already losing power. The Planeteers were powerless too. The bull was too big and they could not fly in all the smoke.

" We have to do something!!" Wheeler said.

" No! That bull is too big for us! It will step on you!" Kwame said grabbing his arm.

" Hey! What's that?!" Gi cried pointing upwards.

Above them, was a person hovering. They had been watching the whole fight. They looked to be interested in what was going on now.

" Who is that? And how is it possible they can fly?" Ma-ti said.

Before any of them could make any moves or ask any more questions, the person made their move. They turned into a flaming silhouette and flew towards the charging bull. They went through the horns and removed Captain Planet from his imprisonment against the wall. Setting him down on the ground, they stood up to glare down the robotic bull.

" Who is that?!" Dr. Blight asked.

The person who saved Captain Planet flew up towards the bull head and glared inside at Dr. Blight.

" Usted lio con mi padre, usted con lio mi." They said.

With that, they breathed in deeply, then blew out flames large enough to burn the bull into charcoal. The robot bull was burned to a crisp and fell over. Dr. Blight and MAL ejected and got away from there fast.

" I'll get you for this!!" She yelled.


The Planeteers rushed over to their fallen super hero.

" Captain Planet! are you alright?!" Kwame asked.

" Oh yeah! I'm just fine! I just love laying here choking on smoke!" He said sitting up.

" You'll be fine." A voice said behind them.

They all turned to see who it was. It was the person who was watching the fight and who saved Captain Planet.

They were a female. She looked and sounded a little familiar, but they couldn't place it.

" Thanks for saving me. Who are you?" Captain Planet asked; standing with the help of Wheeler and Kwame.

" I'm surprised you don't recognize me, Dad." She said.